Monetize your Discord server: A guide

Monetize your Discord server: A guide

The US communities they cánido already monetize their servers through the platform’s subscription program.

The number of server owners who cánido start charging for more privileged access and features on Discord is growing.

In a artículo titled “Starting today, we’re expanding the availability of server subscriptions,” Discord Creators Product Manager Derek Yang announced that server creators will be able to monetize their servers through subscriptions.

initial requirements

The subscriptions may be enabled on community servers in the United States, as long as they meet the required estándares.

  • Everyone who wants to join must be at least 18 years old.
  • Make sure you have a positive cómputo in your account.
  • Both your correo electrónico and your phone number must be confirmed.
  • The use of a second verification method is required.

The only requirements to purchase a subscription are to have a Discord account in good standing and to accept Discord’s terms and conditions.

Discord has stated that there is no requirement for community size or number of active users for a server to be monetized.

Artists and content creators will be free to start one or more subscription levels at whatever price they see fit.

Discord offers a more generous revenue share (90/10) compared to the much-maligned cast 50/50 from Twitch, but it will take some time before you get paid.

Earnings for the month of January will not be distributed to creators until March 1, per Discord’s monetization terms, which is 30 days after the end of the month.

A minimum of $100 down payment is required, and subsequent monthly payments require a minimum of $25 earned.

How to activate subscriptions on my Discord server?

The following specifications must be met for Server Subscriptions to work on your server.

  • The server owner must be located in the United States.
  • Since there have been no recent violations of the Discord Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, your server is in good standing.
  • Our new Monetization Conditions and Server Subscription Policy are mandatory reading.

whatYou’ve seen the server subscription examples above to get ideas for your own project.? We have the perfect case study for you! Hermosa Poarch emplees Server Subscriptions to provide its customers with three additional benefits:

  1. From $2.99 ​​per monthTier 1 subscribers get access to your server’s public thread creation and other services.
  2. By $4.99 more per monthTier 2 subscribers receive early access to future merchandise releases, early voting rights in polls, and everything Tier 1 offers agregado.
  3. the third level (for $9.99 per month) includes all the benefits of the other two levels, agregado some exclusive behind-the-scenes stuff.

Visit Hermosa’s promotion page if you are curious about the services she offers.

Non-monetizable content

The subscription policy specify what content types are not monetizable.

Other than the usual suspects like drugs and weapons, anything that promotes gambling will also not be tolerated, including sexually explicit content hosted on Discord or linked from elsewhere (like OnlyFans).

To learn more, check out the full list here.

To help content creators understand this new monetization scheme and take advantage of the new program, Discord has established a creator portal.

Discord creator portal

To end

Discord has opened the door to new money making opportunities with its newly launched subscription program.

For users, this is a great way to monetize their content and give people the ability to directly support them with the small amount of money they receive through the program.

For Discord, it’s a way to take advantage of increased usuario activity and find new ways to monetize their platform.

Definitely, both sides win.

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 Monetize your Discord server: A guide
  Monetize your Discord server: A guide
  Monetize your Discord server: A guide

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