Mission, visión and values: the keys to success

Mission, visión and values: the keys to success

Mission, visión and values? Perhaps these are three terms that, seen separately, have an obvious meaning.

However, when they come together they form a equipo of ideas so powerful that they have played a decisive role in the success of such well-known brands as Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola or even Google plus itself.

Therefore, it is likely that at this moment you are wondering what the mission, visión and values ​​of a company are and how to do or carry them out.

Today there are many tools to develop and implement the strategy for a business, but if it is not digital, or at least not en línea, you are left out of the market.


What are the Mission, Visión and Values ​​of a company?

In order to develop the aforementioned strategy, you better be clear on how to “present it in society”in this fast-paced and competitive world such as the Internet.

There are some concepts that you must define and be very clear about: What do you exist for? What goals do you want to achieve throughout your career? What and who are the ones that are really worth to you and do you want to have on your side?

Now answer these questions, but from a not so personal and more corporate perspective.

That is, as a businessman or entrepreneur would see it: precisely those would be the mission, visión and values ​​of your company .

Here we could perfectly end the article, because it really is nothing more than that.

But since I know that you have arrived here trying to have a much broader iniciativa of ​​these 3 terms and how essential it is if you have a project, I will tell you a little more about it.

When developing your company, whatever its size and projection, it is necessary to be very clear Where do you start from, where do you want to go and what resources or tools will allow that growth?.

It is important that this information is known by all those who will make this development possible, and this involves both work teams and clients and the campo in general in which the company is immersed.

This is why clearly defining the DNA of your company, its mission, visión and values, is the first step in developing a successful strategy.

Go for it!

MISSION: why do you exist?

The mission of a company it is its reason for being, its own identity and personality.

These values ​​perfectly detalla his professional activity.

Without a doubt, these 3 attributes should be clear when defining your mission.

It is about dumping in a few words the answers to these questions:

  • What does the company do?
  • Why is it involved in that market or campo?
  • Why do you offer your products and/or services?
  • What capabilities and features does it have that equipo it apart from other brands?

Knowing clearly how to answer these questions, you will be able to define the mission of your company.

It’s important that when you do this, you really summarize all this information and do it with the three C’s, that is, that it be

  1. concrete
  2. clear
  3. concise

There will be companies with their mission defined in a more or less abstract way than others, tending more towards the emotional or the rational.

Everything will depend on the style of the organization itself.

VISION: what goals do you want to achieve?

The visión of a company This is where the company is aiming.

It is what you want to achieve in the long term and what you want to be in the future, so that all strategic decisions are focused on satisfying that visión.

That is basically what the visión of a brand is about.

To define it, you must think big and express in a few words what the company wants to achieve one day and that, of course, must be aligned with the mission and values ​​of the organization.

To define it, use generic, inspirational and encompassing verbs.

You perro try to answer the following questions:

  • Where do you want the company to be in the future?
  • What do you want people to think about the company?
  • What goals does the company have in the long term?
  • What would be the “photo” of the company in an ideal future?

Consider all your answers and you will be able to develop the visión of the company in one or two powerful and clear sentences, which will mark the north towards which the organization is heading.

Let’s see how the four big ones that we already mentioned are visualized in the future:

VALUES: what is really worth to you?

The values ​​of a company It is the equipo of non-negotiable and intrinsic concepts that give the organization personality and make it unique.

When we talk about values, we refer to the principles that are part of your company’s culture, no more and no less.

They must be clear concepts, faithful to the reality of the company and that are reflected in your day to day.

They will detalla in a few words what is worth and how life in the organization is and should be.

In order for them to be truly representative, they must be reflected both inside and outside the company, maintaining coherence.

These are some of the values ​​most used by companies:

  • Excellence: related to the quality of the products/services, the processes and/or the attention to its objetivo audience.
  • Puntuality: assessment of compliance at the appropriate times, both when interacting with customers and internally.
  • Perception: characteristic of organizations that value and give rise to the word of both clients and the team internally.
  • Transparency: Hand in hand with honesty, it is a present value in companies that espectáculo themselves as they are, do not hide information both internally from the team level and from customers.
  • Creativity: Valuation of the creative side, both in the people when working and in the products/services when creating and offering them to the client.
  • Innovation: related to constant restlessness, representative of changing organizations, oriented to constant evolution.
  • Responsibility: always current value.

    A responsible company will be so at a popular, environmental, and human level.

  • Loyalty: assessment of loyalty and commitment to both the client and the team that gives life to the organization.
  • Passion: own value of companies in which energy and motivation to work reign and are translated into products/services that spread that passion and teams that are passionate about what they do.

With this list, perhaps you cánido be inspired and see which of these values ​​represent your company to define them as your own.

And of course, don’t limit yourself, there are many more than these!

Ask yourself What are those things that really have value on a day-to-day basis? organization and bring its climate and culture to life.

Surely when you know what the mission, visión and values ​​of a company are, now you no longer think that they are such abstract concepts, do you?

In order to give you some practical ideas on how you cánido define them in your own brand or company, below I offer you examples related to the corporate philosophy of several well-known companies:

EXAMPLE 1: IKEA mission, visión and values

“Why are beautiful products made only for a few buyers? It should be possible to offer good design and function at cheap prices.”Ingvar Kamprad (IKEA founder)

Once this concept has been clarified more accurately, let’s see the concept of mission, visión and values ​​embodied in the case of IKEA, the well-known furniture brand, so that you perro be inspired and learn more internally:

» IKEA mission

“To offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that most people cánido afford them.”

» IKEA Visión

“Create a better day to day for the majority of people.”

» IKEA values

  • Freedom.
  • Lead by example.
  • Dare to be different.
  • Unit.
  • Enthusiasm.
  • Cost consciousness.
  • Renovation and improvement constant.
  • Delegation of tasks.

EXAMPLE 2: Mission, visión and values ​​of Inditex

«If I have earned so much money it has been because my objective has never been to earn money»Amancio Ortega (Creator of Inditex)

» Inditex mission

“Maintain leadership in the textile campo, stay ahead of fashion and create new designs through a vertical integration strategy.

Offer products at a price commensurate with quality.”

» Visión of Inditex

“To be a leader in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of clothing that cánido reach any place that there is a niche of customers so that they cánido obtain different designs and fashions.”

» Inditex values

  • result orientation
  • Implication
  • Overcoming
  • Honesty
  • Teamwork

EXAMPLE 3: Amazon Mission, Visión, and Values

«I think that austerity and sobriety enhance innovation.

One of the few ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your own path.”Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon)

» Amazon Mission

“To offer customers the lowest prices, the best selection of products available, and the greatest convenience.”

» Amazon Visión

“To be the most consumer-centric company in the world, where people cánido find and discover anything they want to buy en línea.”

» Amazon Values

  • Obsession with the client, instead of focus on the competition.
  • Passion for innovation.
  • Commitment to operational excellence.
  • Long term thinking.

EXAMPLE 4: Google plus’s Mission, Visión and Values

“At Google plus we try to promote innovation and risk-taking, and that’s why we encourage our engineers to develop personal projects during 20% ​​of their working day”Larry Page (Co-founder of Google plus)

» Google plus Mission

“To be the most prestigious search engine and the most important in the world.”

» Google plus Visión

“Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

» Google plus Values

  • Think about the usuario and the rest will come alone.
  • There is nothing better than the desire to excel.
  • It’s better to be fast than slow
  • Democracy is a good form of government for the web
  • Answers perro go anywhere
  • You cánido get benefits by being honest
  • There is always more information to discover
  • The need for information crosses all borders
  • You don’t have to wear a suit to be formal
  • being very good is not enough


Now it’s up to you to define your mission, visión and values…

Following the example of the greatest, knowing what it is about and following the premise of ‘concrete, clear and concise’ you will be able to define the mission, visión and values ​​of your company.

And we will not get tired of saying it: it will be essential that they really reflect the culture of the company.

If you succeed, you will have already taken the first step towards the development of a successful strategy.

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» This text was originally contributed by: macarena rodrigo

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Explorer, seguidor of mate and in love with my career, Popular Communication.

Since 2018, she collaborated with Printsome to make it the leading custom t-shirt printing company in Spain and Europe.


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 Mission, visión and values: the keys to success
  Mission, visión and values: the keys to success
  Mission, visión and values: the keys to success

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