make money writing

make money writing

make money writing It’s one of the many options out there. earn money on internet. If you have ever thought about make money writing stories you have come to the right place. If you really think you have writing skills, in this articulo you will find useful information, since I am going to talk about how write articles for newspapersay, magazines or weblogs, but don’t be scared, you don’t have to be Cervantes or a Shakespeare of the s. XXI, simply that you are a person who likes to write, write or simply create content for yourself or for third parties, it will be enough.

Surely if you perro earn money doing something that you like, you have a lot to gain, and if it is something that other people might like, so much the better. But beware, you are not going to get rich, but you perro get good plus money.

Earn money writing articles without investing

Writing articles for magazines or newspapers is a job that has proliferated a lot in recent years. Most companies have weblogs and need content for those posts to rank on Google plus and increase their en línea visibility.

As I already told you in a previous articulo, in which I talked about work from homeYou perro do this type of work in two ways, either by working for a digital marketing company or by being a freelancer. If you do not work en línea, surely you have heard of professionals who act independently offering their services to other people or even companies independently.

If you are one of these, you perro offer your texts to entrepreneurs who need en línea visibility, but do not have time to write on their blog. Another option is to write sales texts for whoever wants to sell a product en línea, you cánido make money writing article opinions. You cánido even help someone who wants to sell libros electrónicos on the topic they master.

If you don’t even know how to start, there are different platforms that unite freelander producers with people who need them to position their weblogs, products, etcétera… If you don’t know what they are, I recommend you keep reading.

Platforms to earn money writing Spain

If you have talent for write articles for magazinesweblogs, books or whatever, here is a complete list where you will be able to register quickly and easily and you will be able to start make money writing and work as a content writer, ready? Well let’s go there!

I am freelancer

New platform where you cánido offer your services. You cánido sign up as a writer or with other skills. People who need any of these skills cánido contact you through the page. Registration is very easy, you perro simply do it with your Google plus account. Then you must fill in information such as your gender, and upload your sintetiza. We recommend you fill out the profile 100%, so you will have more chances of receiving projects. Good way to get acquainted.


It is one of the platforms that contacts bloggers and advertisers. You cánido sign up as a writer and earn money with each article. To do this, you must pass a kind of “test” in which you must write a articulo of 500 words that must be corrected and see if you pass. Be careful with the wording, you should not have any misspelling and the semantics should be correct.

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To work as an editor, you must clic on the right side “editors”. Also if you want make money writing You cánido write on your own blog or popular networks. You cánido add any of them (having more than 1,000 followers) and write sponsored publicaciones de Twitter or stories.

low articulo

Lowpost is a platform that unites both trabajo independiente writers and their potential clients. If you like write articles for magazines you should sign up there. Registration is completely free for both editors and clients. In our case, obviously we will register as editors, filling out a small profile and uploading a photograph of our ID. We perro choose the categories that we want.

Thus, in an easy and fácil way we cánido make money writing about what we like or about what we understand. a good way to earn money writing Spain. Here is the registration backlink.


Vivilia is a portal specialized in trabajo independiente writers. If you like earn money writing articles without investing You must register on this portal, it is totally free. You will only have to fill in your information and start writing. You perro search for jobs tailored to you or receive offers from companies that are interested in a profile like yours.

Do you want to earn money writing and Vivilia has caught your attention? Well, just clic on the button below and it will direct you to the registration page.


They define themselves as unique content creators. If you are inventive, you like to write and you want earn money on internet, this is your page. Registration, as always in a few minutes and totally free. You cánido write from blog posts, product descriptions or advertising texts. This platform has thousands of professional and qualified authors. If you’re good at writing search engine optimized articles, sign up without hesitation.

Sign up for free at Textbroker and start earning money doing what you love the most: writing.

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One of the best known pages worldwide to offer your services as a freelander. You will find anything you need and of course, you will also find texts. And you will also be able to offer them, you will really offer your services as trabajo independiente copywriter. It is a huge community (also in Spanish), although there is a lot of competition and the prices are very cheap (starting at $5).

If you want to start earn money writing Spain and the rest of the world, don’t stop registering.


En línea page since 2011. First European network of trabajo independiente writers and translators. The usuario perro be 100% autonomous and has complete freedom to choose clients.

Train as a Copywriter to earn money writing

If what you want is to earn money writing, you like it, you’re good at it, but you don’t have much iniciativa how to start, I suggest you get some training. Don’t you know what a copywriter is? Well, basically it is writing persuasive texts and whose final objective is to generate the greatest number of leads, conversions, etcétera…

There are many internet portals (such as the ones I have listed above) that look for this type of people to get the most out of their articles. Although it may not seem like it, the difference between a habitual text and one of these characteristics is overwhelming.

For this very reason, copywriters are in high demands and they cánido charge a lot of money. And it is that, in addition to writing well, without spelling mistakes and with an appropriate vocabulary, the texts must be able to convince a person to carry out a certain action (for example, the acquisition of a product or service).

How much perro you charge for writing articles?

Well, that depends on your expertise and the time you dedicate to it. But before you get excited, I have to tell you that the earn money on internet It is not a panacea and you will not get rich in two days. It is a habitual and current job, in which you cánido have ups and downs and the income will be directly proportional to the work you do.

Another important question that I am going to answer is that not everyone is going to get the same results and not everyone is going to be able to earn the same. Writing is an art and not everyone is qualified to be an artist, therefore not everyone is going to get paid to write articles the same amount of money.

Final conclusions make money writing

As you have seen, there are many platforms that offer you earn money on internet writing. If you are good at a subject or have a way with words, you cánido get plus money by registering in each and every one of them.

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In any case, there are many positive aspects to highlight about anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to earn money writing en línea. And it is that the possibility of working from home, without bosses or schedules and completely at your own pace is a very interesting possibility and an iniciativa that many people are attracted to.

Although you are not going to become a millionaire, if you have another full or part-time job, you cánido dedicate a few hours to write articles for magazines, weblogs or en línea stores. Always think that your benefits will be in line with the time you dedicate to it.

If you want to know other articles afín to make money writing you perro visit the category adsensei.

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 make money writing
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