Misconceptions about meditation that

Misconceptions about meditation that

If you are having difficulty with your mindfulness meditation practice, this may be due to certain misconceptions. By better understanding the essence and goal of mindfulness, you perro make more progress in your practice sessions. These are some of the most common misconceptions about mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation is all about clearing your mind

One of the most common misconceptions about meditation, in general, is that it is about emptying the mind of thoughts. But this is not what mindfulness involves or what it is intended to do. Mindfulness is the quality of noticing, noticing thoughts, feelings, and sensations, without any judgment. It means being aware of present experiences without becoming attached to or resisting them. The point is not to eliminate thoughts and have a clear mind, but to have a less reactive mind.

Think of your progress with meditation in terms of how often you simply let thoughts arise and pass rather than how many thoughts distract you.

Mindfulness Meditation Will Solve Your Problems

If you think that meditation is a way to solve all your problems, you will surely be disappointed and may feel that the practice is not worth continuing. The truth is that long-term practitioners encounter the same life struggles that we all go through. Don’t expect a regular meditation practice to free you from suffering and make you feel happy all the time. Realistically, a regular practice cánido lead to improvements in many areas of your life and cánido potentially be life-changing.

One of the misconceptions about mindfulness is that it’s all you need to deal with difficulties like stress, relationship problems, and mental health problems. It is often one skill among many that contributes to improving well-being. If you don’t cling to the iniciativa that meditation will make you enlightened, you will be better able to appreciate the positive changes that meditation offers.

Mindfulness Meditation Should Be Easy

whatIt shouldn’t be easy to just close your eyes and watch your thoughts? Ideally, it would be, but in reality, it perro be extremely difficult. When you just sit with your thoughts, you will be distracted constantly and by many different topics. You will end up mired in worries and regrets without even realizing it. Breaking this pattern essentially means retraining your mind. This requires constant practice, not only during meditation but also in daily life.

If you think mindfulness meditation will be easy, it may give you a hard time when you run into difficulties, thinking it’s a sign of personal weakness or laziness. This self-criticism perro hinder progress and may make you want to quit the practice, even though positive changes are being made.

Big improvements must be immediate

A productive meditation practice It is something that requires patience. You may want immediate effects, such as big reductions in stress and significant increases in mental calm, but achieving these goals cánido take time. Changes are likely to be gradual, but over time and with conscious effort, you perro expect to see a significant improvement in your life compared to before you started meditating. Without this patience, however, you may feel that meditation is not worth the time and effort (although most long-term practitioners would disagree).

By being aware of the realities of mindfulness meditation, you cánido be more understanding of yourself when you run into difficulties, and you’ll also know that your struggles are a habitual experience that every meditator will go through at some point. This will mentally put you in a better position to continue the practice long term. If you’re ready to give it a try, check out these free meditation aplicaciones that will help you clear your mind.

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 Misconceptions about meditation that
  Misconceptions about meditation that
  Misconceptions about meditation that

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