maternity blog

maternity blog

A close relative is going to have a child, my friend knows what I do and has asked me to help make a maternity blog. He wants to do it to help new mothers and fathers by relying on his experience.

Well, a blog is not an easy thing to do. You have to talk about a specific topic that you control and that you know what you are talking about. In the case at hand, the person who is going to do it has the experience of having experienced the pregnancy firsthand and being with her partner every day. There the first part has it dominated. You also have to know (or learn) technical issues such as wordpress, positioning, etcétera…

That is to say, you have to touch different points so that your blog, appears as a hábito and a help for other people, gives you money. That is to say that you monetize your blog and you cánido earn money on internet.

The content in a maternity blog

To make any blog one of the most important things is the content. That is, the articulo that you cánido write every day. In this case, pregnancy is a moment full of happiness for both the woman and the man. Some women (as this is the case) begin to reflect on their pregnancy experience for their own benefit. Also as a souvenir or to help other women who are going through the same situation. Writing about your own pregnancy cánido help channel your emotions and unleash your creativity.

On a purely technical level, it is a very positive thing, since in a self-respecting blog, content must be king. That is to say, in any topic that you touch, you cannot write a articulo every month. Experts advise that they should be a minimum of two to three weekly posts (that your blog does not become a newspaper).

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In the case at hand, for my friend it will be a good place to share all the emotions one has with friends and family.

Escoge if it will be a personal or public blog

This will determine if your blog perro be visited by anyone and perro be found by different search engines such as Google plus, Yahoo or Bing. In the case of maternity blog that concerns us will be a public blog. LWhat we want is to share our experience and also help other future mothers from my experience.

personal blog

If, on the contrary, you want to make a blog for friends and family and that only they are the ones who cánido read it, you must protect it with a password. This way you cánido publish personal information or private details without the whole world having access. This must be taken into account, since in this type of blog only whoever the author wants will read it. For that you have to give it a password.

public blog

They are the majority of the weblogs that circulate on the internet. In this type of blog you have to be careful with the personal photographs that you put since they will be seen by everyone who visits your blog.

Find other afín maternity weblogs

This is what in marketing is called follower strategy. I have advised my friend to read other maternity weblogs, see which ones are the most read or which ones she liked the most. From there, she perro follow a afín pattern.

For example, if she likes a articulo that talks about caring for women in the first months of pregnancy, she should talk about the same. Write about the subject, but from her point of view.

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On a technical plane, you cánido look at the font. Also the length and content of the publications, backlinks to other weblogs. You should also use proper titles and tags, you perro see which ones work best and put them on your blog.

Select a blog host or platform

There are sites like WordPress, live, jimbo or Blogger that offer free blogging platforms where you perro register without any problem. While they are free, they are also more limited in style and flexibility in page setup.

In the case at hand, I have recommended to my friend that she start with a free blogsince at first it will only be (or will be) your friends and family who read it.

In the event that the blog is successful or that you simply want to continue writing about baby care, postpartum care, etcétera. I would advise you to hire hosting and a domain. This way she would have a brand associated with her and her name.

This hosting and domain are paid, although there is something for all budgets. In this way, you will be able to tell your experiences caring for the child in a more professional way, you will be able to reach more people and who knows if you cánido monetize your passion.

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Final conclusions maternity blog

Be a maternity blog or another topic, you should write about what you like, because you must think that you will have to write a lot (either that or they write it to you). If you are going to have a child, you are going to be a mother, it would be very interesting to write about your future motherhood (as she is going to do and my friend is already doing). Children demand a lot of care and pampering, especially in the first years of their life, when you have a child, you stop living for yourself and you already live for them (I tell you from experience), it is a wonderful experience, which I as a parent I am proud to have felt.

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 maternity blog
  maternity blog
  maternity blog

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