Minergate: How to Earn Free Bitcoin in

Minergate: How to Earn Free Bitcoin in

Minergate. Earn Free Bitcoin with Minergate. One of the easiest ways to earn bitcoin from home is to mine with Minergate, since it does not require special equipment and we perro do it with our computer.

We cánido also start generating bitcoin without having to invest money, we perro do this totally free.

It is profitable to mine bitcoins in Minergate

It doesn’t matter if you escoge to mine with Minergate or another platform, because what will determine the amount you perro earn will be the type of computer you have. Actually, if you want to earn some money, you will have to have a good computer at home.

The reason is the following, Minergate is a system that allows you to mine with both the únidad central de procesamiento and the GPU, but the bad news is that this type of mining is not very profitable unless you have a good computer, currently there are únidad central de procesamiento exclusively for mining.

How to mine with Minergate

No knowledge required to get started earn bitcoin with minergatethe process is very fácil and easy, we are going to see the steps that you must follow to start.

Create an account at Minergate

The first thing you should do is entrar the official page of Minergate and create an account, you just have to entrar your dirección de correo electrónico and entrar a password, once registered, go to your correo electrónico and confirm the registration.

How the Minergate program works

The use of the application is very fácil, its interfaz is very intuitive and you will quickly become familiar with its work environment.

Once you have downloaded the system, open it and log in, preferably clic on the extended option, then the following options will appear:

Wallet: Here you will find a list with all the available wallets of the different cryptocurrencies with which the program allows us to mine to win. You cánido send the money earned to your own wallet if you wish.

Smart Miner: This is a default alternative that allows us to mine more easily and quickly to get a greater benefit, it is always advisable when mining to focus on a single currency, since you have the option of mining in several cryptocurrencies at the same time.

The disadvantage of mining several coins at the same time is that it will take longer to reach the minimum withdrawal, so I advise you to focus on a single cryptocurrency when you start.

miners: In this option you will find all the cryptocurrencies with which you perro work, if your computer has 4 cores you have the option to choose the number of cores you want to use, once this is done, clic on the button star mining to start mining and earning bitcoin or the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Mining on a virtual private server

Before, a long time ago, mining bitcoins in the cloud was not possible, but nowadays mining en línea cánido be done without problems using a private virtual server (VPS), there are many people who use virtual servers as long as they allow this type of work to be carried out, experts advise hiring a Hashing Power service.

One of the main advantages of these services is that you perro keep the computer on 24 hours a day, since these computers are prepared for this type of operation.

Unlike using your own ordenador and having to leave it on all day mining bitcoins, this or we cánido do this in the virtual machine, that way we avoid our team moving a bit slow while we work and mine at the same time.

Minergate Affiliate System

One of the positive points that this company has is its affiliate system, you perro earn up to an additional 65% simply by sharing your affiliate backlink and getting referrals, it is a way to increase the profits achieved.

If you have a Youtube channel or a Fb page with thousands of subscribers and followers, you perro make a short vídeo showing how to earn free bitcoin with Minergate and leaving your backlink, that way you cánido get many referrals.

Minergate proof of payment

Some time ago when I started using this service, I made a withdrawal to my virtual wallet. coinbase, I perro tell you that minergate paysit is not a fraud nor has it become a web scam, so you cánido register and start working and Earn Free Bitcoin with Minergate.

Minergate Opinions, final consejos for mining bitcoins

If you have a computer and only use it to listen to music and watch vídeos, you cánido mine for free bitcoin with Minergate without any hassle while doing those activities or doing your homework.

But if you are a designer and you use heavy programs, I recommend you not to use the application while you are working, use it only in your free time.

An alternative is to use minergate mobile while you are doing some heavy task on your computador, then at night or when you finish doing your activities you cánido use your computer to mine and that way you keep generating on both sides, both on your cell phone and on your computador.

Maybe you are not going to become a millionaire but you perro get some money from it, because I know it will help a lot, because it is better to earn some money even if it is little than nothing, and if we have the possibility to do it from our computer, why not do it? earn free bitcoin with Minergate now!

Download Minergate Aplicación

Minergate is available for Android and iOS. Now you are going to download the application for your computer, minergate has an apk, you perro download minergate for android, windows, mac or ubuntu, the program is very light and does not weigh much, now you just have to start mine bitcoin. You’ll minergate login to login and get started.

Alternatives to Minergate

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 Minergate: How to Earn Free Bitcoin in
  Minergate: How to Earn Free Bitcoin in
  Minergate: How to Earn Free Bitcoin in

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