Monetize your Blog with Mgid

Monetize your Blog with Mgid

monetize your blog with this ad network called mgid and earn money with your website, mgid pays by Bank Transfer, Payoneer and PayPal.

Mgid Features

  • Assessment: Good
  • Activity: Advertising Network
  • minimum payment: $100 dollar
  • payment frequency:NET30
  • Payment methods: Paypal, Payoneer and Bank Transfer
  • Languages: English
  • Requirements: Have a blog
  • accepted countries: All

What is Mgid and how does it work?

MGID is an advertising network native, it is among the best in the world, although there may still be many people who do not know it, but lately this company has grown enough to be an alternative to google plus adsenseAlthough of course, in my opinion, Google plus is the one that continues to pay the best.

This advertising network is based in the United States and is currently working with large advertisers and publishers from all over the world.

Requirements to be accepted in MGID

Before making your request for your website to be accepted, you should know a few things to avoid being rejected, since Mgid takes reviews very seriously, just like Adsense.

Your website must not:

  • Have adult content, gambling, contenido publicitario, software malicioso or spyware
  • Backlink to these types of sites
  • Contain low-quality content
  • Violate copyright laws (Duplicate Content)
  • Have material related to pharmaceutical issues

Mgid Ads

The ads by mgid They are a bit afín to those of Google plus Adsense, they are based on cpceach clic on the ads will be a profit in the publishers’ accounts, the ads are designed to be attractive to users and generate conversions.

These are the ad formats that Mgid offers:

  • Ads for the header (Header)
  • Popup ads with related content (Exit-Pop)
  • Format for the Pié de página
  • Format for the sidebar

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mgid

Like any Mgid advertising network, it also has its pros and cons, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this company.

Advantages of Magid:

  • Has global coverage
  • Ads easy to add
  • 100% fill rates
  • good rates
  • Highly responsive ads
  • Over 850 million unique monthly visits and growing
  • payments on time
  • Income tracking in real time
  • Ad compatibility with Google plus Adsense
  • personalized support

Disadvantages of Mgid:

  • The approval process may take a while
  • Irrelevant or unrelated ads
  • Your blog must have more than 1,000 visits per month (Not confirmed)

How to make money with Mgid

If you want to make money with Mgid, you will need to have a blog that has a lot of traffic. Actually, for a blog to be profitable with any advertising network, it needs to have about 10,000 visits a day, that sounds like a lot to you! The first thing you should do is go to the official page of Mgid and register in the following backlinkonce registered you perro submit your blog for approval.

That number of visits perro be difficult to achieve but not impossible, it is not that you are not going to earn money with 500 or 1,000 visits, I orinan earn thousands of dollars a month, that is, real money.

To make real money you are going to need to learn SEO so that you cánido position your blog and generate that number of visits or more, since there are many websites that generate up to more than a million visits per day.

Mgid pays

Effectively paying and without complaints, we are talking about a company afín to Google plus Adsense, so problems with payments here we do not see that, mgid pays without problems and without delay so you perro work calmly with this platform.

Mgid Proof of Payment

Yes, it has proof of paymentbut you are Mgid proof of payment They are not available on the platform as some companies do, but are on YouTube and in business groups where users who have collected share screenshots or vídeos of their payments made by Mgid.

sign in mgid

If you have a web page and you want to monetize it with this company, you perro generate good income if you have a good number of unique visits, especially if the visits are organic. To make your request on the platform, you cánido do it at the following backlink. sign up in mgid

Recommendations and Opinion of Mgid

If you are going to make the request on this platform, make sure you comply with the rules so that you are accepted without problem, do not cheat or work using illegal methods, since that will only genere your account to be deleted.

focus on learn seo So that you cánido position your weblogs and work legally, try to make your website traffic 100% organic, that will ensure good profits in the long term.

Mgid Alternatives

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 Monetize your Blog with Mgid
  Monetize your Blog with Mgid
  Monetize your Blog with Mgid

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