Mobrog Review: How It Works Do your surveys

Mobrog Review: How It Works Do your surveys

We clarify all your doubts about the Mobrog survey platform.

How to register, how to work, how much you cánido earn with this page, etcétera.

We will review how to do surveys; if it is safe or not; and even, the advantages and disadvantages of this site.

Mobrog is a paid survey platform.

Registered in Germany, it belongs to a market research company, and its services are available to various companies around the world.

It is a site that offers several benefits For survey lovers.

You perro have several surveys weekly, and an approximate profit of up to $5 (€5), an amount very afín to the Lifepoints page.

It does not have many region restrictions like other survey sites.

And your website is available in multiple languagesincluding Spanish.

Entrar Mobrog

Besides, it’s a free site with which we cánido earn a good sum of plus money at the end of the month.

A trusted platform, with over three million people currently taking surveys on its panel.

If you want to start working on this platform, but you don’t know about it, in this article we will teach you step by step everything you need to know about Mobrog, to start earning money with it.

Sign up for Mobrog (free)

Signing up for Mobrog is free and much easier than other survey platforms.

It is available for many countries in Europe and Latin America.

Just clic on the previous backlink (button above) and clic on “register”.

Once you are there, it will ask you for some information.

After giving the information, accept the terms and conditions, and press the “register” button.

From there, you will receive a confirmation message to your correo electrónico.

Open the message, clic the “confirm registration now” button, and voila! You have already registered.

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Then, it will send you to the main panel, and you will have the first available survey.

This survey is not paid, since it only tries to answer some questions on your profile.

Filling out this survey is escencial, since all subsequent surveys will depend on the information you have in your profile.

What is Mobrog?

Mobrog is a paid survey platformwhich began in 2015.

It belongs to the German company Splendid Research GmbHa company dedicated to market research.

This is an excellent page to earn money through surveys.

And it is accessible to people from almost the whole world, since it includes a large number of Spanish-speaking countries, in Europe and America, which by the way, other pages do not include.

In addition, more and more people are joining Mobrog, due to the number of surveys it sends out weekly.

The approximate profit of each survey perro be from €0.40 to €3.

And we perro earn more than €5 ($5) per week, in case of good luck.

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How it works and how to earn money on this site

Mobrog works pretty much the same as other paid survey platforms like Ipsos-I-say or Toluna.

But its peculiarity is that not so picky about profile information, as are other survey pages.

This does not orinan that you should not have your entire profile complete, since without that information, you will not be able to receive surveys.

This site has three ways in which we cánido earn money: paid surveys, referral system and free contests.

With paid surveys

This is the main way to earn money on this platform.

After signing up, we will start receiving surveys.

Every time there are surveys available, you will receive a message in your correo electrónico, inviting you to participate in it.

Don’t wait too long to complete them, as spots fill up easily.

In fact, sometimes you won’t be able to take surveys to which you’ve been invited, even if you entrar immediately, since it usually fills up very quickly.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that we will not be able to opt to all available surveys.

That is because, possibly, our profile does not match the profile that the platform is looking for.

This is completely common on survey pages.

Besides, payment is not always the same for all countries.

The same survey perro pay $2 for users in the United States, while only €1 for users in Spain.

Even so, the profits are usually quite good, no matter where we are.

referral system

This site also has a referral system, with which we cánido earn money by inviting friends or acquaintances.

But it differs from other pages in that it does not have a direct invite backlink.

In other words, we perro only invite our friends by entering their dirección de correo electrónico in the box shown in the image.

The commission varies from €0.80 to $1.25, depending on the country we are from.

To receive any earnings from the referral, the person has to register with our invitation, and have completed 3 surveys.

free contests

The platform also offers a reward through a free contest that it runs on a monthly basis.

But the contest is not carried out on its website, but on its popular networks.

It is enough to like the publication, and answer a fácil question, and thus we will be participating to be among the 10 winners of the contest.

The reward is usually greater than $5.

Mobrog aplicación

One of the most important novelties of Mobrog is that has developed an aplicación with which we cánido answer surveys from our móvil inteligente.

There are very few survey platforms that offer this alternative to their users.

And Mobrog has it!

The application weighs only 10MB.

His interfaz is fácil, light and easy to use.

In fact, its design is almost identical to that of the website.

You just have to entrar your dirección de correo electrónico, wait for surveys to be available, and start earning money.

This available for iOS and Android.

How to collect our money in Mobrog

We will receive a profit after completing each survey, which is not counted with points, but with real money.

Like other survey platforms, we have to reach the minimum amount to make a withdrawal, which is €5 or $5.

Reaching this goal is not very difficult, since the flow of surveys is relatively constant, and each one offers a good remuneration.

Regarding the payment method, we perro collect vía Paypal or Skrill.

Or failing that, we cánido make donations to EcoMatcher.

Another thing is that Mobrog pays directly to the correo electrónico with which we have registered.

In this way, we must use the same correo electrónico as our Paypal or Skrill, to earn money.

And it goes without saying that they must be verified.

In the event that our correo electrónico does not match the address of our Paypal or Skrill, we cánido contact Mobrog support, and they will solve the problem.

How much money cánido be collected in Mobrog?

One of the main factors that determines whether a survey platform is worth it is the profit that we perro obtain through it.

On the Internet, you find many reviews, where users claim to have earned up to $3 with each survey.

We do not deny that this may be true, but it is not common.

Typically, minimum survey earnings have been $0.40 to $1, and $2 at the most.

Does Mobrog pay or is it a scam?

These are the opinions that we found on Trustpilot, a website focused on giving reviews to various companies in the world, allowing its users to give their opinion and rate them. 70% of the comments that users give about Mobrog are totally positive.

Furthermore, from our own experience, we cánido say that Mobrog does pay.

And on the Internet there are hundreds of people who also testify in favor of this page, showing us their proofs of pay.

So, it is not a scam, it is a serious company that guarantees us security in the payment.


All websites have their pros and cons.

And Mobrog is no exception.

Next, we explain the advantages and disadvantages of this platform.


  1. It has a very easy minimum payment to reach, only €5.
  2. Your website is very easy to usein every sense.

  3. Has a mobile aplicaciónto take surveys from anywhere we are, regardless of the time.
  4. Available in many countriescompared to other sites.

  5. You have two good payment options: Skrill and Paypal.


  1. It does not have a direct referral backlink.

  2. It’s a bit difficult to qualify for surveys.

  3. It does not have as much survey flow as other platforms.

We hope this article has been helpful to you.

Since you now know how to make money on this platform, what are you waiting for? Sign up, and start taking surveys for free!

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 Mobrog Review: How It Works Do your surveys
  Mobrog Review: How It Works Do your surveys
  Mobrog Review: How It Works Do your surveys

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