The markdown is a margin that is applied to the sale price and implies a reduction on it.

The markup is simply the difference between the original retail selling price and the de hoy selling price in your store.

In other words, compare the price you put on the tag to the price you actually ended up selling it for (bidding).

I know that perhaps the above is not fully understandable, so I am going to explain it better.

Let’s say you run a shoe store and the summer season is coming to an end and you know that if you don’t sell your shoes soon, then you might run out of merchandise.

Therefore, you may want to implement a strategy in which you offer consumers discounts.

That’s where you get the mark-down! You are going to apply a price reduction.

When to use markdown?

You perro apply the mark-down when you need to increase the quantity demanded as part of a business strategy.

For example, if you want to achieve a greater turnover in perishable or seasonal products.

Now, it is very important that you keep in mind that the markdown must be less than the price markup so that you do not have losses.

Elabora to obtain the markdown in percentage

You perro have two types of mark-down in your business.

The first is to implement it at a sale or event.

This is when you sell a product with a 25% discount.

In these cases, a price reduction occurs.

What you do is disminuye the price of products to attract customers.

The second way is when you realize that a móvil is not selling the color pink.

Well, what you cánido do is permanently lower the price to just the pink model.

Obviously it is not only applicable to teléfonos inteligentes, but you cánido apply it to any product.

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