make money with my car

make money with my car

I personally have ever thought about make money with my car you do not? Well, if you keep reading you will discover some ways to win money with your car. You may be thinking that one of the best ways to make money with my car is a company of vehicle leasing. That may be a good option, but that option cánido usually be made by large companies, not by ordinary blokes. In this articulo you will discover how earn money with my new caror old, but if it’s new and you live in a big city, much better, especially because of put advertising on my car. But I’m not going to anticipate events. Keep reading the articulo.

Yeah you have a car and you want to use itsince you have it standing in your house, you cánido do it, thanks to new technologies. Currently there are several aplicaciones to earn money in which you cánido rent your car. The theme of the sharing economyit is possible to earn money with the car of your dreams or at least, cover part of the cost What does it orinan to own a car?

Car sharing (now called Carpooling)

If you have to travel daily to the same place of destination, you cánido sign up for carpooling. Or what is the same, the get together several co-workers and carry each dayweek or how you agree, each other’s car. Carpooling are routine and daily trips in which several people come together and thus disminuye environmental pollution. By the way we we saved a few eurosIt’s not the same to do the tour once a week with your car than five, right?

With the 2008 crisis this practice became habitual and it is still valid today (it is inherited from the oil crisis). In many places with a large influx of workers, they even have their own website, as is the case of the Technological Park of Andalusia. But without reaching such extremes of sophistication, simply by joining four other companions, you cánido have a complete car. You will see how you notice the savings!

Take collaborative trips

Very afín to the above, but with unknowns. He rent my cartogether rent your home It’s one of the collaborative economy services that work best. It’s very fácil: it’s about share a car with travelers who want to do the same route or reach the same destination as you. Currently there are quite a few cash sharing platforms (shared car) in which you perro publish your travel offer, the departure time and the number of free places you will have in it.

Hills habitual is that in this type of shared trips only take out for gasoline and toll expensesbut something is something, as long as help disminuye costs vehicle.

A few years ago these types of services became very fashionable, the best known is still blablacarthat It has been operating in Spain for many years with much success.

It only What do you have to do to share your car with this platform? is to register. When you go on a trip, you should upload it to the platform and wait for the offers.

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this platform works like any other service, the passengers will rate you, your friendliness, knowing how to be, punctuality and professionalism will depend on whether users rate you well or badly. The platform will put a maximum per tripso the gains are not going to be exaggerated, but some money is always good.

Rent my car when I don’t use it

about make money with your car when you use it it is very good. But what about when you don’t use it? rent your car when you do not use it, it is a practice that is spreading since the prices perro be much cheaper for users than the typical vehicle rental companies. As he both the usuario and the owner of the vehicle benefit of the transaction. In Spain there are popular car, getaround and Amovens.

Getting rid of the iniciativa that your car will be broken, that anyone will take it, etcétera… with any of these three applications you will be able to win money with your car while you are sitting on your couch or working at your regular job.

put advertising on my car

Have you thought about making your car advertising panel traveling? Well, this is another of the ideas to get a few euros out of your car and thus be able to self-finance your purchase. The iniciativa is to use it as a mobile billboard. Although at first it will be shocking and everyone will look at you. But the question is make money with my carand I cánido assure you that put advertising on my car It is very well paid, between 120 and 400 euros per month.

He price will depend on the duration of the campaign, the size of your vehicle, the daily journey you make and the city where you live. How much more kilometers you walk through crowded places, more money they will pay you. companies like SerbeCar they will pay you a monthly plus and you will be able to make money with your car.

The operation of this page is very fácil, it offers you a campaign that matches your car (depends on the advertiser) and you only you have to escoge if you accept it or not. the only requirement is that the car is less than five years old.

Rent your garaje space

Another good option to generate money with my car is rent your garaje space when you don’t use it. A very fácil example is those people who have to be away from home all week working with the car. The garaje space is left free.

Until recently there were applications to rent a garaje space between individuals who remained free. Currently some of them They have disappeared from Google plus Play and Play Storetherefore, complejo turístico to the typical advertisement in the press or on portals and advertising applications between individuals perro be a good way to make money with my car (well, in this case, from the lack of it).

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work with your car

Yes, one of the ways make money with my car is to work with him, that is, become a carrier. But what do I transport, people or objects? Well, whatever you want, thanks to new technologies we perro work in both ways. I will explain it to you easily.

uber controlador

Although if you are a taxi controlador, you may hate me to death if you read this, you have to know that controlador-only platforms like Uber are prospering a lot. There is room for everyone and of course everyone has to eat. You only have to do one equipo of requirements to be able to send your application through your page:

  • you have to be over 21 years old.
  • have the driving license in force.
  • Obligatory insurance in force.
  • own a vehicle in perfect condition, 4 or 5 doors,
  • he vehicle has to be from 2007 onwards and with space for suitcases.
  • have a móvil in order to accept clients.

To submit the request, you will have to fill in the required fields in the backlink above and upload photos of your vehicle. Additional documents may be required. A novelty is that you cánido not only register your car, you cánido also register your trucka very interesting option for transport professionals.

Food deliveryman

As you may have observed, the food delivery applications have progressed a lot these years. platforms like uber eats, balloon either Just Eat They give everyone the opportunity to earn money.

Although it is true that most deliveries are made with light vehicles (motorcycles, mopeds or bicycles) they cánido also be done with our car.

The advantage of these applications is the schedule flexibilitywhich will allow us do these jobs when we wantin our spare time, etcétera..

If you like to drive, you perro register in any of them, since not only users perro order food, but they cánido even order the entire shopping cart. In that case, it is better to take it on a four-wheeler, therefore each of them is a good aplicación to earn money while driving.

Final conclusions make money with my car

As you have seen, There are many possibilities for make money with my car. Have a new car, one a little older, if you want, you perro take advantage and get a few euros to pay maintenanceinsurance, etcétera.

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The new technologies give us the opportunity to get the most out of vehicles, making these not an expense. Rather they are a possibility of saving.

And you, what do you think of the forms of make money with my car?, if you know any more, write it in the comments, surely we would like to know it!

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 make money with my car
  make money with my car
  make money with my car

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