MoneyGen » How does it work? earn rubles

MoneyGen » How does it work? earn rubles

MoneyGen is a project of Russian origin that works as a financial generator which cánido provide you with a steady passive income. To start earning rubles in MoneyGen you must make a cash donation to another participant of the project and invite only two people.

The amount of money you cánido give depends on your selection, where the options you have are: 10, 100 or 1000 rubles. Gifts to your account will not be more expensive than your gift. In fácil words, the more generous you are, the more generous the gifts will be for you.

Fundamentals of MoneyGen

  • platform management: MoneyGen has been running since the year 2017.
  • Withdrawals: Payments are direct between participants through Payeer, so it is not necessary to request withdrawals.
  • Deposits: The deposit or investment is solely for 10, 100 or 1000 rubles through Payeer.
  • Referrals: You perro have unlimited referrals.
  • Languages: Russian, but it perro be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.
  • Accepted countries: Users from all over the world cánido earn rubles.
  • Pay? Yes, MoneyGen makes payments without problems.
  • Activity: Rubles and donations.

Registration and configuration in MoneyGen

First you need to translate the page with the Google plus Google chrome translator, since it is in Russian language. the record is free and fácil, and you cánido do it by clicking here. You just have to go to registration and complete the information that they ask for.

Registration Form

You perro register in MoneyGen from the following backlink: Go to MoneyGen.

When logging in you must perform the donation of the amount you want to make. The platform gives you three options that are: 10, 100 or 1000 rubles to donate. This donation is made with your Payeer account. When you make the payment, your account will be activated to start generating passive income with this platform.

How does MoneyGen work?

A cash gift is the main term for the operation of any mutual aid fund. It is a voluntary monetary donation that each participant makes at the beginning of the project work to the address of another participant (her supervisor). After that, he gets a place in the structure and the right to earn rubles with MoneyGen.

Your initial investment cánido be 10, 100 or 100 rubles. This is the value of the initial cash donation you are giving to fill a place in the project structure. is sent on twenty% of payment to the address of the system, and the 80% remaining will be sent directly to your curator’s (the usuario whose team it’s on) bag. If you do not make the donation before the first three days, your account will be deleted.

Restrictions for receiving gifts

  • First: You perro’t have gifts sent to you until you’ve made your own starter gift.
  • Second: Your total earnings cannot be 10 times the total value of the gifts you send. After earning 10 times more than donating, you will have to make another gift to your supervisor. All your referrals will also give you repeated gifts upon reaching the limit. You perro increase your earlier earnings limit by making multiple gifts to your supervisor at once.
  • Third: the more personal invitations you have, the more overflows will be able to receive If you want your team and income to double constantly (2-4-8), you need to personally invite 2 participants to your team (except qualifications).

How to earn rubles on MoneyGen?

By having a place in the system, you have the opportunity to receive numerous gifts at your address from your team members! A mandatory requirement for each is the qualificationi.y también. inviting a referral to level up your tutor to level 2. All subsequent referrals will remain on your team.

Invite any number of referrals, each of whom will provide you with not only income (10, 100 or 1000 rubles at a time), but also 2 new referrals to the team (this process is called “overflow”). They will also give you gifts to your address and they will also bring you new references

Distribution of gifts or business model

Next I let you know the business model on which this platform is based, and which has the potential to provide you with passive income.


you give him a cash gift to another project participant and you become his reference, and he is your curator.


You invite only one person who is going to give a cash gift to your supervisor and will be your reference.


You invite a second person, who will give you the money you have and will become your referral and you are your supervisor.


Your referral invites the first person who gives you money and becomes your reference, then you invite the first person who gives you money and they become your referral, and so on ad infinitum. Each new referral gives you a gift and invites another referral to do the same. Therefore, by making a cash gift and inviting only two peopleyou get a constant influx of referrals and cash gifts.


You referral backlink You perro find it in the invitations section, where you cánido also see your referrals.

Payments in MoneyGen

He payment system used is PAYEER. The system is fully automated, and all payments are made instantly. After a successful payment, it will take a place in the structure, and the 80% of the payment will be immediately sent to the wallet of your conservator. After that, you will receive cash gifts already.

Annexes about MoneyGen

Reference, inviter and curator

Reference: a usuario who came to the project with your invite backlink. For them, you are the inviter, you also have your inviting, that is, The usuario whose backlink has registered with the project. This process is called “free referral distribution” or “the general stream of referrals”. Through this process, you cánido receive references in your structure without inviting them personally.

A curator is a usuario who receives their initial cash gift. Why the inviter and the curator cánido be different participants? This is the principle of qualification and spillover: The first referral invited (or received) to the team always pays a gift and goes up two levels (to the curator of the second level). All subsequent referrals always pay a gift to your invitingfor them the inviter and the curator are a single person.

Conclusion about MoneyGen

MoneyGen is a platform completely legit. It is important to understand that everyone participates in the project on a completely voluntary basis, having become acquainted with the mechanism of its work. No secret technologies, promises of incomprehensible earnings, etcétera. You cánido earn rubles in MoneyGen every day.

The system is completely transparent and understandable, it is based on the organization effective flow of cash gifts among its participants. All money transfers are made to the personal accounts of the participants, so the risks of fraud by the system are excluded.

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 MoneyGen » How does it work?  earn rubles
  MoneyGen » How does it work?  earn rubles
  MoneyGen » How does it work?  earn rubles

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