Monetize niches: how to find the best one

Monetize niches: how to find the best one

Monetizing niches or create a website niche and then monetize it It is one of the most common ways to earn money en línea..

perform a good SEO for niches, requires knowing how to create a website and monetize it is one of the best ways to earn money on the internet.

Setting up a niche website or blog perro be a good way to monetize your time en línea.

Creating a niche to monetize it is one of the ways in which you perro currently earn more money on the internet, in addition, you cánido learn a lot from your mistakes, since if for one thing or another, a niche is not profitable.

You will have nothing more to leave the blog or website.

Damages and losses will be localized and will only affect that project.

Besides, with the mistakes made in the monetization of a certain niche.

you will learn and you will not undertake them in future projects.

As I have always said, making money en línea is a long-distance race.

Niche monetization is a trial-fallo process in which you have to learn yes or yes to be able to earn money.

If you equipo yourself up as a challenge, you’re even going to have fun with the process of finding the best niches for adsense.

What is a niche website?

In this article I am not going to explain how create a niche website, since it is a quite complicated process and requires time and experience.

In my case, when I first heard the word niche, I didn’t think it was what I know it is today.

For me, today, the expression monetize niche have a full sense, which I did not have a few years ago.

The same will happen to you.

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The Niche pages cánido be defined as a segment or a portion of the market Focused on individuals who will have the same needs or tastes.

That is, users search for things and information through Google plus, either to make comparisons or to satisfy all their information needs.

With a niche website we are going to capture a portion of users interested in something more or less concrete and make those interests profitable For our benefit.

The iniciativa for monetize a niche is to position yourself much better than the competition so that Google plus users find us before the competition.

That’s where the SEO plays a primordial role.

How much less competed be the niche the easier it will be to make a profitbut of course, we will have less objetivo audience.

How to create a niche to monetize it

It First thing to keep in mind when monetizing your niche is to take into account that it is a niche website and above all, find an interesting niche.

For this you cánido let yourself be carried away by your intuition, which is not recommended.

The ideal would be Pick and write down the topics about which you would like to create a website.

The important thing in this case is not the market niche of which the themes are, that is the least important.

The main thing is that be clear about what you want to writeit must be something that you like and that, if you understand something, all the better.

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You must find 5 to 15 topics that you feel comfortable with, inspired and motivated to exploit them.

Once this is done, we cánido start to use the tools that Google plus provides us:

  • Google plus Trends: to consult the most searched.
  • Google plus KeywordPlanner: you cánido consult search volumerelated palabras clave, etcétera.
  • SemRush. to find out what are the palabras clave that you are worth positioning.

You have to keep in mind that in your first websites you will not have much money to hire people to write for you.

Therefore, you should write about things that you understand or know something about or simply like.

Later, you perro choose other niche markets of which you have no iniciativa.

Having money, since you perro pay others to write for you.

Research the competition

If you don’t know how to make a niche website, here We are going to give you the main guidelines.

Creating a niche website is not easy, one of the main steps is to investigate the competition.

Once we have the iniciativa of ​​the market niche that we are going to exploit, we should not launch into a project about it.

One has to take many factors into account.

Let’s explain them.

  • Number of searches for that keyword (keyword).

    The more searches the palabras clave and their related words have, the better.

  • Quality of the sites They rank on the first page of Google plus.

    That in content and programming, if they are old websites, they will be easy to beat with a responsive website and more and better content.

  • Information displayed by Google plus.

    Beware of wanting to position pages with information that Google plus already gives us with a single clic, it would not make any sense.

  • Optimized title and description.

    Do your competitors have the keyword on the right site?

  • SEO metrics.

    Look at your competitors’ metrics with bars like MOZ’s

How are you going to monetize niches?

This is the most interesting part of all: monetization, that is, how I earn money with this web niche.

Earn money on internet It is a great incentive, and it is also the great challenge that we all face when we want to monetize niches.

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  • affiliate backlinks.

    An affiliate program is one in which you are going to put a backlink intended to perform a conversion (make a purchase in a third-party en línea store or get whoever visits you to register in a service offered by a specific website).

    By each registration or contract of a service, registry, etcétera, the provider will pay a percentage for the conversion obtained.

    There are affiliate programs on many sites, you just have to do a little research and you will find the ideal one for your niche.

  • Advertising on Adsense.

    It is another one of great protagonists of the niche pages.

    You perro mezcle adsense with affiliate backlinks and monetize your niche in both ways, since the profitability of your website only with Google plus will require many visits.

  • Advertiser Banners.

    Although less common, it perro be a option to obtain a good return.

    It is about including advertising banners from companies that are related to your niche market.

Other ways to earn money

Opinions monetize niches

As you have seen in the articulo, the option of earn money on internet with pages to monetize is very good.

The only thing you have to do (and perhaps the most difficult) is choose the right niche and that the objetivo audience search for the keyword that you want to position

Seems easy right? Well, it really isn’t, but no one has said that this was a path of roses and that everything was very easy.

Like everything worthwhile, it won’t be easy, but it sure is going to be worth

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 Monetize niches: how to find the best one
  Monetize niches: how to find the best one
  Monetize niches: how to find the best one

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