Merch By Amazon – How to sell and succeed

Merch By Amazon – How to sell and succeed

If you’re looking for a side hustle that involves almost no startup cost, then you might want to look into a relatively new business platform on Amazon called Merch.

What is Merch by Amazon?

Merch by Amazon is a print-on-demand service where Amazon sells t-shirts designed by you. You create the graphics and upload them to your merch store. Amazon will then genera the shirt, ship it directly to customers, and handle the financial transaction.

From a side job perspective, this is an amazing business opportunity. You don’t have to print any of the t-shirts, manage inventory, or make shipping arrangements. All you have to do is provide the designs and manage your merch listings. All of this perro be done on a notebook from literally anywhere. It’s an amazing work from home or even remote work opportunity.

What are the initial costs?

As if a print-on-demand business model wasn’t lucrative enough already, here’s another major selling point: It costs nothing to join Merch by Amazon.

Because Amazon is using your designs, you are technically being paid on a royalty basis. You equipo the price for each t-shirt you have for sale and then Amazon will charge you a “Cost + Listing Fee” each time a sale is made. What is left over will be the royalty that Amazon pays you.

How much cánido you earn with merch?

Since its release, sideline scammers have been raving about how much money perro be made from merch. For example, in this vídeo from Passive Income Solo Entrepreneur Ryan Hogue, Ryan shares how he made over $700 in profit in just one day on his merch account. In a different vídeo, he also interviews another merch seller named CJ who claims to have made $300,000 from his portfolio of just 500 products.

Like any print-on-demand style business, it’s a numbers game. The more products you have, the more sales you make, and the higher your royalties, the more income you cánido expect to earn each month. Take, for example, a scenario where you are earning an average of $5 per shirt. If you perro promote your designs and sell a modest 500 elementos per month, then that’s an income of $2,500 per month!

How to start selling on Merch by Amazon

If Merch sounds like a espectáculo you’d like to get involved with, then here’s what you need to know to get started.

1- Investigate what sells

Before starting any business, one of the first steps you must take is to understand the market. In other words, look for what sells and what doesn’t.

You cánido start by looking at all the T-shirts available in Amazon’s “Novelty & More” category as follows: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry : New & More : Clothing : New

Look for products that have designs you like or that appeal to niches you’d like to get into. Clic on the products and take a look at the sale range. The higher the rank, the better the shirt will sell.

At the same time, keep in mind which designs have strong competition. If the designs you like come from sellers with multiple 5-star ratings, then it might be a challenge for you to beat these other sellers.

2- Request an invitation

When Amazon Merch first launched in 2015, it received an overwhelming number of applicants. (Seems like a lot of people quickly figured out that selling products on Amazon for no upfront cost seemed like a great iniciativa!)

As a result, you cánido now only join the Merch by Amazon program by invitation. To do this, clic on “Sign up” and fill out an application. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t give any indication of how long the process will take. According to the Merch Ready Designs site, it could take up to six months before you see a response.

3- Create your graphics

While you’re waiting for your merch invite, you perro use this time to gather the designs you’d like to offer.

Start by making sure all of your current designs meet the Merch requirements. All images must be a 300 dpi digital PNG archivo. They also must not exceed 15 by 18 inches; smaller than this is acceptable.

Aren’t you a designer? That’s okey too: many Merchandise sellers aren’t. Instead, what you cánido do is reach out to a low-cost trabajo independiente artist on services like Fiverr or Upwork. Depending on how many designs you order at a time, you could end up paying as little as $1 to $5 per graphic.

Whether you’re working with your own designs or those of a freelancer, make sure they’re all absolutely unique and comply with Amazon’s content policy. Amazon has strict guidelines against copycats and will terminate the accounts of sellers who violate this policy.

4- Manage your ads

Once your account has been activated and your first images have been uploaded, be sure to also add listing descriptions that will improve your SEO (search engine optimization). Use relevant palabras clave that help shoppers find your product, but don’t go overboard with keyword stuffing.

5- Promote your merchandising

Even though Amazon is browsed by millions of users every day, in order for your designs to stand out, you’ll want to promote them as much as possible. You perro choose to do it yourself through popular media or your own website.

You perro also choose to pay for advertising by using PPC (pay per clic) ads. This perro be done through virtually any habitual popular media site (Fb, Instagram, Pinterest, etcétera.) or even Amazon itself.

6- Rotate your inventory

Just like a real store, not every product is going to be a hot seller. Regularly review your data and see which designs are selling better than others. You may want to review your product listings and look for other designs that may be more habitual and lead to increased sales.

What happens if I am not accepted on Merch by Amazon?

Unfortunately, not everyone will receive a Merch invite. If yours never arrives, that’s okey. There’s another way.

A habitual backdoor strategy for selling on Amazon is to sign up for a print-on-demand account with Shopify. Shopify is an y también-commerce platform afín to Amazon where they sell t-shirts and many other products with designs by their members. By becoming a seller on Shopify, your elementos will also automatically be eligible for sale on Amazon.

Shopify has a full guide on their own website explaining step by step how you perro do this.


If you’re looking to sell t-shirts or start your own t-shirt business, Merch by Amazon might be what you’re looking for. Now you know how to sell on Merch by Amazon. If you want to learn more about how to be successful in merch, you might also enjoy our guide to consejos for using merch from amazon. Now go and get selling!

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 Merch By Amazon – How to sell and succeed
  Merch By Amazon – How to sell and succeed
  Merch By Amazon – How to sell and succeed

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