Maximiles: Get Plus Money with this

Maximiles: Get Plus Money with this

Did you know that your opinion cánido be worth money? With Maximiles, you perro earn points and exchange them for money or gifts by sharing your opinions in en línea surveys.

But how exactly does Maximiles work? What tasks must you complete to earn points? What kind of rewards perro you get?

Here we answer all your questions and we explain everything you need to know about Maximiles, from how to register to how to redeem your points.

We will also give you some consejos to maximize your earnings and make the experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Entrar now in Maximiles

What is Maximiles?

Maximiles is a loyalty program that also works as an en línea survey panel that seeks to reward its users for their participation in different tasks.

Founded by the French company Bilendi SA, Maximiles offers a wide variety of options to earn pointssuch as paid surveys, correos electrónicos, games and en línea purchases.

If you live in one of the countries where it operates (Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Norway and Denmarka), you perro exchange your Maximiles points for gift cards for different stores, such as Amazon, Zalando, Wonderbox, Clic&Gift and El Corte Inglés (only in Spain).

On top of that, it is possible to request a withdrawal of points from 3,200 (equivalent to €20).

Another advantage of Maximiles is the possibility of obtaining points for referrals.

Every time a referral reaches their first 150 points by answering surveys or making a purchase through one of the partner stores, you will earn 250 and 300 points, respectively.

Maximiles is an attractive option for those looking to take paid surveys in Spain and get benefits for their en línea participation.

The platform is completely in Spanish and offers multiple options to accumulate points and exchange them for interesting rewards.

How to entrar Maximiles?

To entrar you must make a registration, which it’s totally free.

We even believe that it is very easy to do as it is with Lifepoints, it is like this:

  1. Access the website and clic on “mand enroll”.
  1. The website will espectáculo you a form, which, of course, you must fill out, entrar your data and when it is ready, you just have to clic on “Register”.
  1. The platform will send you a correo electrónico with which you are going verify your account and thus be able to entrar.
  2. Answer the BONUS questions to get 30 Maximiles points.

How to earn points in Maximiles

As we already mentioned, the platform that offers different ways to earn points that you perro later exchange for free gifts.

In this section we present the available options:


Like Toluna, the most habitual way to earn points on Maximiles is answering en línea surveys.

First, you must complete your profile in the different categories available (housing, home, health, leisure, travel, cars, etcétera.).

For each category completed, you will earn 25 points, making a total of 375 points.

On the other hand, by completing and/or updating your profile you will have more possibilities of receiving surveys and these will be more adapted to your tastes and lifestyle.

En línea shopping

Another option to earn points is through en línea purchases at Maximiles partner stores.

You will find companies as well known as TelePizza, booking, Nike, MediaMarkt, Groupon, among other.

For every euro spent, you will get 3 Maximiles.

For example, if you make a €50 purchase at TelePizza, you will earn 150 points.

Maximiles Games

Maximiles also offers en línea games through your website to earn points.

These games are fácil and fun and perro be played at any time of the day.

On the other hand, if you get a high score, you perro earn even more points.

Maximiles aplicación

Download the Maximiles aplicación on your móvil inteligente and start earning points as if it were an opinion and win from anywhere.

The aplicación will will allow you to answer surveysshop en línea and play Maximiles games, all from the palm of your hand.

inviting friends

Another way to earn points in Maximiles is inviting your friends to join the platform.

For every friend who signs up and reaches their first 150 points by answering surveys, you will receive 250 Maximiles.

Also, if your friends make purchases through the associated stores, you will earn 300 points for each purchase made.

Unfortunately, for now this option is not available, however, it may be possible that when you read this articulo it will already be active again, so try using it.

How perro you redeem your points?

First of all, to exchange the points you have earned for any of the available prizes, you have to go to the menu «My gifts«, which is located on the left side of the web page.

Once there, you’ll see a wide variety of options available to redeem your points, including household elementos, gift cards, books, beauty products, and appliances, among others.

In the gift catalog, you cánido choose the prize that you like the most and exchange your points for it.

In my opinion, one of the most appetizing gifts is the Amazon gift voucher for €20, which you cánido redeem from 3,200 points.

It is important to mention that this page does not pay with cash, so you will not find payment processors such as PayPal or Skrill in the catalog.

It is essential to note that points have a validity period one year, so you should spend them before they expire so you don’t lose them.

However, there is an alternative to increase the validity period for another 12 months, which consists of getting 1 point per year through the en línea shopping system.

Additionally, to prevent you from losing your points, Maximiles will send you a warning dirección de correo electrónico when you are about to meet the 12-month deadlineso you perro redeem them or make purchases en línea and get more points to extend the validity.

Is Maximiles legit?

In general, we cánido say that Maximiles is a reliable platform and safe to accumulate points and exchange them for prizes.

They have been en línea since 2000 and are leaders in the loyalty program industry, which espectáculos their experience and strength.

Additionally, they comply with all legal and data protection requirements, so the security and confidentiality of personal information is guaranteed.

Regarding the sending of prizes, they usually meet the established deadlines and pay on time.

Please note that there is always a risk in sharing your personal information en línea and using any platform such as Surveyama or Surveyama.

Therefore, although we perro affirm that Maximiles is a reliable platform, it is always It is advisable to take additional precautions and assess the risks before participating in any en línea loyalty program.

In the end, testing the platform is the best way to know if it’s right for you.

Entrar now in Maximiles


As we have said before, it is a platform that has so far proven to be reliable.

However, most likely you cánido collect the money you have earned by taking surveys, playing games, referring family and friends, etcétera.

It seems to us that you cánido take advantage of Maximiles, you will not get large amounts of money, but it will certainly work for you to obtain a small plus income.

So far our review of Maximiles, a platform with many options to make money, which you will surely like, as long as you are in one of the allowed countries.

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 Maximiles: Get Plus Money with this
  Maximiles: Get Plus Money with this
  Maximiles: Get Plus Money with this

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