MinerGate: How to mine cryptocurrencies with your

MinerGate: How to mine cryptocurrencies with your

Today we start a series of articles focused on cryptocurrency mining, and we do it by putting our eye on MinerGate.

It is a mining pool that gives us the possibility of mining various cryptocurrencies using the power únidad central de procesamiento and GPUs from our computer or mobile device.

What draws the attention of MinerGate is that it helps us mine the easiest cryptocurrency to extract every 24 hours automatically, with the consequent savings and benefits for users.

In addition, it has recently added the possibility of buying power to mine in the cloud, something quite attractive since we will not have to have any device turned on to earn money.

In this blog we have already talked about other pages that offer the possibility of mining in the cloud, this is the case of hashflarea page that is giving us a good result so far.

How to start using MinerGate

The first thing is to create an account, you have to know that MinerGate is a totally free page.

There is no need to pay for registering or for using the programa.

One of the advantages is that the website is available in many languages, including Spanish.

You just have to choose the flag of our language in the top menu.

Entrar the page through the backlink at the end of the articulo, and then clic on the green button Sign up.

Fill out a small registration form with your correo electrónico and one password and ready.

Once inside the web we have to start making money, for this we have two mining options:

Cloud mining, previous investment to buy power
únidad central de procesamiento mining, free by downloading MinerGate programa

Download the MinerGate miner

If we want to mine cryptocurrencies with our computer we have to download the MinerGate programa.

In the top menu we go to downloads.

Download the miner to start finding cryptocurrencies

If you have any doubts about the version to download, don’t worry, MinerGate automatically detects the appropriate version for your computer.

With our miner downloaded and installed on our PC, starting to mine cryptocurrencies is very fácil.

In the miner’s interfaz, the easiest cryptocurrency to mine at that moment will automatically appear.

Start mining with a single clic

In recent weeks, the easiest cryptocurrency to extract is Monero, but if you want to mine a different one, don’t worry, you have more options in the MinerGate miner.

If you are working with the computer while mining it is advisable to select where it puts únidad central de procesamiento CORES to a minimum, in this way we will avoid unnecessary heating, although I must say that the MinerGate programa slows down the PC very little.

In the upper menu of the programa interfaz we will clic on the beak.

There we will entrar the mining of several different cryptocurrencies.

We just clic on the coin we want to extract and the miner will start working.

We cánido choose several at the same time, although it is advisable to mine one by one to maximize the power of our únidad central de procesamiento.

Today the cryptocurrencies available for mining perro be seen on the web in the desktop section.

The most profitable to mine are available, including the Bitcoin.

Mine in the cloud with MinerGate

If you don’t want to use your computer you have another option, recently MinerGate has added the option of mining in the cloud.

For now it is only available for Bitcoin and Monero.

To use it we will have to buy mining power.

To do this we go to the web and in the menu we clic on cloud mining.

Buy cloud mining power

Cloud mining has the advantage that we do not have to be using our computer, in addition to being active 24 hours a day.

On the contrary, it is necessary to invest and to recover said investment we must wait a long time.

In any case, at MinerGate we have a choice.

MinerGate referral system

Apart from mining, we will also be able to earn money by referring other users to the system.

And the truth is that the MinerGate affiliate system is very, very attractive.

There is an unlimited level of affiliates, but within this level we have 3 different earnings levels that will vary depending on the number of active referrals.

30% of commissions of the total mined by our referrals if we have from 1 to 20 assets.

fifty% of commissions from the total mined by our referrals if we have between 21 and 30 assets.

75% of commissions from the total mined by our referrals if we have more than 31 assets.

It seems like a great system to me, even if you don’t get a large number of referrals, the commissions are quite attractive.

Being able to get up to 75% of the profits from our referrals is amazing, so it cánido be one of the main ways to earn money in MinerGate.

How to get paid at MinerGate

To withdraw the earnings in MinerGate we must do it in Deskthere we have all the cómputos of the currencies.

Withdraw profit at MinerGate

We cánido manage cómputos, exchange between currencies by clicking on the button Transfer or charge in Withdraw.

If you are looking for a Bitcoin wallet I recommend coinbase, the largest and most secure on the Internet.

On the other hand, if you want to make many transactions between cryptocurrencies, the one recommended by me is Cryptonator.

It has the lowest commissions of the entire network.

Each currency has a different minimum payment, for example, for Bitcoin the minimum withdrawal is 0.01 BTC.

Does MinerGate pay?

Pay, and also instantly using Freewallet, the wallet associated with the platform.

In it we will be able to receive payments without commissions and instantly.

Payment received from MinerGate


If you dream of getting rich mining cryptocurrencies, it is time for you to wake up, since mining today has become unprofitable.

On the other hand, this type of page like MinerGate perro help us get a small monthly profit, which will be bigger the more powerful your PC is and the more hours you dedicate to mining.

Another thing that perro help us generate cryptocurrencies faster is to download the MinerGate aplicación at Play Store and use it whenever you cánido at the same time as the ordenador, and if you cánido always mine the same coin on all devices.

If you are encouraged to mine on mobile, use the low or medium speed to avoid overheating.

I use it on low and the phone stays pretty cool.

Nothing more, I hope it has been helpful to you, I think that the time that cryptocurrencies are living is optimal for using this type of website, and what is best, it seems that over time this maelstrom will get worse.

We hope you liked our article MinerGate: How to mine cryptocurrencies with your
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 MinerGate: How to mine cryptocurrencies with your
  MinerGate: How to mine cryptocurrencies with your
  MinerGate: How to mine cryptocurrencies with your

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