Minube: in-depth analysis: A

Minube: in-depth analysis: A

What is your source of inspiration to travel? Are your friends and family addicted to travel? Do you have a equipo of websites bookmarked for good recommendations? Do you just surf the web, collecting ideas from here and there for your next trip?

It’s a combination of the above, isn’t it?

The internet is pretty amazing when it comes to helping you with travel plans. But, there is a lot of content that is just fluff. So how do you filter and identify what is authentic and trustworthy?

One of the best ways is to look for platforms that allow travelers to articulo their own views and place recommendations. Minube is one such travel aplicación that also helps you plan trips.

What is Minube?

Founded in 2007 by Raúl Jiménez, Minube is a popular travel aplicación that gives you recommendations of what to do, what to eat, where to go and where to stay in each country/city. You cánido use these ideas for inspiration when building your travel itinerary.

These recommendations are reviewed and rated by other travelers who have experienced them firsthand. So whether you want to find the best macaron shops in Paris, the best hotels in London or the best geothermal pools in Iceland, Minube has you covered.

Alternatively, Minube is also a place where you perro articulo about your own travel experiences so others cánido benefit from your retroalimentación. It is available in both web and mobile versions. The Minube aplicación is available for iOS and Android devices.

How does Minube work?

Users have to create an account to use Minube, but even non-members cánido search for inspiration. Entrar the country or city you want to visit in the search bar and you’ll get a host of recommendations. Please note that the choice depends on the popularity of the destination. You cánido save the ones you want and view them as a guide later.

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If you don’t have a especial destination in mind and perro do some random travel inspiration, clic on the ‘lightbulb icon’. Once you entrar the distance, expected duration, trip type, continent, or color (oddly enough), Minube will present a list of options. It’s great for brainstorming.

You perro also clic “publish” and publish your own travel experiences. It could be any attraction, lugar de comidas, or lodging option in a destination that you have visited. You perro articulo photos and vídeos, rate the place, and add a review.

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How perro you book hotels through Minube?

Another important feature of Minube is that you perro search for accommodation (hotels) very easily and make the reservation. The commission received from such bookings is one of Minube’s means of generating income.

You must insert the name of the destination, the date of arrival and departure, and the number of guests. Once you clic search, Minube will espectáculo you a list of options collected from various booking sites like Booking.com, Agoda, Book with Hotel, etcétera. You perro compare the prices, services and other details, and clic on “see offer” if you are interested. Minube will redirect you to the booking site.

However, if you are looking for more types of accommodation and more options in general, we recommend that you use Holidu. If you are a backpacker on a budget, a hostel is the ideal option.

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Advantages of Minube

Minube is, without a doubt, a great source of travel inspiration that is packed with content. You find generic travel ideas like the best places to eat, as well as more specific lists like the best bourgeois joints in an area. There is plenty of content for most destinations around the world. However, you perro certainly do more!

reliable recommendations

Since reviews of attractions, restoranes, and lodging options come from travelers who have presumably been to those places before, we may consider them more trustworthy than generic or anonymous content. Reading various reviews perro also help you get a complete iniciativa about each place.

Both the aplicación and the website are easy to navigate and have an attractive usuario interfaz. It makes browsing travel content and posting content quick and easy. It could be one of the reasons why many users trust Minube, even though it doesn’t have an extensive trip planning feature.

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Disadvantages of Minube

One of the things that Minube perro improve is the usability of its filters. When testing the function “Inspiration» of the aplicación, recommendations were provided after selecting only one filter. It was quite disappointing. The ability to select multiple filters and the availability of more filters to further narrow down the options would be very beneficial.

We would not recommend using Minube for trip planning en sí, as its features in this regard are quite limited. Yes, you perro save attractions, hotels and restoranes that you like and compile them into a guide. But, it doesn’t offer detailed features to help you plan a day-to-day trip.

Image courtesy: Minube

Is Minube worth it?

Minube is a good platform for inspiration as it is loaded with great travel ideas. You cánido get a good understanding of the attraction or place you hope to visit by reading the reviews of other travelers. We think it’s a nice aplicación to have. However, as a trip planner, Minube’s role is almost non-existent, especially when you consider the features offered by the best trip planning aplicaciones on the market today. In this sense, we recommend you look for a better alternative.

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 Minube: in-depth analysis: A
  Minube: in-depth analysis: A
  Minube: in-depth analysis: A

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