MarketAgent | PAID SURVEYS for many

MarketAgent | PAID SURVEYS for many

MarketAgent is a survey panel where you cánido earn money for giving your opinion.

With its headquarters located in Baden (Germany), the Market Agent website is managed by a team of 25 people.

Its manager is Thomas Schwabl, who is also the founder.

The most interesting thing about Marketagent is that it supports registration through users from almost the whole world and pay from €5.

Either by Paypal, Skrill or by bank.

I have been using this panel for a long time and I have received many payments so I cánido confirm that it is reliable.

Today I will explain how Market Agent works and how you perro earn money answering paid surveys.

Registration in MarketAgent

As it usually happens in the rest of the panels that we work on the blog, the first step that we will take in MarketAgent will be to create our own account.

There is a quite attractive aspecto and that is that, as soon as you complete the form, they will add €1.50 to the main cómputo.

MarketAgent only allows registration to users from certain countries. Spain, USA, Peru, México, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Argentina, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Paraguay.

If you radica in one of these countries and want to register in Market Agent, you perro do so by clicking on the button below, which will take you directly to the home page.

Once there, if we go down a bit, we will see a registration form.

In it, we must write our name and surname, select our gender and provide an correo electrónico address.

Go to the registration form and receive €1.50 free

Next, we accept the Terms and Conditions of Service and clic on Next.

The option to register through Fb is also available.

I have done it by correo electrónico, but it gives one option as well as the other.

Be that as it may, as soon as we have selected one of the three options, they will send us an correo electrónico so that we perro do the pertinent verification.

It will be enough to access the inbox of our correo electrónico and follow the backlink that we will see in the content of the message.

If everything went well, we will have access to the survey panel.

For every friend that we invite to MarketAgent and they answer a survey, we will receive 100 points (1€).

How Market Agent works

The operation of MarketAgent is afín to the other portals that we use on the blog.

The most tedious thing is to understand what all the sections of the menu are for, but for that we are reviewing this guide.

After all, we only need to entrar two or three of these sections… but it doesn’t hurt to know what is in each one and what they are for.

We are going to see the sections that make up this menu and what is the “Profile extension” at Marketagent.

Del costado Menu

Overview “ In this section we see the backlinks that will take us to the surveys.

As the invitations arrive by correo, the backlinks will appear.

The option to download the MarketAgent aplicación or even activate notifications in the browser is also active.

In this way, when a survey is available, we will be notified immediately.

Current surveys » Here we will get the same backlinks as in “Overview”as long as there is an active survey that we perro answer.

News “ If the portal makes any updates, it will be here where we will be informed of the changes.

Editar personal information » If we want to modify any data we cánido do it from this section.

Standardization* » To qualify in the surveys we have to answer, previously, the profile questions.

Here we will see the different questionnaires that define our interests, hobbies, lifestyle, etcétera.

Account Status » When we answer a survey, the points are credited to us instantly, but they will be pending confirmation.

From this section we will see the state in which these points are based on each completed survey.

Commodity Exchange » Current cómputo and the different processors by which we perro withdraw the profits.

Points Status » Explanation on how we perro get points in MarketAgent.

Comments “ If we have any questions about the survey portal, we perro contact support so that they cánido solve them for us.

Invite friends » From here we cánido invite our friends to join MarketAgent.

Dueño de un sitio Program » If we have a blog, here we will find backlinks and promotional banners.

Stop being a member » To cancel our account.

Go out


We have already created our account in MarketAgent and we have talked about all the sections of the menu.

The next step to start receiving surveys will be to answer the questionnaires in the section «Standardization”.

In the following screenshot we perro see a sample of these mini-surveys.

The questions that we will be asked are quite typical.

Things like knowing what kind of devices we have, if we have a car, if we smoke, etcétera.

As soon as we have answered all the questions, the reception of surveys will be unblocked.

Now, every time a survey that matches our profile enters, we will receive an dirección de correo electrónico with the invitation.

If we do not complete these mini-questions, we will not receive survey invitations.

However, MarketAgent will send us each week a questionnaire of “Profile extension”.

The positive part is that for each questionnaire that we complete, we will be credited with 20 plus points (€0.20) in the cómputo.

If we add to this the euro and a half that they give us when we register, we perro request a payment without having answered a single survey.

(This is no longer possible as they have increased the payout minimum to €5 instead of €2.) In fact, there are a total of 12 quizzes.

So when we answer them we will all add 240 points.

That is to say, €2.40, which added to the €1.50 for registering, would already add up to €3.90.

Without having answered any survey, we will only be at €1.10 to request a first payment in Marketagent.

Once a year we must update personal data.

As a reward, MarketAgent will pay us an additional 50 points (€0.50).

How to make money on MarketAgent

At MarketAgent we perro be invited to two types of surveys: current polls and the carousel polls.

To differentiate between one and the other, we could say that the first ones are those that a client hires from MarketAgent.

In these cases, they usually look for a specific and very specific usuario profile.

As for the carousel surveys, they are the same ones that we find in the offer walls.

Same as occurs in ysense.

As we have seen before, in the section “Account Status” our survey history will come out.

Serve as a sample my statement of points earned.

If we look at the screenshot below, we cánido see some surveys with a mustard colored circle and the letter “Yo”.

It will be precisely these surveys that are still pending moderation.

So the points have not yet been credited to the cómputo.

The rest are part of the Confirmed cómputo that I cánido now withdraw from MarketAgent.

MarketAgent usually takes around 2-3 weeks to confirm cómputos.

MarketAgent pays and is reliable

In MarketAgent we cánido request a payment through Paypal, Skrill or bank account.

The only requirement is to have at least €10 in your cómputo.

Depending on the payment method we choose and the amount to be withdrawn, a commission of €1 will be applied to us.

The most optimal option is to charge by Paypal, since they do not apply that €1 commission.

request a payment

Requesting a payment in MarketAgent is very fácil.

It will suffice to go to the section of “Merchandise Bag”and select the payment method that we prefer.

If we want to charge through the bank we will have to entrar a bank account number.

And to collect by Paypal or Skrillwe will have to indicate our correo electrónico associated with each processor.

To request the withdrawal, we will clic on “To replace” and We will write the points that we want to exchange for money.

Next, we clic on “Go to account” and done.

The payment will be processed.

Now, it will only be a matter of waiting for Marketagent to pay us the money in Skrill.

MarketAgent takes a maximum period of three business days to send us the money.

Main Features of MarketAgent

We already know how MarketAgent works, how to make money and how to withdraw profits, so it’s time to analyze and assess the strengths of this panel.

Here are my opinions on it:

✅ MarketAgent is a fully reliable survey panel.

It has been paying forever and works for almost all countries.

In short, in my opinion, one of the best survey panels out there today.

✅ Unlike panels like Green Panthera either ySense, which send a lot of survey invitations, MarketAgent tends to get fewer.

On the order of 5 or 6 monthly in the best of cases.

However, the good part is that we usually qualify in 60% of those surveys, which is not bad at all.

The time we will spend on a site like MarketAgent will be reduced to a couple of hours each month.

If we give it more cane, maybe four or five.

The best thing is that the more time we dedicate to it, the more money we will earn.

MarketAgent Reviews

In the end, the best way to work with MarktAgent is to check your correo electrónico or go to the platform and see if there is a survey available.

If there is, we answer it.

And if not, then we will have to wait until new surveys come out.

Also, if we have the oportunidad to invite our friends, much better, since thanks to the referral system we cánido earn plus money for each friend who joins Marketagent.

From today MarketAgent is added to the list of reliable paid survey panels. If you want to start receiving surveys from this panel, I would appreciate it if you would sign up with my referral backlink.

And as always, if there is any doubt, you perro write a comment below.

Or if you prefer, contact me through the networks.

If possible through Fb, I’m usually more active.

Until next time!!

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 MarketAgent |  PAID SURVEYS for many 
  MarketAgent |  PAID SURVEYS for many 
  MarketAgent |  PAID SURVEYS for many

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