Money for walking | The best aplicaciones

Money for walking | The best aplicaciones

That there are a wide variety of ways to earn money is something that is clear, especially if you are a regular on the blog.

One of the great unknown but that little by little is reaching good popularity is to do it walking, which is why we are going to talk about The best aplicaciones to earn money for walking for free that currently exist.

It is evidence that doing physical exercise is escencial to maintaining good health, it even serves as a stress reliever for our day to day, something that evades us for at least a while from reality.

If there are applications that cánido reward us for something we already do on a daily basis, all the more reason to pay attention to them.

What are these applications?

These applications are quite fácil in operation.

Usually most of them They need to be connected to the GPS of our mobilein this way they measure our steps by means of a built-in pedometer.

Depending on the steps marked by this pedometer that we always carry with us, we will be awarded a series of rewards.

Normally we will receive these rewards in the currency of each application, which we cánido then exchange for real money, checks for en línea stores and even physical gifts.

Virtually all applications to earn money for walking have other added functions to increase the cómputo more quickly within them, in addition to daily challenges that will not only serve to earn more, but also to improve our physical health constantly.

The best aplicaciones for walking

If you start looking, you will see that there are many applications to earn money walking, most do not pay or are a real waste of time.

Below I espectáculo you the ones that in my opinion are the best and most reliable, yes, remember that these types of aplicaciones are not designed to earn a lot of money quickly, rather they are as an incentive while we do some exercise, come on, what You won’t get rich with them.

WeWard is a pedometer that offers us rewards for our daily physical activity.

We perro also further increase earnings with various added features in the aplicación.

Entrar the following invitation code and start with 300W as a gift.Invitation code: CARM-PG+tR

WeWard has millions of downloads, is very entertaining and hardly consumes battery power, since it cánido work with the screen off in the background.

Thanks to the challenges and other added features, it is quite affordable to reach the minimum payment, it is located in the 15 euros that we perro collect by bank transfer.

SweatCoin is another veteran application that will help us earn money while we walk.

It is valid for all countries and will have its own cryptocurrency, which we cánido earn while using it.

SweatCoin has been running for a few years now, we have even seen it advertised in some prestigious media.

Connected to our GPS, it will count the steps we take, then we perro convert those steps into the application’s currency and withdraw them.

It also has different prizes for which we cánido bid with what we have accumulated in our cómputo.

Coin Aplicación is an application that will allow us to earn XYO tokens with our location, we earn coins while we are moving.

Valid for all countries, you charge for Coinbase or external wallet and if you register from the following button you receive 1,000 free coins.

COIN Aplicación is an application with which we are generating cryptocurrencies with geolocation.

It is somewhat more complex than the previous ones but much more addictive.

If you want to know how it works, I’ll leave you the article I did about it.

Although we perro earn cryptocurrencies by walking or running, it is even more profitable to do it using a vehicle, since the more kilometers we earn, and unlike others, here there is no daily earnings limit.

Stepler Aplicación is registered in Sweden and offers us the oportunidad to win prizes for something as fácil as walking.

The application is free and right now it is valid for any usuario residing in Spain, México, the US, Germany, Poland, Sweden, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Norway.*The backlink to download Stepler only works from a mobile phone.

If you are one of those who likes to exchange your cómputo for prizes or gift vouchers, Stepler Aplicación is a perfect application for this task.

You earn your first 10 points when you register and there are gifts that perro be redeemed for less than 50 points, so you perro be cashing out the first day.

Macadam collects your daily physical activity and gives you money in return.

You also have other ways to add credit, such as watching vídeos, completing surveys and other offers.Entrar this code for your first 1,000 coins: 4CJNMB

Macadam allows us to earn money that we perro later withdraw to our bank account for the fácil fact of walking every day.

It also has other additional options that will make us earn money more quickly.

The minimum payment is only 15 euros.

permissions needed

Virtually all the applications that we have installed on our mobile need permissions to access part of our archivos and in this way to be able to function correctly, this is something that in principle should not worry us in the least.

The applications that pay to walk will need to access our location in order to start counting steps, otherwise it would be impossible to measure our activity.

When we register and start the application we will see the message to allow access to our location, we will give it to accept and through the GPS they will measure our location every time we move.

In any case, we will always be able to deny access by entering the settings of our phone’s applications and in permissions, withdraw said permission.

Do aplicaciones pay for walking?

As you will already know if you are a regular reader of ours, here we only include sites that are paying without problems, so we are only going to see serious applications that have a good run.

This does not orinan that at any given time any of them perro fail, since as we well know, no website is eternal and there is always the risk of running out of our payment.

Payment received from Coin Aplicación

I cánido only promise to keep the article updated and include applications that continue to pay today and also those that I consider to be the most profitable, because as the saying goes, we have come here to win.

Opinion about the aplicaciones that pay us to walk

We always carry our mobile with us, wherever we go, it is an extension of our body and if it cánido make us earn money without even realizing it, I don’t know why we shouldn’t take advantage of it.

It is true that as I have already mentioned, these types of applications are not going to bring us large profits, we have to take it as an incentive to our physical activity.

We get in shape and on top of that they pay us for it, I don’t see cracks in the plan.

And although getting paid in them cánido become a marathon, many of them have challenges and some added features that will make us get the money much faster if we are really active.

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 Money for walking |  The best aplicaciones
  Money for walking |  The best aplicaciones
  Money for walking |  The best aplicaciones

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