Money Aplicación Is it so good to earn money

Money Aplicación Is it so good to earn money

In both Android and iOS there are all kinds of options to “make money”, as is Money Aplicación.

But, the truth is that few aplicaciones perro deliver on that promise.

So that you know in advance whether or not it is worth investing your time in these aplicaciones, you have at your disposal this same blog.

So here we go with another articulo that will help you make money en línea – or at least save you the hassle of using an aplicación that doesn’t pay.

Entrar Money Aplicación

What is Money Aplicación?

It is an aplicación where you earn money by doing watching ad vídeos.

For every vídeo you watch on this aplicación you will earn credits, which are points that you exchange for dollars or rupees.

This aplicación is different from opinion platforms, since it basically you just have to play the vídeos, just as if you were on YouTube.

Of course, with the difference that you generate an plus income for doing it.

Keep in mind that it is not an option to earn money by making offers, which is one of the confusions regarding Money Aplicación.

It is not on our list of the best aplicaciones to earn money, but we also explain everything about it so that you know it well.

Download and register Money Aplicación

The aplicación is available for iOS and Android, for this explanation we are going to use the Android version, you perro download it in minutes:

  1. Entrar the operating system application store and in the search bar type “Money Aplicación».

    Select the orange logotipo application with the dollar symbol in the center, you perro see what it is in the following image so you don’t confuse it with another.

  • After selecting the aplicación, you will be able to install it on your device.
  • When installing the application you must registerwhen you start it for the first time, a form will appear in which you must entrar some information, such as: name, telephone number, dirección de correo electrónico and password.
  • Finally, when placing all the data – try to use a password that you remember – clic on “Register».

If everything has gone well, you cánido now access the main menu of the platform, this means that you have already registered successfully.

At this point you just have to start watching vídeos and generating your rewards, in the following sections we explain how you are going to do it.

How does MoneyApp work?

It’s a basic aplicación, it doesn’t really have many options that you perro interact with.

In the main menu you have the possibility of accessing six sections, these are:

  • Watch Vídeos: It is the main option for you to start generating credits; for each vídeo you watch in this section you will earn more 10 credits.
  • Status: It is a summary of the number of vídeos you have watched through the application.
  • watch vídeo: These are slightly longer vídeos and you may need to watch more than one for each time you choose to clic this option.
  • Payment Proof: proof of payment from other users.
  • Payouts: This is the section that we like the most, since it is the payment section.

    In it you cánido withdraw the money through PayPal and Paytm.

  • Settings: It is supposed to be the section to configure the aplicación, but it only espectáculos information on how to use it.

    This makes us think of the first “red flag”, which means the first alert that indicates that it may not be a serious or trustworthy aplicación.

  • Rate Us: It is simply rating the aplicación in the aplicación store.

Unfortunately, the aplicación doesn’t have an option to earn money from referrals either, like Consupermiso does, for example.

How to earn money with Money Aplicación?

If you clic on «Watch Vídeos», the application will espectáculo you a message in which you must confirm that you agree to see the vídeo.

If you clic on «Forks» will automatically load a vídeo which doesn’t take long, usually just 10 seconds.

At the end, you will be assigned the credits, which you cánido see at the top of the main menu.

You may realize that it is very easy to get the rewards, but there is also another option to do it, «Watch Vídeo», which curiously has almost the same name as the first option.

By selecting this option, the aplicación it won’t ask you for confirmation some, it will only start one vídeo or a series of vídeos, in the end you will only be assigned 10 credits, no matter how many vídeos it espectáculos.

After the vídeo ends, you are not shown the main menu as it happens with the first option.

Then you must clic on the double date icon that appears at the top right:

Subsequently, you must clic on the “GET” option and the aplicación will send you to the application store to download the ad application.

You should not download the application, to continue in the aplicación return to it from the applications menu of your mobile.

How much does this aplicación pay?

We come to the money section, let’s talk about how much money you cánido earn.

Supposedly, Money Aplicación pays $250 dollars to watch vídeos, of course, to reach this amount you must watch many vídeos, for each vídeo they give you 10 credits and you need 50,000 credits to withdraw.

This means that you must watch 5000 vídeos to reach $250, which is the minimum withdrawal to your Paypal or Paytm account if you want to charge rupees instead of dollars.

You may realize that it is a very high amount to withdraw, if you think so, check the Streetbees platform, which is a platform to earn money by completing offers; the minimum withdrawal amount is lower.

Opinions about Money Aplicación

There are no good opinions about Money Aplicación, many users complain about the high amount to reach the minimum withdrawal.

Also, watching 5000 vídeos is not a matter of a day, but of months, be careful if not up to a year, therefore, there are negative reviews that surround you.

In addition, some users who have reached the minimum withdrawal –something we do not understand how they did due to its difficulty– indicated that the aplicación never paid them; This means that the proofs of payment are probably not real.

It is up to you to try this aplicación or not, what we perro tell you is that you will surely waste all your time.

Better prefer other applications to earn money in Spain or other parts of the world, as it is Ysense or Swagbucks which are the most reliable.

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 Money Aplicación Is it so good to earn money
  Money Aplicación Is it so good to earn money
  Money Aplicación Is it so good to earn money

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