Methods to Earn Money Testing Products

Methods to Earn Money Testing Products

Since the beginning of the expansion of the Internet, one of the things that has gained popularity and greater relevance among people has been the Earn money by testing new products.

These are usually artifacts that have not been released or are just beginning to be released and need a lot of Retroalimentación. For this reason, not only do they send you new and exclusive products that probably no one else has had, but they also send you money in exchange for trying these new devices.

Now this sounds pretty attractive at first glance. Exactly, actually it is, it’s not every day that you get the opportunity to try a product that many people don’t even know exists and you have money on top of that: It sounds like a combination of easy money and a pretty interesting life, however the reality is that on many occasions making money trying new products is much more complicated, This is because not all companies have the option of shipping their newest tools to individuals, some don’t even have a new product planning department. But it is still possible, at least win free products

Why IF it is possible to earn money testing products from home?

The answer is quite fácil: Most companies have a Product planning department.

This department is not only in charge of designing new devices, but also in charge of distributing free samples to the public that will allow them to test products that have never been shown. Besides, said department also pays the different members in terms of the possible risks that they may run during the tests of these products (which perro range from slight physical risks to slightly more serious damage).

In addition to this, the payment for said use of products is often not in metallic money. Sometimes the payment is the product itselfthis is especially true for the use of technological tools such as: mobile phones, smart televisions or other types of household appliances.

This methodology is also widely used with lugar de comidas chains (through coupons), cosmetics or toiletries, and even books and magazine subscriptions. Whatever the product you want to try, you should always take into account what your payment will be in order to have expectations about it.

In general, most of the payments have to do with what the company offers. Some of the most common payments between companies are the following:

  • Coupons for lugar de comidas chains.
  • Technology tools.
  • Cash (metal or paper money).
  • Free subscriptions to their services (magazines or books).
  • Gift cards.
  • Cosmetic and beauty products.

Usually this is done because the paying cash is not so profitable for the companies really, since in addition to getting an exclusive new product, you would also be receiving cash.

How to get free product samples

There are plenty of sites that offer the option of sending you free samples of third-party tools. In general It is not the norm for companies to contact you directlyOn the contrary, most companies work through third-party platforms that make available to them a catalog of possible people who may be good applicants to test the products. These platforms are freely accessible to the majority of people in the world, so it is a good iniciativa to entrar one.

Some of the most habitual pages out there that you cánido check out if you’re looking to get a company to send you free samples of their products are:

Use web pages

The make use of Web pages specialized in sending free product samples to your users is a pretty good practice.

Some names of websites that do that are the following:

These pages besides being a good option for testing company products for money They have other options such as filling out surveys, answering questions and participating in a community that will espectáculo you a large amount of information related to this medium. Without a doubt, it is a good option if you are looking to do business as soon as possible.

Using popular networks is a good alternative to web pages. In general within these popular networks There is the possibility of coming into contact with both brands and other types of people who introduce you to the business, of trying products for free for a fee. It’s a pretty good option to consider.

The fb groups They are usually widely used, try looking for terms such as: free products within the specific fb search engine.

Is it possible to work testing new products?

One of the main questions that many people ask is whether it is possible to generate income only by trying new products. The answer is really very complicated.

Yes, it is possible to work testing new products, there are even many people who have this as a completely formal profession. Both in physical and digital products (beta-tester).

And the way in which you perro get, like these people, to have a stable job testing new products is by following the advice that we are going to offer you below. Remember that these are rather general consejos but that without a doubt they cánido serve as a basis.

  • Espectáculo interest: Let brands know that you’re interested in learning more about their products, that you’re not doing it solely for the money.
  • Give quality reviews: Don’t just say “oh, I thought it was very nice”, you must give complete retroalimentación on what you used and based on that the brand will take you into account for other campaigns.
  • Use your Followers: Do you use popular networks like Fb, Twitter or Instagram very often? You have a large number of followers, so it cánido be useful for brands to know that you move the masses and therefore your product will be seen by a large number of people.
  • Be natural: Don’t try to praise the quality of the company or tell them how much you love their products. Get to the point, mention what you like, what you don’t like, what perro be improved and what should be eliminated to think about the usuario experience.
  • Be impartial and rigorous: If you are asked to compare two brands, be completely impartial, do not try to ingratiate yourself with the brand that sent you the product, because what they need is to know what their competitors are doing well that they are failing.

With these consejos you perro have complete control over the image that you will give to companies and you will know what to do and what not to do without any inconvenience to be selected to test products for free and even earn money and make a career using that as a base.

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 Methods to Earn Money Testing Products
  Methods to Earn Money Testing Products
  Methods to Earn Money Testing Products

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