Meet Flipp and learn how it cánido help you

Meet Flipp and learn how it cánido help you

I have tested the Flipp aplicación to determine if it is worth using.

Unlike other savings aplicaciones, Flipp offers enough deals to provide legitimate savings.

However, many afín aplicaciones have usability issues.

Based on reviews, Flipp seems to deliver on its promise to help save money on a regular basis.

Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into the Flipp aplicación to see if its reputation is justified.

What is the Flipp aplicación?

Flipp is a free aplicación for iOS and Android that makes it easy to find deals at local stores.

Mezcle coupons, discounts and loyalty bonuses, saving time and money.

To test if it works in real life, en línea reviews were reviewed and a personal test was done to measure time and money savings before every grocery purchase.

Next, we will examine how the application works in detail.

How does Flipp work?

The top 5 features of the Flipp aplicación are as follows:

  • Access to more than 2000 weekly ads – Flipp selects deals based on your wish list, shopping lists, and geographic location.
  • Shopping list – Compile a shopping list and Flipp will instantly generate all available discounts, coupons and loyalty offers relevant to your shopping list.
  • Deal Trends – An instant list of all the trending discount offers available at stores near you.
  • Look for – Function to manually search for save options for a specific store, item or brand.
  • digital coupons – This feature allows you to instantly find and load all relevant coupons onto your loyalty cards.

The aplicación as a whole is well designed and very intuitive to use.

But, to figure out how all the specific features work as quickly as possible, I would suggest starting by putting together a fácil shopping list.

If you live in a populated city or city with a ton of big box retailers around you, chances are you’ll receive copious amounts of relevant offers right away.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to start ordering anything manually.

Flipp will also compile a side-by-side price comparison for all elementos, so you cánido choose your shopping routes accordingly.

Most of the offers you receive will be for groceries.

But, Flipp works with major retailers in other categories too – you’ll get deals on anything from toys to sporting goods.

The correlation here is fácil as ABC: the more stores nearby, the more deals you’ll get.

Once you have physically located the discounted item in the store, you perro also cross out this item in the aplicación.

In that sense, Flipp cánido also function as a classic shopping list that serves the sole purpose of not letting you forget things.

Not a game-changing feature, but useful nonetheless.

Oh, one more pro consejo: While you’re putting together your shopping list on Flipp, you may stumble upon deals you don’t need right away, but might consider in the near future.

If so, Flipp lets you “trim» the discount, coupon or loyalty offer for future use.

Think of this feature like bookmarking an item that interests you.

My experience with Flip

Flipp is an easy to use aplicación that helped me save $46 in a week without changing my shopping habits.

I made purchases in nearby stores and only bought necessary products.

Despite not changing my shopping routes, I was able to access discounts at stores like Walmart and Objetivo.

If I adjusted my habits, I could have saved more, but the lost time wouldn’t be worth it.

How to get started with Flipp

One of the main reasons this aplicación is so successful is how intuitive and fácil it is to use.

Here are the 5 steps to get started with the Flipp aplicación:

  1. Install Flipp – The aplicación is available for free on both Android and iOS
  2. Grant Flip to use your location – Your location allows the aplicación to track all relevant offers from stores near your neighborhood.
  3. Enable notifications from Flipp – don’t worry, Flipp is not a contenido publicitario aplicación.

    You will only get offers relevant to your area, shopping lists and wish lists.

  4. Add your loyalty cards to Flipp – one of the unexpected benefits of the Flipp is that it cleans out your wallet.

    We all get tired of constantly carrying dozens of different loyalty cards.

    With Flipp, you have access to all your cards without having to physically carry them.

  5. Start exploring offers relevant to your location – At first, you will see all the stores and categories near you.

    Offers will narrow once you customize your preferred categories, stores, wish lists, and shopping lists.

These 5 steps cover the entire process of getting started with Flipp.

You may have noticed that there is no registration process involved.

For anyone shy about sharing their information en línea, this is great news.

Advantages of the Flipp aplicación

To help you escoge if Flipp would be right for you, I’ve highlighted some of the main pros and cons of this aplicación.

To start with, these are the benefits of the Flipp aplicación:

Intuitive, easy to use

I’ve tried a few afín shopping aplicaciones in the past, but Flipp is by far the best designed out of all the alternatives.

The interfaz is fácil, the aplicación feels very intuitive to use, and all the features work as smooth as melted butter.

Great for grocery shopping

Judging from my experience with the aplicación, Flipp works best for fácil, weekly purchases.

And, since grocery shopping is something none of us perro avoid, this is the area where Flipp perro legitimately save anyone a notable amount of time.

and money.

However, I have a feeling that the Christmas seasons might be a different story.

These are the times when all the major retailers across various categories will be showing up with massive discounts.

This will likely expand the discount options available at Flipp to categories other than groceries.

For example, I’m looking forward to seeing how much money and time this aplicación cánido save me on buying Christmas presents.

Best-in-class search function

The search function alone makes Flipp stand out among its competitors.

Try looking for a habitual household item (like “eggs”) and you will see how well this search engine works.

You’ll get access to many offers, all sorted by price, location, and the specific type (“estándar brown,” “estándar white,” “organic,” etcétera.) of the product.

The ease of use of this search engine is really one of the outstanding features of this aplicación.

Available to download and use without registration

One of the biggest strengths of the Flipp aplicación is that you perro download it and start using it without signing up.

The aplicación will not ask you for any of your sensitive personal or financial details.

As long as Flipp has your location, you’re good to go.

Disadvantages of the Flipp Aplicación

Now, let’s go over some of the cons or disadvantages of using the Flipp aplicación:

Shopping lists not syncing with Google plus Shopping List/Alexa

I am an occasional Google plus shopping list usuario and a daily Alexa usuario.

As of this writing, none of them sync with Flipp.

I’m not sure how habitual Google plus Shopping List is, but I do know that there are millions of Amazon Alexa users out there.

Having the opportunity to sync Flipp with Alexa would make this aplicación even more convenient to use.

Flipp only works in the US/Canada

As of 2021, Flipp cánido only be used in the United States and Canada.

And even in these two countries, your options will be limited when you live in a smaller city.

Flipp works with some of the largest retailers in the world.

Some of these stores also operate in Asia, Africa, the UK and the EU.

Therefore it would be possible make Flipp a global aplicación.

And, saving is something that people all over the world are interested in.

Hopefully Flipp will expand its services to regions other than the US/Canada in the future.

Usage options are limited for categories other than groceries

Even in major cities, about 75% of all deals will be for food.

This makes sense, since common household elementos are almost always discounted somewhere at any given time.

Still, many people (including myself) are constantly on the hunt for other discount elementos like electronics, pet supplies, and clothing.

As Flipp’s popularity increases, hopefully they will expand their range of partnerships as well.

There are also alternatives to Flipp when it comes to categories other than groceries.

Some alternatives to the Flipp aplicación

While testing Flipp, I also researched some of the habitual alternatives to the aplicación.

I only tried aplicaciones that are completely free – spending on a thrift aplicación just doesn’t sit well with me.

Here are the best free Flipp alternatives:


Reebee is Flipp’s closest competitor.

Reebee focuses on offering brochures.

Like Flipp, Reebee works primarily with major US retailers.

The aplicación has a significant drawback compared to Flipp: it lacks a proper search function.

Therefore, to find relevant discounts, you will have to spend a lot of time scrolling.


Checkout51 is a cash back aplicación that works by listing various savings opportunities every Thursday.

The aplicación has a built-in shopping list, where you cánido cross off the elementos you purchased from Checkout 51’s weekly savings list.

You’ll then use the aplicación’s built-in camera feature to take snapshots of the receipts for the elementos you purchased.

Once the receipt is approved, your account will be credited with Cash Back.

Payments start at $20.


Earnwithdrop is another cash back aplicación that rewards you points for shopping.

You sign up, list your top 5 brands (choose the ones you buy the most), and backlink a credit card to your Drop aplicación.

Every time you buy the brands you have listed, you automatically accumulate points.

These points cánido be redeemed for gift cards or cash.

Drop is a great aplicación for people who routinely use products from certain brands, for example, if you pick up a cup of coffee from Starbucks daily, Drop reward points will add up very quickly.

In that sense, it is literally free money.


RetailMeNot is an aplicación focused on in-store coupons and lugar de comidas deals.

The range of lugar de comidas offerings available is RetailMeNot’s greatest strength.

For anyone who regularly eats out, this is one of the best discount aplicaciones available.


SnipSnap is a coupon collector’s dream come true.

It’s a nimble little aplicación that takes the couponing experience digital.

You take photos of your coupons with a móvil camera and use the aplicación at checkout.

A fácil concept done very well.


I found that I perro save a lot of money on everyday purchases by using the Flipp aplicación.

In just one week, I saved $46 with very little effort and now recommend it to all my friends and family.

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 Meet Flipp and learn how it cánido help you
  Meet Flipp and learn how it cánido help you
  Meet Flipp and learn how it cánido help you

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