Mental discipline: How to control your

Mental discipline: How to control your

We all know those kinds of people who are capable of overcoming obstacles regardless of their degree of difficulty, and that their decisions and actions usually leave us a lesson for our lives.

What do these people have different from the rest that it seems that they do not advance in life? The answer is your mental discipline.

Those who succeed in life, and in each goal that they propose, they are selective with the class of thoughts that they harbor in their mind. They are aware that more things are achieved with a positive thought, than in a negative way, so they are careful and demanding with the conversation they have in their minds.

Why is mental discipline important?

Because the reality that is lived is nothing more than the result of the thoughts that we have in the first place in our minds. Being clear about this, these types of people do not allow circumstances to be the ones that define their life (as is the case with the majority), but rather the way in which they assume and interpret it.

If you want to develop a mental discipline that allows you to control your thoughts to succeed in life, you must consciously practice these 10 habits:

He most important asset What you have is time. How are you investing it? Complaining, thinking about everything that could have been and wasn’t? What do others have that you lack?

To develop a strong mindedwhere circumstances do not define your reality but the way you assume them, you should invest your time in positive activities and thoughts.

It is important to clarify that being positive does not orinan that there are no negative thoughts, the difference is that you do not allow them to control your life.

Maintaining control, not allowing situations to take over you, having a cool head to escoge rationally and seeing beyond the current moment is key to facing life.

Most people escoge instantly, make decisions “on the spur of the moment”, and do not measure their consequences. They simply want to reflect their feelings through decisions, which perro work to hurt others, but not to advance in life.

Before make a decisionEven if it is by intuition, think about the possible effects and what you want to achieve with it. While this is not easy; Like any other habit, staying in control is a matter of discipline. So practice it daily with the simplest and easiest decisions that you are making.

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Change is the only sure thing in life.
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Everything changes; the people, the situations you live, your present, your partner, your economic situation, physical appearance, in short. To deny change is to deny the natural process of life.

Do not resist the ineludible, rather prepare yourself mentally to assume it and make the most of it. Change is an opportunity to experience new threats, opportunities and moments in which you must measure and evaluate yourself.

The problem, or what happens with the change, is that people assume it as something negative that comes to alter their dresser comfort zone. Nobody likes to change something with which they feel familiar.

As human beings we tend to look for patterns and routines, and once we feel that this changes, we choose to get defensive and reject this new scenario.

Once we identify that it is habitual (and safe), we usually adopt it. So before the next change in your life, have the mental discipline not to avoid it, but to take risks to get the most out of it.

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It seems that we like to be sad. We have thousands of reasons to have a smile on our face, to thankand even so we look for reasons to complain, feel dissatisfied and envy the lives of others.

When it comes to happiness, in life you have two possibilities:

  1. Begin to appreciate the simplest moments, details and situations that you have that give you happiness, inner peace and tranquility or,
  2. Look for reasons not to be, find reasons that deepen that inner void that you feel cánido only be filled with great moments of happiness…

That is why there are so many people looking for that “happiness” in expensive experiences, in luxury objects or imagining perfect scenarios that will never happen, sad people.

While there are only a few with enough mental discipline to be grateful for everything from the coffee they drink in the morning to the opportunity to share with their loved ones.

Who do you think enjoys true happiness and inner peace?

We are full of people without criteria. Human beings who do not have the character to say what they feel, think; lacking in frankness and full of fear to hold their ground.

For them everything is good, everything is acceptable, there are no criticisms, opinions and much less anything to improve. Their personality is so flimsy that today you see them with a certain posture, and the next day, they do U-turns just to fit in and not feel uncomfortable.

Remember that it is impossible to please everyone, there are more than 7 billion different opinions and criteria in this world, so avoid wear and tear and be firm with your principles. If you want to stop wanting to please everyone, the portal WikiHow suggests that you practice these 6 activities:

  1. Learn to say “no.”
  2. Ask for what you want.
  3. Do something for yourself.
  4. Examine your fears.
  5. Evaluate your limits.
  6. Stop basing your self-esteem on what you do for others.

If you think you are going to try, but you will most likely lose, be sure that you already have a 90% oportunidad of failure. The reality that you live is born in your thoughts, and if you start with this mentality, it is most likely that this is what you will end up living.

If you think that January will be a difficult month for you, that going back to work on a Monday will be difficult after a weekend, that your job is boring and you would like to be doing something else; most likely, you will find all the justifications to be bored.

You unconsciously look for reasons that justify your thoughts. So choose very well what goes through your head.

As for the risks, the same thing happens with positive thoughts, the fact that you think you cánido achieve it does not orinan that you do not consider the negative scenario, but it does orinan which of the two you focus on.

A positive, or win-win view, is understanding that while some risks may not pan out, they end up leaving you with incalculable experience and essential knowledge for your next attempt.

Mistakes are an incalculable source of knowledge, experience, and even happiness (when we remember them and talk about them openly).

They may seem difficult at first, but if we have the perspective and resilience to ask ourselves what life is trying to teach us, and on top of that we have a long-term visión to assume them and incorporate them into our daily lives, we will be able to get the most out of them.

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Now, we cannot fall in love with mistakes or failures. It is common to hear success gurus telling us to make mistakes as many times as necessary, «let’s fail like there’s no tomorrow…«, and people using this philosophy to make the same mistake infinite times.

You don’t make progress by making the same mistake over and over again…

You must have the mental discipline to question yourself if you are doing exactly the same thing that led you to make a mistake in the past. If so, correct the course, otherwise you will be like the vast majority who expect different results by doing the same as everyone else.

Failure is not a reason to stop trying new things.

You have two alternatives when you fail: The first, which is practiced by most, is to repent, question why you are so bad and avoid trying again as much as possible.

The second, having the mental discipline to question yourself where you failed, correct it, and identify opportunities that you cánido take advantage of from that mistake. When you’re wrong, you find new ways of doing things, new results.

What do you plan to do the next time you make a mistake?

Do you enjoy your solitude?

It is not a secret that the vast majority of people are afraid (and even panic) of being left alone. They even apply the philosophy of preferring to be in “bad company” than not having anyone at all.

Loneliness is a space that you perro take advantage of to grow internally. The noise, appearances and expectations of others often silence that inner voice (intuition), which tells you what is right and what is not.

The moments of reflection, in silence, where you question where you are going, what you are doing with your life, and what you cánido take advantage of to define your life project, are extremely important for all those who want to achieve a certain level of success.

It is necessary that you find yourself; identify your weaknesses, strengths, fears and passions. You need to know yourself and offer yourself well-being, otherwise you will never have value to add to others, you will be someone weak who adapts to the needs of others.

The problem most of us have is that we judge ourselves by what we think and not by what we do. We believe we are different, we dream of ideal worlds and we talk about everything we are going to do when the perfect conditions are given to us…

We’ve been doing those for years. talking and feeling the satisfaction to tell the world our goals. The problem is that this satisfaction prevents us from acting, we feel that speaking we are already acting, and we are left living in a world of merit where everything must come to us…

You feel identified?

A sign of mental discipline is committing to espectáculo your goals through actions, not words. Do not say what you plan to do, rather do it and let your actions speak for you.

Ernest HemingwayAmerican writer and journalist, and one of the leading novelists and short story writers of the 20th century, argues that it is your work that should be famous, not you.

It is important to clarify something, and it is your definition of success. Don’t allow them to sell you other definitions that don’t go with your life project. Your success is fulfilling your purpose, not fulfilling what others expect of you.

Important: To achieve success you must measure, evaluate, correct and apply

It is important that you measure and evaluate yourself. Success, your purposes, passions and big dreams cannot stay in a romantic world where everything works perfectly.

Having mental discipline means being demanding of yourself. The vast majority of people who live complaining about their current situation are permissive with their justifications.

If today you are not in the place you imagined yesterday, ask yourself what you are doing wrong, what you are doing well and what perro be improved. Write it down, that it is better to have a list of finite things that are wrong, than a general feeling of not doing anything right.

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Finally, you must have a long-term visión. And by long term we don’t orinan this year, or the next. We refer to 10 years, even 20. There you should visualize your life project.

When you are disciplined against this visión, you will be able to see temporary circumstances and situations as events that have a solution or that contribute towards your goal, and not as moments that define your life.

That is to say, you will stop drowning before each glass of water that life presents to you.

However, this does not orinan that you should not plan in the short and medium term. If your life project does not have specific goals and activities to carry out immediately, it is very likely that you will lose motivation.

Define short-term goals that motivate you to continue working for your life project, but also develop the mental discipline that will keep you strong when you want to quit.

Because if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that on your way to greatness you’re going to find reasons to quit every day, and it’s your job to know how to ignore them and continue with your head facing forward.

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 Mental discipline: How to control your
  Mental discipline: How to control your
  Mental discipline: How to control your

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