Medux | earn Amazon checks with your connection to

Medux | earn Amazon checks with your connection to

Medux has become a benchmark in broadband measurement in the homes of customers of different operators. These data help the operators to improve the service and anticipate the events and needs of their customers. It has been running since 2014 and is currently present in several countries in both Europe and Latin America.

Medux wants to know first-hand the information that real users (you and me) cánido provide them, being a very precise source of information about the operation of the network of a certain company. But since the quality managers of the operator are on the other side of the line, they will not always receive that information that perro be escencial to retain and build customer loyalty.

The system you use Medux It’s very fácil, your meter is connected 24 hours a day to our enrutador, with the information it collects, Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and MasMóvil know exactly how YouTube is doing for you or how fast you download archivos (they never see the archivos that downloads).

Medux is a Spanish company, located in La capital española, with a legal name (the name of the website is Medux) CASE ON IT SL With address at Calle Fuencarral 123, 28004 La capital española (Spain) and CIF B8712649. It is a fully legal entity registered in the Mercantile Registry of La capital de españa, volume 32,836, page 160.

I am informing you of all this in case you are reluctant to carry out this type of study, in this way you will be able to see that everything is totally legal and the only purpose of the company is to improve the service of the different companies that they have as clients.

How does Medux work?

The operation of Medux It is extremely fácil for the usuario, they will only have to fill out a form, wait for the measurement device to arrive, connect this device to their enrutador, and that’s it!

We will no longer have to do anything else, the device will be in charge of sending the measurements to the central, to collect information on how our enrutador works from the companies that are Medux customers. To request the meter you simply have to request it through this backlink or in the bottom banner.

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Once you clic on one of the two backlinks, you will see a screen afín to this one, where you will have to fill in your information and put the code my friend code (very important) in this way, you will receive an Amazon check for €10 in your correo electrónico correo electrónico every month.

The requirements to request the device are very fácil: have a enrutador and an internet connection from some of the operator’s clients. Here are those that are likely to need to be measured:

  • Movistar 300 Mbps fiber (mega bits per second)
  • Orange fiber 300 Mbps
  • Orange fiber 100 Mbps
  • Jazztel fiber 300 Mbps
  • Jazztel fiber 100 Mbps
  • Vodafone fiber 600 Mbps

If your fiber is on this list, congratulations, you are eligible to spend 120 euros (annual). To know the speed of your enrutador (I assume that the company already knows it) you perro measure it from here.

The measurement of our enrutador, in addition to not costing us anything, will reward us with a €10 Amazon check every month. which will orinan about €120 per year on Amazon. It is not bad at all thinking that we will not have to do absolutely nothing.

If you are eligible, they will contact you by dirección de correo electrónico and send the device to your home address. For putting it on is extremely easy. You will only have to carry out a series of steps. I list them for you.

  1. plug it into the electrical current
  2. connect it through an ethermet cable to the enrutador
  3. download the medux aplicación
  4. in the application put the serial number of the medux device
  5. in the same application, put the password of your wi-fi

This is a very fácil process, in any case, in the package that comes with the device (they send it to you by courier) you will get the instructions to do all the steps.

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From there you don’t have to do anything, in the middle of the month you will receive an dirección de correo electrónico from Medux in which you will have a €10 code to spend on Amazon. More or less like this correo electrónico that I receive every month.

Doubts about Medux

At the beginning of offering me the system, I also had certain doubts about putting a device connected to my enrutador, I thought it could spy on my information, see where I was going and “steal” my broadband. Nothing like that happens, everything is well explained, in addition, I have verified it myself after several months of using it.

I am going to give you the questions and answers to the most common doubts that will arise when requesting a Medux meter.

  • whatthey spy on me? No, the only thing the device does is measure the upload and download speed that you have at home, they don’t see (nor are they interested in) what you do on your internet.
  • whatit’s going to cost me something? It does not cost us anything, neither transport, nor removal, nor cables nor maintenance, everything is paid by the company. The only thing that will cost you is the consumption of light (very little, it is like a standby)
  • whatHas a commitment to stay? No, if you escoge to put it on and you want to remove it after two months, you perro do it without any problem.
  • whatthey steal my internet? No, they do not take anything from the internet, since all they do is measure

Final opinions of Medux

If you have reached the end of the articulo, I have to tell you that less than a year ago I was the same as you. Reticent and thoughtful for putting a strange device on my enrutador, in case they spied on me, stole my internet or who knows.

In fact, the Medux device arrived and I had it at home for about two weeks without putting it on. Until I decided to put it on and I’m very happy, it’s a device that’s less bulky than a móvil, you put it on and forget about it. You only remember when you receive the correo electrónico from the company with the €10 check from Amazon.

I have not noticed anything in speed or upload or download of the internet and the connection is the same as always. Therefore, I have nothing left but to recommend that you fill out the application and if your internet connection is among those they are looking for, they will contact you shortly. Here I leave the backlink for the request, and do not forget to put my code IaaS 600

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 Medux |  earn Amazon checks with your connection to
  Medux |  earn Amazon checks with your connection to
  Medux |  earn Amazon checks with your connection to

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