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In this Gigonway guide we discuss the features of Monday, a project management platform that stands out among many others on the market.

Examine whether Monday is suitable for project management, including platform time tracking.

What is

Monday is a complete project management platform with multiple features, multiple project views, and automation tools, including integrations with dozens of aplicaciones and platforms.

It also offers templates for agile teams in various industries.

Although it is a good option for teams looking for complete programa, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of

As mentioned above, project management programa is an excellent platform with a lot to offer, such as the following features:

intuitive interfaz

In that regard, project management programa delivers.

Monday’s interfaz is sleek, modern, and incredibly visual.

The main functions are represented by large, colorful buttons and icons.

It has an easy way to create new boards, assign tasks, and more.

You do not need any special knowledge to access the data and functions.

Frequently used features like your messaging inbox, shared project boards, and weekly tasks are easily accessible through a panel on the left side of the interfaz.

You cánido also access other more complex features through the Monday profile button.

Multiple Dashboard Views

Project management cánido often be confusing, especially if you don’t have the right project view modes.

Fortunately, project management programa has over a dozen dashboard views that let you organize and view your workflow however you like.

  • Board. This view allows you to add multiple customizable columns, ideal for displaying a complete overview of the details of the Monday project Platforms are designed to drive.
  • Timeline. This customizable timeline displays task groups as calendar bars for a chronological arrangement of your tasks and how those tasks relate to each other.

    You cánido also use the Gantt mode in this view.

  • kanban. This view espectáculos all tasks as card views that you perro move horizontally between columns.
  • Calendar. While Timeline view espectáculos groups of tasks, calendars espectáculo timelines for individuals Monday tasks, until the time.

    You cánido also filter especial jobs and choose to only view deadlines.

  • Graphic. You perro create pie, bar, and line type charts that you cánido fully customize with data and labels.

    It also syncs with different columns in the main table.

  • Map. This view allows you to pin details on the map.

    You cánido also use the main table to reference important location points in this view.

  • Archivos. With a search bar for better findability, you perro add all uploaded archivos to your main table.
  • Shape. Creates a shareable format for a certain column structure on the dashboard, which you cánido send to the client.

    You perro also customize by adding logotipos, backgrounds, etcétera.

  • Dependencies.

    Espectáculos the automation settings for the task flow that depends on other tasks to start.

  • Issue. Allows you to display the Monday dashboard outside of the Monday platform.

    You cánido embed your boards so stakeholders perro monitor your progress without needing a Monday account.

The convenient Monday type of project management offers tools that let you view two boards at once to quickly see details about each task.

In addition, Monday also provides customizable templates such as programa development, customer support, etcétera.

These Monday templates are suitable for many different types of teams and use cases.

Strong collaboration tools

Monday com’s task management is not without this aspect.

The platform has several collaboration features that you cánido use to improve your team’s workflow.

These are some examples:

  • Chat and team communication. Monday allows you to communicate with other team members who are currently logged into your platform and comment on the progress of each other’s work.
  • Collaborative documents. The Monday project management platform has the first truly collaborative document editor.

    The features of this editor allow multiple users to write simultaneously without getting in each other’s way.

  • Access to archivos and information. The platform has a dedicated view that allows all team members to access all archivos and information uploaded to the main table.

Monday Task Manager makes it easy to manage and communicate with the Monday team through various collaboration tools like archivo sharing, task assignments, and more.

Track time, stay on budget, analyze reports, and automate payroll.

  • Track the time of the aplicaciones you already use
  • Know where your team’s time is going
  • Keep projects within budget
  • Increase transparency
  • Make your workflow more efficient

Lots of integrations

In terms of integrations, the Monday project management programa also delivers with flying colors.

Monday’s program management cánido connect to dozens of platforms and other applications and allows you to run more than 25,000 actions involving those integrations each month.

Monday lets you connect to commonly used work aplicaciones like Gmail, Slack, Microsoft Teams, time management aplicaciones like Everhour, and even Adobe Creative Cloud.

Customizable reporting features

Customizable reporting features are essential in project management programa.

Monday is aware of these needs and has created a remarkable equipo of reporting tools for your convenience.

  • panels. Monday has a fully customizable control panel.

    With this view, you perro choose intuitive and useful widgets, such as Monday budget tracking, allowing you to create unique and fully functional dashboards for all use cases.

  • Board view reports. As mentioned, Monday has a full equipo of board views, with various filters that members cánido use to access all levels of information.
  • Search all. Monday has a feature that allows you to perform a comprehensive search for content across the platform, such as text, Monday’s schedule, boards, profiles, etcétera.

    You cánido also export or save those searches.

However, a work hour tracker and attendance tracker are conspicuously absent from Monday’s board templates.

Reports on the time your employees spend working are essential because they are used for multiple mission-critical functions such as billing and invoicing.

Fortunately, a timesheet aplicación perro take care of that. Weather Tracking

Time tracking is vital in any project, but many project management platforms do not offer a time tracker.

Although offers budget and progress trackers, its project tracker does not have a time tracker at its bottom level, which cánido affect resource management.

However, it has good integration with external time tracking platforms.

With these integrations, you cánido track time, keep projects on budget, increase transparency, and make your workflow more efficient.

Responsive support

As good as any project management platform is, there are only a few unavoidable scenarios where you need the assistance of a well-trained team, such as platform errores, product issues, or difficulties. techniques.

In that case, you need good customer support from the company that provides you with your platform.

Fortunately, Monday has several types of customer support.

  • knowledge bank: Includes a blog and several how-to articles about Monday.
  • Tutorial vídeos: Tutorial vídeos ranging from introductory content to detailed feature walkthroughs are available on Monday’s YouTube account.
  • Contact team: Monday’s customer support cánido be contacted through a ticket system on their website.

Disadvantages of

As good as Monday com’s project manager is, it’s not perfect.

It does have some downsides that you should consider before committing to using this platform for your team.

These are the areas where is limited.

Limited task dependencies has some limitations in its task dependency automation functionality compared to other project management programa.

It only allows you to configure task dependencies using dates and doesn’t offer many customization features for them, which perro be a problem for teams that need many task dependencies and various integrations.

Also, this feature is only available at the highest levels of their paid plans.

Therefore, it’s a good iniciativa to check if’s capabilities meet your team’s specific needs before choosing it as your project management platform.

Pricing plan limits

Monday offers a free plan that is limited to only the most basic features and two team members.

This is obviously a problem if you have a larger team.

  • 2 team members
  • Unlimited number of boards
  • unlimited documents
  • Hundreds of workflow templates
  • 20+ column types
  • Mobile aplicaciones for iOS and Android
  • Up to 1000 articles
  • 500 MB of archivo storage

If you want access to more features like dashboards, integrations, and automation, you need to pay for a subscription, starting at $8 per month for each member.

For example, in the battle between Asana and Monday, Asana wins in terms of pricing.

A slow support team

Although Monday’s support is responsive, they don’t have the best response times, especially if you’re in the free access tier.

While ticketing systems ensure that you perro get through a full account of your issues, it’s not as effective for communicating with live customer support as live chats and customer service calls.

In fact, some users have to wait hours before their concerns perro be addressed, which perro be a problem if you have a problem with your Monday project.

Teams that want priority support will have to pay for the feature.

Prioritized customer support starts at $8 with its basic level.

With that feature, you perro ensure that your questions and concerns will be answered promptly.

Employee free time tracking is not incorporated

Time tracking is essential to get a complete view of your Monday project resources, but if you’re looking for this functionality in the free version, you won’t find it.

The feature is only available for the Pro version and above, priced at $16 per teammate per month.

The lack of a native employee time tracking platform at the most accessible levels is one of Monday’s most blatant downsides, because time tracking is an essential part of project management. Pricing Plans

Monday project management programa has a multi-tier access structure in the subscription format, with up to five levels of access suitable for teams of different sizes and needs.

Monday’s pricing plans are as follows.

  • Free. The free version is limited to basic functionality and up to two team members.
  • Essential. Costing $8 per seat per month, this tier allows you to build a dashboard and prioritize customer support.
  • Estándar. At $10 per seat per month, Estándar lets you have multiple views, automation, integrations, and dashboards that mezcle five dashboards.
  • Pro. This tier costs $16 per seat per month, giving you access to advanced features like automation, integrations, time tracking, dependencies, formulas, and more.
  • Company. Lastly, the Enterprise tier has variable pricing based on your organization’s needs and features top-tier tools like advanced reporting and analytics.


Monday offers excellent value as project management programa compared to other alternatives.

It’s relatively accessible for small teams, and the number and quality of features that cánido be used are fantastic.

However, it cánido be expensive if you want to use the more advanced features and lack quality time tracking features at lower access levels.

It also has limitations on task dependencies and support perro be slow.

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