MarketGlory Earn Money Playing

MarketGlory Earn Money Playing

MarketGlory guide is an en línea game which has been in force for 8 years, being a platform that is prepared in English but has availability for European countries without any problem.

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  • We are talking about a game that allows the person to generate certain income of money that will deposit when having a minimum amount of 20 euros and it will do so through PayPal or any bank account that the usuario has.

    What is the game about?

    MarketGlory is a virtual game where the person perro create a life through the screen, that is, a popular development where build your life through creation of a company, selling products, manufacturing things, even belonging to the military forces, in short, it is a simulation of what is done in loyal life but this time in a virtual way fighting to win battles and exchange a series of points that they will be added to the money that will accumulate in the account.

    The truth is that we are talking about a pretty fácil game for which the person does not require knowledge or money, since this game is carried out through the network completely free of charge, if the person wants to buy something or invest money to improve their gaming conditions, they perro do so But that’s up to you.

    And if, as we mentioned, this game is manipulated through the browser Internet, the official address being the following:

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  • In other words, we are talking about MarketGlory Guide is a negotiation and marketing game, where people equipo up their own businesses to carry them out and earn with them a series of points that will be delivered in cash.

    Elements to take into account in the game

    let’s talk about some elementos that the player must keep in the game not to lose and to generate points that will be converted into the money obtained.


    When starting the game the person has 1% energy, this value must not go below there and the person must try to increase it through the consumption of different goods and services, those like food, clothes and real estate that cover the needs of the person.

    It is important to take into account that the more energy the player has, the higher bonuses they will receive.

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  • Wisdom

    This is measured according to number of books the player obtains through the gamethe more books you have, the higher your level of wisdom will be and with it, the greater the bonuses obtained.


    This is an item that grows each time the player performs a job, so, according to each job that is done it is a total of 0.7 experience points.

    It is important to highlight in this regard that experience cánido be bought if the player is in a hurry to advance, this being one of the spaces in which he perro invest with his own money.


    The level of productivity that the player has measures the level of financial gain of it, therefore, the ideal is to keep productivity afloat so that its levels always remain high.

    Keeping these elements in perfect conditionthe player will manage to get a fairly efficient game that provides him with a good amount of financial income.

    However How do you get money through MarketGlory? We will proceed to detail this point below.

    Money available in MarketGlory

    The profits in MarketGlory Guide They are awarded to the player through three types of coins:

    • 12.46 in the local currency of our country = 1 gold.
    • 63 golds = 1 euro.
    • 784 in the local currency of our country = 1 euro.

    This money is obtained by working and fighting, on the condition that the player cánido only work once a day, while fighting has 10 chances a day.

    In this sense, we must understand that money cánido be obtained through the level of productivity of the player, highlighting that the local currency perro be exchanged for gold or for euro and thus reciprocally according to the player’s preference.

    It is also important to know that according to the laws of the gamethe player will be deducted a 25% commission from the money they have, highlighting that for example, the local currency that they have is used to purchase goods and food in the local market, gold to buy the same in the global market and the euros are intended for the purchase and creation of companies, as well as for withdrawing the money in the player’s account.

    MarketGlory Reviews

    Regarding the general opinions that have been had of the gameusers have reached the consensus that it is a fairly structured game in design, with perfection in its platform and with efficiency in its behavior.

    It is a game that seeks to improve the person Regarding the issues of negotiation and marketing, looking for ways to obtain money virtually to cover their needs in both fantasy and real life.

    In the same way, all users or jugadores have reached the consensus that it is a game that if pay the stipulatedIn other words, when the player has the 20 euros, they cánido request to remove them from the game through their PayPal page or directly to their bank account, always receiving the percentage that corresponds to them. until now the game has been well seen and it has become one of the most manipulated on the internet, due to its skill, its configuration, its attractiveness, we are talking about a fairly interactive game that allows the person to learn about business through a virtual platform.

    Other elementos we recommend:

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     MarketGlory Earn Money Playing
  MarketGlory Earn Money Playing
  MarketGlory Earn Money Playing

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