Market Agent: Get €1.5 for Registering and

Market Agent: Get €1.5 for Registering and

Receive €1.5 free for just registering with MarketAgent.

Earn money by completing your profile, doing surveys and through its referral system.

MarketAgent is a survey platform owned by the German company en línea reSEARCH GmbH.

In this panel, you perro earn up to €2.50 for each survey you take.

Also, it has a referral system that rewards us with €0.50 for each guest to register with our backlink.

And just for registering, you will receive €1.50.

One of the things that was most attractive about this platform was its low withdrawal amount, just €2.

But the withdrawal conditions have changed considerably.

If you would like to know more about this platform, stay with us until the end of this articulo.

Market Agent Features
Company en línea reSEARCH GmbH
referrals 1 level – €0.50
Accepted Countries Spain and other European countries.

United States and all Latin America

Payment methods Paypal, Skrill and bank transfer
Language Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, and others

What is Market Agent?

MarketAgent is a survey platform owned by the company: en línea reSearch GmbH.

This is a site primarily focused on paid surveys.

It has a 1-level affiliate system that will offer us 50 points or €0.50 for every referral that signs up with our backlink and completes their first survey.

The platform makes its payments by Paypal, Skrill and bank transfer.

And it is available for Spain, and all Latin American countries like México, by the way, I recommend that you take a look at the best surveys in México.

Create Market Agent account

Registering with MarketAgent is completely free and easy.

You just have to go to the main page of the platform and follow this path: Panel Login > Register Now.

After that, it will send you to a window like this to complete your registration:

You cánido register with Fb, with your Gmail or with your Apple account.

If you do not like these options, simply entrar your dirección de correo electrónico directly.

The platform will request all your basic information: gender, address, postal code, etcétera.

for registering you will receive 150 points or €1.5 as a gift.

How much do you pay for each survey?

Every time you have a new survey, a notification will come to your dirección de correo electrónico inviting you to participate.

But as we always advise, it does not hurt to check sporadically looking for available surveys.

You cánido see the new polls in “News” and then in “Current Polls”.

Surveys usually last for 10 to 30 minutes and the pay for each revolves around 10 and 250 points, which is equivalent to €0.10 to €2.50.

As with all survey sites, the amount to be paid will depend on the complexity and duration of the survey.

With a few surveys, we will be able to complete the minimum withdrawal amount.

The flow of surveys on this platform is usually low.

How to make more money in Market Agent

An advantage of MarketAgent is that it offers us plus points for carrying out actions tasks.

Aplicación for iOS or Android

MarketAgent also has a mobile application for Android and iOS that you perro download without any problem.

Through this mobile application, you will be able to do practically the same as from the website.

With the difference, that you will be able to do surveys from anywhere you are and in a more comfortable way.


MarketAgent also has an affiliate program of a 1 level.

We will be able to receive our money once our guest has completed their first survey.

To find our referral backlink we must clic on the options: “Invite friends” and “Dueño de un sitio Program”.

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How much do they pay per referral?

For every referral that signs up with our backlink and completes their first survey, we will earn 50 points or €0.50.

To see your referral backlink, clic on “Activities” and then on “Invite a friend.

Profile Extension

It is necessary to complete the profile extension to receive surveys.

By clicking on the usuario’s name, the option “Profile extension” will appear.

These short profile surveys will appear from time to time.

And every time we complete one we will win €0.20. To receive more profile extension tasks, we need to complete multiple mini-surveys in News Feed.

How to collect your points for money?

MarketAgent’s minimum withdrawal amount was among one of the lowest of paid survey panels, at just €2.

But since a while withdrawal policies changed and now the minimum withdrawal amount is 1,000 points or €10. If we want to withdraw our money, go to “Activities” and you must clic on the option: “Merchandise Bag”.

You perro exchange your points for money in Paypal, Skrill or bank transfer.

But you perro also donate your earnings to one of the foundations that appear in the catalogue.

You will receive the payment in a period of 24 hours, after making the request.

Another thing is that those withdrawals that are less than 1500 points will have to pay a commission from the 2%.

So it is usually better to wait to make a larger amount so as not to lose money in commissions.

Does Market Agent Pay?

Yes, Market Agent is a serious company.

You have been making your payments on time for more than 16 years.

On the Internet, you will find many proofs of payment that confirm the reliability of this platform.

Payments by Paypal are made once a day.

So it is possible that you have your money in less than 24 hours.

Of course, the platform perro take up to 4 weeks to verify the surveys carried out and the referrals you have invited.

During that time, you will not see your winnings reflected nor will you be able to make any withdrawals.

We always recommend using more than one paid survey platform like Opinion Bureau or Surveypronto.

Market Agent Opinions

It’s a shame that the minimum withdrawal amount has gone up from €2 to €10.

Since this was one of the most striking aspects of this platform.

Even so, MarketAgent perro still offer several benefits.

One of them is that we cánido make withdrawals by Paypal, Skrill and bank transfer.

In addition, it is a good opportunity for users from Latin America who want to earn money with paid surveys.

Since it does not have the geographical limitation problem that other platforms usually have.

As a agregado, you will earn €1.50 for just registering.

Something that stands out is that Market Agent will pay you for completing your profile information and doing profile extensions.

The only disadvantage of the platform is that it sends out few surveys.

Despite that, every time there is a slope available we cánido take advantage of it and get some plus money.

At CGD, we recommend MarketAgent as a complementary survey site, to earn a little more money per month, especially in Latin American countries like Peru.

And here we have come with this Market Agent article.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

We will help you answer it.

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 Market Agent: Get €1.5 for Registering and
  Market Agent: Get €1.5 for Registering and
  Market Agent: Get €1.5 for Registering and

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