Marketagent: Survey page for Spain

Marketagent: Survey page for Spain

What’s up friends! Today I’m here to talk to you about marketagent, a new survey page that has landed in Spain and Latin America in 2017.

But don’t think it’s new.

It has been operating in Germany and Austria since 2001.

It is a solid page that has been paying for a long time, as I have told you, and they have wanted to make the leap to the Hispanic world, starting with our country.

Currently this page has more than 2 million registered users around the world.

It has clients with major international brands such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Google plus or Heineken.

These companies have carried out campaigns and market studies to reach thousands of users.

When doing the surveys we will get points, these points are exchanged for euros.

100 points are equal to 1 euro.

For just registering we will start with 150 points.

home marketagent

Start an account at marketagent It is very fácil.

We cánido do it through google plus+ or fb, or simply by filling in our data.

The data that we have to fill in is very fácil, our name, surname, gender and dirección de correo electrónico to which we send the surveys.

We fill it in with our data and our postal information (so they know we are real people).

Then we wait for a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico.

When we receive it in the correo electrónico with which we have registered, we will have to clic on the backlink that they send us to confirm the registration.

Although there is the Marketagent promo code, you cánido register by invitation.

If you want to receive an invitation, fill in this backlink:

[wpforms id=”8449″ title=”false” description=”false”]

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If you prefer, you perro also register directly by clicking on this banner.

Any of the methods are totally valid.

Put your dirección de correo electrónico above, when I see it I will send you an invitation, the confirmation dirección de correo electrónico will be more or less like this.

When you fill out the profile, you only have to confirm the subscription.

Ways to make money with Marketagent

marketagent It is a survey page, and the best way to earn money on this page is to take surveys.

The surveys will be sent to our correo electrónico.

But it doesn’t hurt to go through the dashboard from time to time to see the surveys carousel Marketagent what’s up.

These types of surveys appear from time to time and usually do not notify us vía dirección de correo electrónico.

The surveys belong to the Cint group, with which we will not have any problem when it comes to charging.

For each survey that we get, they will give us points that we will accumulate to exchange it for Paypal money or other payment processors.

The other way to earn money with marketagent are the referrals.

For each friend that we bring to the survey panel, they will pay us a series of points.

These points have varied over time.

It is currently at 50 points (0.50 €), but there have been times when it has been at 300 (3 euros).

Although it is very interesting to always bring users to the platform, on some occasions they will be better paid than on others.

The best of all is that we will not have a limit on referrals, we will be able to recommend the page to all the friends we want.

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Market Agent Aplicación

This survey panel has a very intuitive application to take surveys from your móvil inteligente.

You will no longer have excuses to earn money with your surveys.

From any point you perro earn money with surveys marketagent.

The aplicación is very intuitive and easy to use.

In the application you will have access to your personal panel marketagent where you will be able to see the results of your surveys in real time.

You will be able to check your available points and even exchange the points for real money.

In short, you cánido do the same as in its web version, but from anywhere.

When you go to work, by train, or as a passenger in a car, you will no longer have excuses to take surveys and earn money.

How to exchange points for money

As I have told you before, for each survey they will give us points that we perro exchange for cash.

We simply have to go to the control panel or dashboard and look for “merchandise bag” .

There you perro see the ways to collect that we have on the page.

As you cánido see, we have several ways, from bank transfer to Skrill.

If you feel like helping others, you cánido give your benefits for good things, like charity or international amnesty.

The minimum payment is 1,000 points.

Which is equivalent to €10, for any of the transactions, as you perro see, I still perro’t charge in any of them, but soon I will be able to charge.

As always I put the charges on my popular networks.

The only thing I miss on this page are vouchers Marketagent amazonon this page we will not be able to get this type of vouchers.

Marketagent reviews

Without a doubt, this page of surveys should be in the daily of all of us who dedicate ourselves to earn money on internet.

With a little effort when carrying out the surveys, we will be able to go up points and when it comes to taking advantage of the offers with the referrals we will be able to add much more with each friend that we bring.

In addition, the page, although it is German, is completely in Spanish, so we will not have to use any translator.

And nothing more to add, a great site to earn money en línea that should not be missing from our agenda.

Here is the registration backlink.

If you also register and want to invite your friends, you perro find it in the “dueño de un sitio program

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 Marketagent: Survey page for Spain
  Marketagent: Survey page for Spain
  Marketagent: Survey page for Spain

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