Marketagent: Earn $2 for signing up for the

Marketagent: Earn $2 for signing up for the

marketagent is a new survey panel managed by a German company that has just expanded all over the world.

It is currently also available for Spain and Latin American countries.

The panel is in several languages, including Spanish, so there will be no problem when creating the account and answering the surveys.

Although I have said that it is new, this company has been doing market research in Germany and other countries for more than 18 years.

Here you have a vídeo to see how Marketagent works

Some data that I like about this website are clarity, security and trust.

Knowing that they have approximately 1 million registered users from all parts of the world.

They have paid more than 2 million euros during the beginning of 2017; And it continues to pay even more in 2018, since there are thousands of people who sign up daily.

This is a sign that this panel is serious and with which we perro earn money without risk.

How to sign up for Marketagent

To register in Marketagent it is very fácil, you just have to fill in the registration form with the information that we are asked for such as correo electrónico, name, surname, etcétera.

Next, you will receive an activation correo electrónico, you must confirm it to activate your account.

The next step would be to complete the profile indicating, for example, annual income, studies, if you have children and others.

If they ask you for a postal code, use a valid one for your country only so that it allows you to register, if you cánido change it.

In rare cases, they also ask you for a promo code, but if you sign up using the backlink below you won’t have any problems.

Create your free account in Marketagent

It is recommended to complete the profile with all the data, only in this way will you get more invitations to surveys

accepted countries

Marketagent is accepting new members from the following countries:

Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, France, Poland, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Belgium, United States of America, United Kingdom, Romania, Turkey, Russia, Belarus , Norway , Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Ireland, México, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Sweden, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Brazil, Greece, Denmark, Finland Honduras, Venezuela, Paraguay…

If your country appears here, you cánido register without problem!

How to unsubscribe from Marketagent?

In the case of not wanting to continue being part of Market Agent, you cánido unsubscribe without obligation, yes, you will lose all your earnings.

You perro do it from the same instrument panel where it says “stop being a member” by clicking YES, your account is deleted and you will stop receiving surveys, payments and everything that has to do with Marketagent.

How does Marketagent pay?

The surveys are paid by points, 100 points are equivalent to €1.

The points vary depending on the duration and the type of survey, they are usually between 10 and 250 points.

“Another panel that also pays by Paypal and that is valid for all countries is Univox Community”

The minimum to request payment in Marketagent is €2, even if it sounds like a lie, we get this amount almost only by signing up and completing our profile.

It gives you €1.5 when you register and €0.20 for completing a mini survey so that they perro get to know us better.

To request the payment they have to entrar the “Merchandise Exchange”.

Payment Methods:

PayPal: Minimum to request payment is €2.

For payments of less than €15, we discount €1 for management costs.

Payment cánido take up to 3 business days.

Skrill: You cánido charge from €2 or what are 200 points.

It may take up to 3 business days for the payment to reach you.

Wire transfer: For payments of less than €15, €1 will be discounted.

You cánido charge from €2.

Payment cánido take up to 5 weeks.

Marketagent pays?

Marketagent is a company that does pay.

He has already paid me several times, but for you to see, I am going to espectáculo you a recent payment receipt.

I usually request payments through Paypal and it takes less than 24 hours to reach my account.

You cánido also collect by bank transfer and by skrill.

Payments are faster by Paypal than by transfer.

Here is the proof of one of the payments received in Marketagent.

Opinions about Marketagent

In my opinion it is a good page to earn money with surveys.

They give us €1.5 when we register, something that we cánido get in few places.

Another advantage is that they accept members from Spain and Latin America.

The minimum to request the payment is very low, so that everyone perro get paid without having to wait so long.

They also have different forms of payment such as Paypal, transfer and Skrill.

These are my opinions, you perro also share yours using the comments.

Visit official site

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 Marketagent: Earn $2 for signing up for the
  Marketagent: Earn $2 for signing up for the
  Marketagent: Earn $2 for signing up for the

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