Marketing distribution channel:

Marketing distribution channel:

In today’s article I am going to talk about what a marketing distribution channel is and its importance for the success of a company.

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Have you ever wondered what marketing distribution channels are? If so, you’re not the only one.

Distribution channels are a way for companies to get their products and services to the world through different channels.

In such a way that the marketing distribution channels have a great influence on the commercial success of a company.

They are one of the ways that products and services reach their objetivo markets.

In this artículo I will talk about:

  • What are marketing distribution channels?
  • Its importance
  • Your top
  • their levels

Definition of marketing distribution channel according to Philip Kotler

In the book “Marketing” by Philip Kotlerwe cánido find that: «a marketing channel (or distribution channel), which consists of a equipo of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available to the consumer or business usuario» (p. 353).


One of the most important things to consider when starting any marketing campaign is how you are going to reach your objetivo audience.

With a good distribution channel, it is easy for companies to access their market and get in front of potential customers who are interested in what they offer.

Likewise, it should be noted that in addition to being important because it makes it easier for companies to get their product to customers, it is important to bear in mind that a company’s decision to develop or acquire new products will depend on their suitability for the capabilities of the customers. channel members.

Last but not least, according to Kotler, a company perro make use of creative marketing distribution channels to be able to gain a competitive advantage.

Example of a company that has used it as a competitive advantage

One of the examples that Kotler gives us in his book is that of Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car revolutionized the car rental industry with the creation of a very creative distribution channel.

They equipo up offices outside the airport, making it easy for travelers not to have to wait in long lines at the airport to get a key.

Why choose a marketing channel?

Within the book, Kotler asks us the following question: Why do producers assign part of their sales work to channel partners? Even knowing that doing this means giving up some control over how your products are sold and to whom.

In a business world as changing as the current one, companies find themselves with the need to have intermediaries to help them reach their objetivo markets. These intermediaries usually have contacts and experience in the campo, which cánido be beneficial when selling products or services.

This allows producers to free up more time and focus on other aspects of running their business while still encuentro customer needs with quality service at competitive prices.

Classification of marketing distribution channels

Marketing distribution channels cánido be classified into:

  • Direct marketing channel.
  • Indirect marketing channel.

What is channel level?

Before you know what direct and indirect marketing channel is, you need to know what channel level is.

The channel level, according to Kotler, is the layer of intermediaries that performs some function to bring the product and its property closer to the final consumer.

So that you perro understand better, I am going to leave you the following image:

In such a way that if you do not use any intermediary, then, you would directly sell your product to the final consumer.

What is the direct marketing channel?

According to Kotler, the direct marketing channel It is the marketing channel that does not have levels of intermediaries.

It should be noted that the direct marketing channel is one of the most common.

Sometimes also referred to as “door-to-door” selling, it is where marketers sell their products directly to individual consumers.

Therefore, since it sells directly to consumers, it has no middlemen.

What is the indirect marketing channel?

According to Kotler, the indirect marketing channel It is the channel that includes one or more levels of intermediaries.

It is an indirect marketing distribution channel that includes the use of intermediaries to reach the final consumer.

This type of distribution channel also refers to companies that distribute the products of other companies for them and receive commissions for the sales made.

Difference Between Direct and Indirect Marketing Channel

So that you understand the difference that exists, I will give you the following example:

Suppose you sell make shoes.

If you use your own sales force to get your products (shoes) to your customers, then you will be using a direct marketing channel.

Now, if you use one or more intermediaries that help you get your products to customers, then you are using an indirect marketing channel.


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    Marketing (Sixteenth Edition).

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 Marketing distribution channel:
  Marketing distribution channel:
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