McMoney | Earn free money by receiving mensaje de texto

McMoney | Earn free money by receiving mensaje de texto

Although it has been running for years, I personally did not know that there was an application where earn free money by receiving mensaje de textobut that’s right, his name is McMoney.

The aplicación belongs to a Dutch company called Netherlands BVwhich has been active since 1999, although the aplicación was launched in 2021.

Although it works for any Android phone, it must be said that we will not be able to find it in the Play Store.

If we want to download it, we will have to do it from the official page, since it works as an APK on Android.

But don’t worry, now I’ll tell you step by step how you have to do it.

What is McMoney and why does it pay us money?

McMoney is a mobile communication solutions provider offering a variety of services, including mensaje de texto, chatbot, voice, and mobile payment.

The application specializes in providing solutions to companies to improve their communication with their customers and increase their efficiency in business processes.

What McMoney is going to do is generate passive income by sending free mensaje de texto to our cell phone, it’s that fácil.

We are only going to have to provide our phone number for that purpose, we are not even going to have to open or read the messages.

How to sign up for McMoney

Downloading McMoney is so fácil that anyone perro do it even with their eyes closed.

It is an aplicación to earn free money that is available to all users in the world, regardless of the country you are from.


McMoney is a fácil APK where we are going to be paid for each mensaje de texto that we receive on our mobile phone.

It is free and is charged through Paypal.

Entrar this code to complete the registration and start with $0.14 : ETBBSWKE

Well, now I’m going to espectáculo you step by step how you perro download and install McMoney on your mobile phone so you don’t get in trouble:

(1) Entrar the official website and download the APK directly from there.

(2) Answer all the questions that are asked in the installation process.

(3) Verify your phone number through a test mensaje de texto that will be sent to you.

Sometimes they don’t even send it, don’t worry if you don’t receive it.

(4) Entrar my reference code which is this ETBBSWKE to start with a plus of $0.14.

Once these steps are done, you will be ready to receive the mensaje de texto from the application and start earning money.

As you perro see, the whole process is very fácil.

How to earn free money by receiving mensaje de texto

It must be said that we will not have to touch anything within the application to start receiving messages, by default everything will be automated when you complete the registration.

application menu

All we have to do to receive paid mensaje de texto is wait.

The frequency of these mensaje de texto is something that we cannot control, but as a general rule we are talking about 3 or 4 per month.

To interact within the application we have a drop-down menu on the left side of it:

–Start: Here we will be able to see the cómputo of our account and the amount that we have left to be able to request our next payment.

–News: The latest news on McMoney.

– Earnings: At a glance we see the number of messages received, their remuneration ($0.028) and the minimum to withdraw (3 dollars).

– Inbox: Check all the data of the mensaje de texto received, such as the issuer number, content, date, etcétera.

–Account: All the details of our account.

Here we perro editar our name, phone number, correo electrónico and Paypal account.

– Referral: The affiliate system of the application, where we cánido access our code.

The mensaje de texto that we receive and that are remunerated are meaningless messages.

They are usually symbols that serve as proof for the application.

It will not even be necessary to open them to receive compensation, as soon as we receive them we cánido delete them since the money is automatically provided to us in our McMoney account.

Minimum payment and how to collect

At McMoney we will charge in dollars and the payment method used by the application is Paypal.

We will only have to accumulate the cómputo of each mensaje de texto that we receive in our account until we reach the minimum payment, which is 3 dollars.

When we reach the minimum, we will see that a button will appear in the application that allows us to request payment.

Before doing so, make sure you have provided the Paypal dirección de correo electrónico in account to receive it without problems.

Payments are not instant, it perro take a few days but the application is paying without any problem.

Opinions about McMoney

Any application that makes us earn money with no effort is welcome.

McMoney is fácil, it doesn’t require any skill, nor is it going to waste our time, since all we need is to install it on our mobile and wait for messages to arrive.

We are not even going to have to open the mensaje de texto, so the effort and attention are conspicuous by their absence.

The only drawback that I perro get is that they don’t send many mensaje de texto and therefore you earn quite a bit, but taking into account that the only time that we are going to waste on it is the installation, it seems to me that the effort/reward that is fairly good.

In addition, everything counts a lot or a little, we are going to add cents on the dollar without realizing it, so entrar the application from time to time to keep an eye on the cómputo.

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 McMoney |  Earn free money by receiving mensaje de texto
  McMoney |  Earn free money by receiving mensaje de texto
  McMoney |  Earn free money by receiving mensaje de texto

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