Moon Bitcoin Cash: Faucet to get BCH

Moon Bitcoin Cash: Faucet to get BCH

Earning cryptocurrencies has become the main attraction for Venezuelans when it comes to generating plus income… One of the best ways to achieve it is through the faucets because they are completely free.

Despite the fact that there are many that cánido be obtained on the Internet, you cánido run the risk of wasting your time because they are scams, that is, scam pages that do not pay.

So that this does not happen to you, today I want to share the information of a faucet that is very good and that really meets the paymentsit’s about Moon Cash.

Let’s talk about Moon Cash – What is it?

A faucet is nothing more than a platform that allows you to claim fractions of a certain cryptocurrency from time to time.

Moon Cash, as its name indicates, is a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) faucet and it is a page that offers you to earn rewards from this currency every 5 minutes.

It is completely free and very reliablesince it has been operational since 2017 and since that date, it has not stopped.

Despite the fact that the platform is in English, it is quite friendly… In any case, if you do not master that language at all, “don’t worry” with the Google plus Google chrome translator you automatically put it in Spanish.

If you put interest in it, what you earn on this page will be of great help to your pocket.

How to register in Moon Cash?

Now we go directly to what interests us and that is how to use Moon Cash… The first thing you have to do is register an account:

Sign up for MoonCash

Sign up to Moon Cash

Once inside the portal, clic on the register button and you will see the following:

There is very little information requested, you only have to entrar the CoinPot dirección de correo electrónico

Finally, you must solve a Recaptcha or Solvemedia, so that you confirm that you are not a robot and that would be all.

Note for those who don’t know about CoinPot yet

CoinPot is a cryptocurrency wallet where the profits you make in Moon Cash and several other faucets will be accumulated… This microwallet accepts the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, DOGE, LTC, BCH and DASH

Personally I have been working on CoinPot for a long time and it is great.

Until now It has always seemed like a trustworthy virtual wallet to mebut if you want to receive cryptocurrencies in other wallets, don’t worry, from CoinPot you will be able to withdraw to any Bitcoin address and the best thing is that they do not charge commission of any kind.

For quickly create a CoinPot account and know more details about this purse, I leave you the following information:

« What is CoinPot? »

Moon Cash Features

Paying from: The year 2017.

Referral Plus: Yes, 25%.

Supported Countries: All.

Limit of Direct Referrals: unlimited.

Referral levels: 1 level.

Minimum withdrawal: No minimum withdrawal.

Cryptocurrencies are instantly paid to CoinPot.

How does MoonCash work?

Start Earning Bitcoin Cash

The work in the faucet is one of the simplest that you perro find on the Internet, since it only consists of pressing a button:

Simply press the green button to claim your coins, in my case I will receive 170 Satoshis of Bitcoin Cash

Then you solve a Recaptcha (or if you prefer a Solvemedia) to confirm that you are not a Robot and that’s it, that’s all the work you have to do here.

Frequency with which you must entrar the faucet and Moon Cash Bonuses

Moon Cash is a cumulative faucet which means that as time goes by it will gradually fill up with more Bitcoin Cashinitially increases rapidly, but slows down over time.

YOU escoge how often you want to entrar! but the more often they do it the better, because they will go encuentro the CoinPot challenges and on the other hand they will earn 3 CoinPot Tokens for each claim they make (both things will leave them a good remuneration).

As perro be seen in the image below, after 5 minutes I returned to claim and I won 28 Satoshis… A figure that would increase over time even if I didn’t claim so soon (but as I told you, it is not convenient to let a lot of time pass).

Regarding the plus, also are essential to earn more in Moon Cashif you look at the 28 Bitcoin Cash Satoshis that I claimed, in total they paid me 62 thanks to the bonuses, in total there are 3:

loyalty plus

Here they reward you for not leaving the page, each day you claim increases 1% more.

I got 64% (because I have been entering Moon Cash for 64 days in a row).

Referral Plus

Increase 1% for each active referral you have.

Get 54% (it means that I have a team of 54 active people on the page).

mystery plus

The mystery plus depends entirely on how lucky you are.

I got 4% but you perro get any number (between 1 and 100).

You may notice that these bonuses They cánido increase your claim amounts by up to 300%! In other words, if you claim, for example, 100 satoshis of BCH, adding 300% to it, you will be taking 400 satoshis of BCH.

How do I know how much money I have?

There are many calculators to see how much money you have in a certain cryptocurrency, me in especial I use Coinmarketcap.

You simply entrar the converter and paste the amount in the first box, then choose the cryptocurrency, and it espectáculos you how much what you have is equivalent to in dollars.

Consejos to take advantage of the benefits in Moon Cash

The best trick in Moon Cash to increase your earnings is to bring referrals.

It is not mandatory to refer others, but if you want to, you will get 25% of each claim that your referrals make.

Not bad, right! Get the backlink by clicking on REFERENCES:

Later tell your friends and family about the faucet, send it so they cánido register and you cánido earn more, in the same way also share it on your popular networks and thus you perro reach more people.

In this same section, you cánido see the number of users that you have recommended and what they have generated in profits and additionally you find the advertising banner so that your backlink is seen more striking.

Number of accounts per IP

Something very important that you should know is that you cánido not have multiple Moon Cash accounts using the same Internet connection.

So do not try to cheat, since they detect it and sooner or later you will be suspended, keep that in mind if you do not want to lose what you have accumulated.

Do not despair of wanting to earn more, if you make the effort to claim often and create a network, you will not need another account.

How to collect from Moon Cash?

With cryptocurrencies you perro charge in many ways, either for expenses or investment, but here I will name the 3 most frequent wallets that I usually charge.

The moment you log into CoinPot, the first thing you will see on the screen is the DASHBOARD, where we have the information of all the cryptocurrencies that we have… Each one of them has its respective options:

  • To deposit: In the event that you want to make a deposit from another page (not a bad iniciativa), CoinPot is a very good wallet and also does not charge commissions, many use it to collect from other faucets.
  • Withdraw: It is possible to charge any wallet, just copy the address (in this case of Bitcoin Cash) assigned to you by your preferred wallet, and generally in less than 48 hours you will receive your Bitcoins Cash… The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0001 BCH, a very easy figure to achieve in a short time.
  • Convert: Exchange the cryptocurrency for any other, when you want to withdraw profits, the ideal is to put everything together in a single type of cryptocurrency.
  • Mine: To put said cryptocurrency to mine with your computer.
  • View recent payments: To view the latest payments made by the platform.

Remember that even though you are earning BCH in the end you are free to choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw… I, for example, currently I charge in CoinPot to my Airtm bitcoin address (minimum 0.001 BTC).

Conclusions Is Moon Cash worth it?

It is worth it!

Especially when you see the figures in your wallet and then exchange them for money in your bank account.

Who does not like to earn bitcoins cash without investing any kind of money? I don’t know about you, but about me, yes.

In addition, this page offers a very fácil way to obtain it and that is one of the great advantages that Moon Cash brings us.

To make it more worthwhile get referrals

If you think it’s worth it after everything I’ve told you, you cánido get more out of it.

Here the referral commission is quite good, they allow you to earn 25% for each claim your referral makes.

So share your referral backlink and keep adding bitcoins cash to your account.

Like all faucets, Moon Cash requires dedication

Remember that in order to win and take advantage of the claims in the faucet, you must try to entrar every 5 minutes and that sometimes becomes a bit annoying because even though you get bitcoins cash for free, you must invest time in front of the computer, otherwise you will not be able to reach the fast withdrawal minimum and that would be a disadvantagebut without sacrifice you will not see the gains.

Little by little… Coin by coin

I particularly got used to entrar every day in the 7 faucets of CoinPot and sometimes while I watch a series or a movie I take the opportunity to share my backlink on popular networks (especially in fb groups) to get some referrals.

I am currently making about $20 a month (pooling the profits from the 7 faucets).

And I’m not complaining, be clear that CoinPot is just one more platform, remember that In JobsVenezuela there are a variety of alternatives that you cánido add to your portfolio to increase your earnings on the Internet more and more.

As you have seen, this website is very easy to use.

There are no excuses for not taking advantage of it!

Join now by clicking the button below

Sign up to Moon Cash

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 Moon Bitcoin Cash: Faucet to get BCH
  Moon Bitcoin Cash: Faucet to get BCH
  Moon Bitcoin Cash: Faucet to get BCH

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