Monetize a Fb Seguidor Page or another Network

Monetize a Fb Seguidor Page or another Network

Popular networks have evolved over time, now they not only serve to connect you with people from all over the world, they also function as a base for your business and for earn plus money.

Fb is the most used popular network in the world, millions of people have an account on this platform. Why not take advantage of it? We will teach you how to monetize your Fb Seguidor Page or another popular network.

Monetize a Seguidor Page with Advertising

There are many ways to earn money by advertising on your popular networks, but in order to do so you must meet a series of requirements requested by these platforms.

For example, on Fb they have what is called Monetization Policies for Partners.

To be able to use it you must abide by the rules and regulations established to allow third-party publishers, creators, and providers to use Fb’s monetization tools.

These rules are basic, they consist of:

  • Create content in an apt format.

  • Radica in a permitted country.

  • Comply with the community rules of the page.

  • Create authentic and original content.

After complying with all that, you perro start monetizing your Seguidor Page with advertising.

Doing it is very fácil, you must have a good amount of followers assets in your posts.

Thus, when you make a promotion on your page about a business, company or product, your users will be interested what you promote

You perro create ads, reviews, vídeos, and images that draw the public’s attention to what you offer.

You perro advertise third-party companies that are willing to pay for these publications or create publicity for your own product or service, both ways are lucrative.

Monetize a Seguidor Page with Sales of Products or Services

A very fácil way to monetize your Seguidor Page is selling your own products or services.

Remember that the people who follow you on your popular network are interested in what you offer.

You perro promote digital products such as libros electrónicos that you have written yourself, guides, en línea courses, crafts and much more.

What you should always keep in mind is that what you promote must be of good quality to keep your followers connected with you.

Day by day you will have to demonstrate that your product or service is good, but to avoid your fanes being overwhelmed with so many ads, try to leave spaces between each articulo.

Sharing creative and descriptive ads of what you offer is the key to getting arouse interest and trust in your followers and who want to buy what you offer.

Monetize a Seguidor Page Generating Traffic for other Pages

Generating traffic for other pages through your seguidor page perro also be very lucrative.

If you have a website or blog where you promote your products or services, you cánido use popular networks to redirect your followers there and that they cánido buy what you offer.

What you cánido do is place Google plus ADS ads on your blog, so that followers who visit your seguidor page will see these ads and cánido visit your blog to find out more about what you sell and be able to buy it.

Also perro articulo backlinks with a striking image of your product on your seguidor page, adding an attractive description of the product or service you sell so that your followers are interested and clic on the backlink to buy it.

Monetize a Seguidor Page with Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t have any of your own products, no problem, that’s what the affiliate marketing: promote or sell third party products and earn a commission for each sale made through your seguidor page.

The way affiliate marketing programs work is fácil.

First, you must find a product or service that you want to promote and talk to the owner.

Second, you must have a platform through which to offer this product or service.

When you join an affiliate program having chosen what you are going to sponsor, the company will offer you a unique affiliate code that you should use to redirect your followers.

Doing it is easy, you just have to place a backlink on your seguidor page along with attractive advertising for the follower.

When the usuario clicks on that backlink you posted, you will earn a percentage for each purchase done through this backlink.

Sometimes these backlinks are not just for buying a product or service, they also work for registering, filling out a form or a coupon.

This and your earnings depends on the agreement you have with the business owner.

Monetize a Seguidor Page with Sponsored Posts

A sponsored articulo is an article specifically created for a brand, company or business that is willing to pay another person to publish these ads on their seguidor page.

For these sponsored posts to be successful, search for products or services that are related with your seguidor page.

If what you usually articulo is about clothes and fashion, look for companies that offer these products, so your followers will be interested in what you offer.

The only requirements you must have are:

  • have a good quality page with enough followers,

  • make striking advertisements for these products so that the usuario is interested and buys, so you you will get commissions for each sale done.

Earn Money on a Seguidor Page with Vídeos

Making vídeos for your seguidor page cánido be a lot of fun and, at the same time, beneficial.

One way to make money with your popular network is by sharing vídeos and adding something to them that Fb calls “Advertising Guidelines”, which are small ads that will be displayed in your audiovisual content.

Ads will help you earn money by including them in your vídeos.

You cánido have them play before, during, or at the end of the vídeo.

The important thing is that for these ads to work you must have enough followers.

Vídeos must be 3 minutes or longer, and the usuario must play the vídeo for at least 1 minute to count as viewed.

The revenue you will receive from these ads will depend on a few factors, such as the number of vídeo views And who are the advertisers?

Other Ways to Earn Money on Seguidor Page

Apart from all the previous ways that we have taught you to monetize your seguidor page, there are others that cánido also be very lucrative.

A practical and fácil way to earn money is promote viral content in your popular networks.

In fact, many people use this method.

There are platforms that are responsible for disseminating this content from some brands that pay for its massive dissemination, which is an easier way to earn money.

The difficult thing about this option is that it cánido be a bit complicated get to work with these brands and sometimes even these pages are closed on Fb.

Another way that some people have used to earn money with popular networks is to create an account with some special theme and start posting related content that may interest the public.

When they already have enough followers, they sell these pages to other brands. In this way, the company or business that buys them they won’t start from scratch with your platform.

Using this method requires patience because at first you won’t see any profit, you just have to bring the page to a high level so you cánido sell it and make money.

Popular networks are the “boom” of today, millions of people spend hours a day on them sitting in front of a screen or with their mobile in hand.

Only you must take advantage time that you invest in your networks and take advantage of monetizing your accounts with these ways that we have taught you.

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 Monetize a Fb Seguidor Page or another Network
  Monetize a Fb Seguidor Page or another Network
  Monetize a Fb Seguidor Page or another Network

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