Maximize your income: Sell feet photos

Maximize your income: Sell feet photos

Selling images of feet en línea often involves the fulfillment of a sexual fantasy or foot fetish, but this is not always the case.

Not everyone looking to buy feet pictures is doing so for sexual gratification or arousal.

Shutterstock is a reputable website that offers premium photography products and pays creators like you to expand their portfolio.

People cánido upload their expert photos to websites like Shutterstock and get paid per download.

However,do they accept foot photos and if so why?

Yes, is the answer.

Shutterstock is not only one of the largest and best-known en línea marketplaces for depósito photos and images, but you perro also sell your own original content there.

At Gigonway, we’ll cover how much you perro earn, strategies to increase your earnings, and details on Shutterstock’s policies and terms of use in this guide to successfully selling your standing photos on the website.

What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is often the first name people think of when they think of downloading images from the internet.

Shutterstock offers high-quality depósito images, vídeo, music, and editing tools.

Shutterstock was founded in 2003 in New York.

After almost 20 years, the website boasts impressive numbers:

  • More than 1 billion downloads of images, vídeos and music have been made.
  • more than a million
  • It has a huge collection with more than 400 million images
  • It has customers from more than 150 countries around the world uploading more than 200,000 new images per day (the site is available in 25 languages)

If you are looking to make money selling feet photos en línea, you cannot pass up this opportunity with such a wide audience and such a wide reach.

Getting started with Shutterstock

Before creating an account or registering on the website, you must have a library of content ready to upload.

There’s nothing more frustrating than launching a new page only to have it sit low and empty.

Be sure to capture a variety of high-quality, eye-catching images of your feet.

For example, racier images of your feet in high heels, boots, or ballet flats combined with close-up photos of your heels, toes, ankles, and arches.

Take lots of photos, but only upload the best ones to Shutterstock.

Users of this platform are used to finding high-quality content.

They’ll find a better, more appropriate photo if your foot photos don’t meet their estándares, and you’ll lose the sale.

For information on how to take great photos, check out this articulo.

Once you have a collection of images to choose from, you cánido upload them to Shutterstock.

The platform is easy to use and packed with consejos and tools to help you succeed.

Your photos will be accessible to anyone searching for content in your niche or category once they have been added to the database.

You are paid for every download that is made.

Shutterstock rewards its contributors through a tiered payment system.

Beginners are in the lowest tier where they perro expect to earn $0.25 for each image they purchase or $0.81 for each image on demand (sizes small or medium).

The longer and more often you contribute, the more money you will earn.

Long-term contributors will receive $0.38 per subscription image and $1.24 per image on demand if they have generated more than $10,000 in revenue for the website.

For individuals and small businesses that need depósito photos in smaller batches, images on demand are a more maleable option.

Customers perro choose from various plans that cost between $49 and $229 to download a equipo number of images over the course of a year.

The quantity and quality of the photos also influence the price.

Shutterstock’s starter subscription plan has daily and monthly restrictions.

Customers perro select a one-month, three-month, or annual billing cycle, but are only allowed five downloads each day.

This will cost you $79 every month, $199 every three months, or $639 annually.

Guidelines for Selling Pié de página Photos on Shutterstock

Let’s focus on you, the seller, now that you’re more familiar with Shutterstock’s payment system and how much users pay for downloads and images.

You probably have a lot of questions, such as how many photos cánido be uploaded at once, how often you get paid, and whether or not you cánido upload vídeos.

Here’s all the information you need to sell your high-quality vídeo content on Shutterstock.

Let’s get right into the details of how you cánido start using Shutterstock if you don’t need any more persuasion as to why you should.

Uploading and tagging images

After creating your Shutterstock account and making a batch of high-quality photos, you cánido start uploading them 100 at a time.

In doing so, make sure to add relevant palabras clave to help customers find your images and increase your sales.

For example, if you upload photos of your bare feet, tag them “barefoot«.

If you have tattoos on your feet, add the keyword «tattoo«.

whatDo you wear rings on your fingers or an ankle bracelet? Yes, add them too.

If you plan to articulo fetish related content (more on this in a second), be sure to include English palabras clave like fetish, foot fetish, feet pic, feet love, and afín variations.

Shutterstock recommends that contributors add detailed and engaging captions and descriptions to each photo.

The more specific you are, the more likely people are to find your images in the crowd.

Once this process is complete, the site’s administrators and quality assurance team still need to approve your photos for publication.

By uploading your images correctly and including all the necessary information the first time, you will speed up the approval process and get your images to the hands (or to the home screens) of more buyers, more quickly.

Content with “Foot Fetish” is acceptable (Within Reasonable)

Despite habitual belief, there is a lot of foot fetish content available on Shutterstock.

It’s just not as obvious or in-your-face as other sites like Instafeet that cater specifically to foot fetishists.

One reason to consider selling foot fetish images on Shutterstock is that the pool of images is much smaller than, say, photos of bare feet on a bed, the floor, or a beach.

These types of images are more generic and, therefore, you will be competing with many more collaborators.

Foot fetish photos on Shutterstock are growing in popularity, but there’s still room for you to make a name for yourself.

It is important, however, to adhere to the Shutterstock Community Guidelines.

Remember that it is not an adult content site, not even a fetish site.

It is a platform used by millions of people and countless professionals from all over the world.

There is a fenezca line between foot fetish content and adult or explicit content.

Unlike foot pornography, foot fetish images are not overtly pornographic, but rather espectáculo off the feet in beautiful and unconventional ways that often appeal to those with a foot fetish.

Be careful what you articulo because Shutterstock will remove your images and close your account if you cross the line.

keep it natural

Shutterstock is the complete opposite of some foot photo websites and platforms that promote outrageous and overly edited images, such as Instafeet or FeetFinder.

The best-looking photos on this platform are of people with beautiful, natural skin.

The filters used to create artificial images don’t work as well.

It’s interesting to note that photos of feet with dark skin perform best on Shutterstock.

One explanation could be that foot fetishists are most attracted to black skin of all.

skin tones.

For photos of your feet, good lighting perro also be very effective.

Each frame should focus primarily on your feet, and the right lighting cánido really make them stand out.

To capture your feet in the best possible light, figuratively speaking, think in using a ring light or other lamp specialized in photography.

When editing photos, you cánido change the brightness, hue and saturation to get clear and attractive images.

Use reliable editing programa

Speaking of editing, Shutterstock’s pié de página sales are highly dependent on this process.

Clients expect professional-quality images that are ready for publication, as stated above.

That means that before you upload them for sale, you should take the time to carefully editar them.

The good news is that Shutterstock offers its contributors access to a wide range of editing tools and programa.

Because the site makes more money when users download the high-quality images you take and upload,

You cánido modify your photos by applying various effects and textures with the appropriate tools.

Photoshop and Luminar AI are two excellent options.

These editing tools are not only easy to use for beginners, but also allow you to airbrush and remove small flaws such as wrinkles or dry spots.

Your sales will increase if the photos of your feet are clear and colorful.

Do a market study

To be successful selling foot images on Shutterstock, analyze the market.

To genera high-demand content, you need to know the type of images people are searching for and downloading.

To find out what people are talking about, check regional magazines, news, and en línea discussion forums like Quora and Reddit.

You perro also browse adult content websites like NSFW OnlyFans for fetish related content.

Browse the most habitual and expensive foot fetish content to see what is selling best.

If you are comfortable with the concept, then you cánido genera images that appeal to this audience without violating Shutterstock’s community guidelines.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best performing foot images on Shutterstock:

  • feet in heels
  • Men with feet (rubbing, kissing, playing footsie)
  • feet bondage
  • feet in socks
  • transparent leggings

It is interesting to note that the term “feet fetish” was used to generate these results, which returned more than 27,000 results (at the time of writing this article).

Promote and be consistent

These two consejos are valid regardless of the platform you use to sell feet photos.

You have to market yourself and become your biggest cheerleader.

If no one knows that you genera high-quality feet photos and sell them on Shutterstock, they won’t know to look there.

Use popular media and other platforms like OnlyFans to spread the word.

Mention to your biggest entusiastas and followers that you also have content on Shutterstock and share the backlink to your page.

Consistency is also key to being successful in selling foot photos en línea.

Once you attract customers and direct them to your page, there better be something for them to see and buy.

Consistently articulo photos in a variety of categories.

Although Shutterstock allows you to upload 100 photos per day, this is not a requirement.

Uploading a few fresh new images every day or several times a week is enough to expand both your inventory and customer base.

Advantages and disadvantages of selling foot images on Shutterstock

Every platform for selling foot images has pros and cons, and Shutterstock is no exception.

Here are some things to think about before putting your time and energy into this website along with millions of other contributors hoping to achieve the same goals.


  1. lasting results – Once you become a long-term supporter on the platform, you perro earn over $50 per image! Not only that, but some clients might propose you as a full-time client.

    If they license your work through Shutterstock, this could create a long-lasting and steady income.

  2. passive income – Most people who sell feet photos en línea (including Shutterstock) do it as a side business.

    Even if you have to upload photos to the web every few days, once you’ve built your library of content, you perro sit back and wait for the downloads and money to start rolling in.

  3. Create a diverse portfolio: Practice makes a master.

    Whether you’re new to the foot photography business or still honing your craft, creating a professional, commercial portfolio of photos to sell on Shutterstock will only make you a better, more knowledgeable, and more successful foot photo seller.

  4. There is no direct contact with clients – If you want a fácil and direct transaction between you and your customers, Shutterstock delivers.

    On this website, you never have to speak directly to customers.

    That means no playful teasing, flirting, or risk of feeling harassed or demeaned.

    You simply upload your photos and customers with an account on the website use their credits to download them.

    And you charge.

    As fácil as that.

  5. Low payment threshold – For those looking to get paid right away, you’ll love Shutterstock’s low payout threshold of $35.

    Once you reach this sales mark, you’ll be paid vía PayPal at the beginning of each month.


  1. Individual photos have a low price – With the average foot photos selling on platforms like Instafeet and FeetFinder for upwards of $10 to $30, Shutterstock doesn’t even come close.

    The average download of an image will earn you a whopping $0.25 to $0.30.

    However, if you sell large amounts of images to the millions of Shutterstock users, these small amounts perro add up to big profits.

    Also note that once you reach $500 in sales, Shutterstock will sell individual images for up to $33.

    Although it may take you some time to reach this goal, once you do, it will be well worth the effort.

  2. You have to wait for approval – Unlike other platforms where you perro upload any image you want, regardless of category or quality, Shutterstock has a strict approval process.

    That means each of your images has to be reviewed and approved by the quality assurance team before being uploaded to the site.

  3. you need a big collection – At Shutterstock, a few random photos of your feet are not enough.

    To reach a large audience and earn a decent income, you need to build a large collection or library of images.

    The more images you have in your collection, the more sales opportunities you will have.

    Instead of dozens of foot photos, you may need to create hundreds.

    Just make sure you don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

Make Shutterstock work for you

Depending on your experience, goals, and dedication, you may benefit from selling your feet photos on Shutterstock.

Even if you are currently advertising and selling pié de página content on other habitual platforms, you should consider Shutterstock as an additional source of income.

Although the platform accepts and approves fetish related content, it works somewhat differently than other websites in the same industry.

Your photos must be approved to be uploaded, however once they are, the hard work is done! You don’t have to interact with clients, which is a great advantage for anyone who wants to remain anonymous.

This does not orinan that you do not have to advertise your work.

It’s in your best interest to promote yourself and your efforts on other sites, such as Fb, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn.

Check out the rest of these other guides and consejos for getting into the exciting and lucrative business of selling foot photos en línea.

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 Maximize your income: Sell feet photos
  Maximize your income: Sell feet photos
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