Maximum guide to investing in options

Maximum guide to investing in options

Do you want to learn everything you need to invest in binary options en líneabut all the tutorials on the Internet have left you more confused and did not help you at all?

Same thing happened to me. long ago I decided start investing in binary options because it seemed like a good method to grow my monthly income, but I had no iniciativa how that system worked.

So I went to Google plus, and I started looking for tutorials to understand from scratch what I had to do or what were the best patterns to start generating income with this method.

It was a failure and a waste of time.

The only thing I found were articles that They tried to sell me useless coursesor guides where they only recommended brokers but did not explain anything.

I tried on my own to make a couple of operations and all I got was waste my money.

So I gave up and left it.

Some time later I met a person who was dedicated to this and who helped me understand everything necessary to be successful when investing, and thanks to him I began to improve with binary options.

Why am I telling you all this? Because you are probably now in the same position that I was in, but perhaps you have not been lucky enough to find someone who I explained how it works this system.

At least once a week there is someone who asks me for help to start investing in binary options, and that’s why I have decided to make this guide to help you also you to get it.

Here I am going to share everything I know about this type of investment, and I am also going to tell you what is the broker with which I do my operations.

Warning to residents of the European Economic Area: This material is not intended for viewers from countries in the European Economic Area.

Binary options are not promoted or sold to retail traders in the European Economic Area.

whatWhat are they binary options?

If there is a financial product that is now sweeping, it is binary options.

You may think that this is the same as investing in the depósito market, but it is actually a different method of investing.

In binary options, unlike traditional options, the return or payment is fixed, and it is predetermined in advance, so you perro know from the beginning your possible income and risks.

Another of the great advantages of binary options is that operations take less time than in the traditional market.

When you invest in the depósito market, there are operations that last days or even weeks.

And until that operation is finished you cannot know what your result has been and withdraw your investment.

Instead, in binary options this duration is shorterwith which you cánido make different investments in a shorter time.

So in a short time you cánido trade, see if the investment has been successful, and withdraw your funds without having to wait for days.

Guide Step by Step to invest in binary options

If you are new to the world of binary options, and you don’t know much about it yet, I recommend follow this tutorial step by step that I have created for you and that will help you gradually learn how to invest in this system.

Also here below I share the broker where I make my investments.

They are serious and reliable, and I have never had any problems with them when it comes to withdrawing my deposits.

* Risk alert: your capital may be at risk. My readers are very important to me, which is why I recommend starting with just $10.

1. Escoge what you are going to invest in

The first decision you must make in binary investments Its the in what asset you are going to do it.

Depending on the broker you choose, they will give you the option of invest in various assets such as foreign currencies, indices or shares on the depósito market, or raw materials.

Once you have decided on the type of asset you are interested in, you will need to think carefully If you think that value could go up or down in the next few hours.

For example: if you think that the value of oil will go down, then you should select the “Put” option.

But if you think that the value of oil will go up, you will have to choose the “Call” option.

These two terms are the ones used in the depósito market to indicate whether an asset will go up or down. “put” is for lowering assets (sell), and “call” for the rise (buy).

I recommend that to get fluent in this stage you start practicing with a demo account; so you perro trade seeing how the charts are and what types of assets exist, but without the pressure of risking your capital as in a real-time trade.

2. choose a broker

To invest in binary options you will need to through a broker.

And nowadays you perro do this with your computer or your cell phone through different web pages that offer these services.

I have tried many brokers for a while, and IQ Option It is the one that has given me the most acceptable results.

* Risk alert: your capital may be at risk. My readers are very important to me, which is why I recommend starting with just $10.

IQ Option is the first broker I tried, and with which I have had more acceptable results.

When I started investing in binary options I was afraid that they would ask me for too large a deposit and it would be a scam or they didn’t give me my money back.

But what differentiates IQ Option from other brokers is that its minimum deposit is very low: you only have to add $10 to your account to start investing.

The first time I did a trade here I invested only that $10and then gradually made larger deposits.

but there was one thing i didn’t like: When I wanted to withdraw my money, they asked me for a picture of my ID to make sure I was a real person.

So I took a photo with my cell phone of my identity card, and a few hours later I had the money of my investments in my bank account.

My experience with IQ Option has been very good (in fact I still use it today) and it is the broker that I recommend if you want invest in binary options

Entrar your data Clic below for more information:

>> Clic here to sign up for IQ Option <

* Risk alert: your capital may be at risk. My readers are very important to me, which is why I recommend starting with just $10.

3. Choose a deadline for your operations

When you have registered in IQ Option, and have chosen the asset on which you are going to invest, you must think well how much money you will put in that operation, and the term you want the investment to last in its entirety.

The time frames are very differentand will depend on both the type of asset you choose and the market in which you are operating.

It is important that you choose what deadline your operation will have because there are many events that cánido affect the value of the financial assets that you are trading.

Once you have decided on the time, you must also indicate if you think that value will go down (“put”) or if it will go up (call).

4. You got it!

After all these steps you will only have to wait for the end of your operation and check the results.

The really important thing to invest in binary options is choose the broker, the asset, and the prediction well.

Make sure to invest only small amounts (between 1% and 3% of your total deposit).

This way you will make sure don’t invest too much money especially if you still do not understand very well how these systems work.

Over time you will see how little by little you refine more in your predictions, you become a better traderwhich will make you enjoy much more binary options trading with your computer or your móvil.

I advise you to be cautious at first and do not be swayed by temptation to invest more, because in most cases this usually ends in failure and you will waste large sums of money.

Now it’s your turn: leave me a comment below telling me your experience investing in binary options.

* General risk alert: Your capital may be at risk The financial products offered by the company have a high level of risk and cánido lead to the loss of all your funds.

You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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 Maximum guide to investing in options
  Maximum guide to investing in options
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