Moon Dogecoin: The best faucet to earn

Moon Dogecoin: The best faucet to earn

Hello everyone, especially those who like to earn money en línea… This time I will talk about Moon Dogecoin, a portal belonging to the famous “Moon Sisters” great pages that offer us the possibility of earning cryptocurrencies !!

Something super good about this website is the fact that you perro work from the computer or from the browser of your cell phone… So do not miss this short article, where you will learn how to earn income continuously with this faucet.

What is Moon Dogecoin?

It is a page that will “give us cryptocurrencies” just for entering and solving a captcha.

It has been paying for a long time and is one of the best.

The ease of work is the hook that faucets like MoonDogecoin havepeople want to earn easy money, the only thing they need to do here is solve 1 captcha, that’s not difficult, right?

Why do they give us money?

Fácil! because it is also profitable for them… Every time a person enters a claim cryptocurrencies (in this case Doge) lots of ads are shown.

This type of platform is always full of advertising to the teque teque, since with that they finance themselves and at the same time they cánido pay us.

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency (surely you have heard of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etcétera.)… Well, Doge is another currency on the market.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Commissions are cheaper than Bitcoin.
  • Transactions are completed in as little as 60 seconds.
  • It is available on almost all cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets.

Some disadvantages are:

  • It has no coin limit (which prevents it from rising in price, on the contrary, over time it will surely be worth less and less).
  • It does not have an objective or project, it arose from the meme that came out a long time ago about a dog.

    To this day, users continue to mine and accumulate it, due to the great acceptance it has had in the market.

How to register in Moon Dogecoin?

Before you cánido join this faucet you need to have a coinpot accountsince the payments go directly to that wallet.

CoinPot Faucets

CoinPot is a digital wallet with many benefits, but the main one is that you cánido exchange cryptocurrencies for each otherFor example: If you have Dogecoin and want to switch to Bitcoin, you cánido do it very easily.

Here below I leave a backlink where you perro register and learn more:

«CoinPot Wallet«

Once you have created your account in the micro wallet… The only information you need to register in Moondogecoin is the CoinPot dirección de correo electrónico, you don’t need anything else.

Sign up for MoonDogecoin

Sign up for Moon Dogecoin

Moon Dogecoin Features

Paying from: The year 2015.

Referral Plus: Yes, 25%.

Supported Countries: All.

Limit of Direct Referrals: unlimited.

Referral levels: 1 level.

Minimum withdrawal: There is no minimum withdrawal.

Each claim is immediately credited to CoinPot.

How does Moon Dogecoin work?

The operation is extremely fácil, you just have to press the gray button that says “claim now”.

As shown in the image, I currently have 0.12 Doges that I perro collect.

Immediately afterwards, a captcha will appear to validate that you are not a robot, you solve it and that’s it.

Doges are won with this Faucet in such a fácil way… You perro repeat the same procedure every 5 minutesalthough it is not necessary (because it is a cumulative faucet) that means that as time passes the amount of Dogecoins accumulated will continue to increase.

How often is it advisable to go and claim the DOGE?

However, there comes a point that the faucet stops generating.

I think that the most optimal thing is to make claims every 2 hours… If you find it too heavy to do it very often, “it is enough to claim 1 or 2 times a day”, that is enough.

Obviously, the more claim you make, the more you win, since you earn profits by fulfilling the challenges in CoinPotby completing the challenges you add tokens that are also worth money.

But it’s not the end of the world either, personally (I work several pages apart from the CoinPot faucets) I don’t have time to be getting involved all the time.

But I always try to make at least 1 claim a day, so as not to lose the bonuses.

What are the Moon Dogecoins Bonuses?

As cánido be seen in the image, although I had accumulated 0.12 DOGES, with the bonuses, they gave me 0.21 Dogecoins.

There are 3 bonuses in total:

  • Daily loyalty plus: The loyalty plus consists in the fact that you must claim at least 1 time a day from the faucet… That means that if you claim for 100 days in a row, you will earn 100% more, which would be double the earnings.
  • referral plus: If you have active referrals, they give you an additional plus of 1% for each one (maximum reaches 100%).

    They gave me 36%, which means that I have 36 active referrals.

  • mystery plus: This is the lucky one, you perro get any percentage between 0 and 100.


If they check their CoinPot account, they will instantly see the dogecoins they just earned reflected, but additionally they will see 3 Tokens credited.

For each claim you make in the faucet they give you 3 Tokens

These tokens are worth money.

For example: I collected approximately 3 weeks ago from CoinPot and left all cómputos at zero… In these days that have passed I made 257 Doges, but additionally i also collected 20010 Tokenswhich if I convert them to Dogecoin gives me a total of 585.9 DOGE.

I mention them so that you know that with the Tokens one helps a lot to increase the profits.


Your referral backlink perro be seen in the top menu.

Copy it and start sharing it on your popular networks and everywhere to generate commissions.

How many Dogecoins is 1 dollar?

The price varies, whenever you want to know how much money you have in a certain cryptocurrency, you cánido check it in the «coinmarketcap converter«.

Strategy you should follow in Moon Dogecoin

Repeat with me! “It is not difficult to get referrals”

That is the only way to earn faster in any faucet or PTC.

Working alone, honestly, you will not be able to earn even 1 dollar a day… not even by combining the profits of the 7 CoinPot faucets.

However, in CoinPot you earn very well without referrals, if we compare it with the rest of its type pages.

My first proof of payment, I got it fast and I didn’t have a single referralbecause I hadn’t talked about it on the blog yet, but since we only need 50 Doges to withdraw, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any referrals, you cánido still get paid quickly.

But that’s no excuse for not looking for them, really. It is not advisable to work alone! Especially if you don’t like earning pennies.

When you get referrals, it’s amazing how good this page is… I’ve seen several Youtubers making more than $1 a day.

So you have to take advantage of this business opportunity.

It won’t be too hard get lots of referralstaking into account that despite being a relatively old website, many people still do not know about it.

For people who go beyond referrals

Not everyone likes to get referrals, 2 consejos that you cánido take to avoid earning a little working alone, would be the following:

Moon Dogecoin Are you still paying?

Yes it pays.

They take approximately 24/48 hours to pay.

Remember that you cánido also leave the cryptocurrencies saved in the same CoinPot and withdraw when you really do something with that money, such as:

How to collect Dogecoin?

As I have mentioned and explained in other posts, I currently charge in CoinPot through Bitcoins, but for those who want to withdraw in DOGE the procedure is exactly the same.

First you are going to give it to withdraw.

The minimum withdrawal is 50 doges.

Then a box like this appears:

  1. Paste the Dogecoin address of the wallet to where you are going to cash out.
  2. Place the amount to withdraw (clic on maximum if you want to collect everything).
  3. Entrar the two aspecto security code (It will only ask for this code from those who added this plus security.)
  4. Solve the captcha.
  5. Clic on remove and you’re done.

Finally you will get a message that says: The cryptocurrencies will be sent, check the correo electrónico to confirm the withdrawal.

It perro be seen that the wallet has quite a lot of security.

Once this is done, it espectáculos you a message saying that the operation has been successful.


As you already saw, working here is not complicated or difficultIt’s just a matter of being consistent and working to gradually improve the results.

Perhaps you perro tell me: “but it is that I am exclusively interested in earning Bitcoins, not Dogecoins”… Well, that is not a problem, as I showed you In CoinPot you perro transform all the Doges you earn into BTC or some of the other currencies that the portfolio includes.

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What else perro I tell you, I hope you liked it and that you join this faucet.

Remember to be consistent to increase the loyalty plus and all other bonuses.

Anything they ask me.


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 Moon Dogecoin: The best faucet to earn
  Moon Dogecoin: The best faucet to earn
  Moon Dogecoin: The best faucet to earn

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