make money recycling

make money recycling

make money recycling It is a possibility that is offered to us since recycling has become an imperative need on our planet.

In a few years now, humans have produced large amounts of garbage, which cannot be adequately treated and are discarded.

If we adhere to the maxim that matter is neither created nor destroyed, it only transforms, we must understand that everything perro be recycled.

In developed countries, recycling is done through Industrial plants.

Generally, in these plants, the products discarded in our homes and that nobody emplees (paper, cardboard, plastic or metal) are transformed into new products that are reused in the manufacture of afín products.

Both governments and the recycling industry try to get the help of the population so that the products to be recycled arrive as clean and separated as possible at industrial plants.

In this way we, as users, will know how to make money recycling various products that we usually discard in our day to day.

Earn money recycling in Spain

Until recently it was difficult for the population as a whole to earn money recycling in Spain.

Only some isolated company like “we earn by recycling“They made it possible for us to earn a few euros by recycling cans.

Thanks to the machines installed by this company, for each metal or plastic perro that you put into the machine, it gave you either some coins or a coupon in one of the nearby stores where you The machine was installed.

In my case, for a couple of years it was installed in a shopping center and they paid with vouchers for the center.

Recycle and add application

The Recicla application will allow us to earn money by recycling in a more “democratic” way.

Through this application (available totally free for ios and android) we will be able to earn small amounts of money with the acts we do every day.

That is, we perro make money recycling.

As you perro see in the image, we cánido make money recycling with almost all things recyclable and we will earn a small amount of money with each act of recycling.

Depending on the element to be recycled, we will earn one amount or another and we perro do it daily, weekly or monthly.

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  • containers (yellow container) we will earn €0.02 and we cánido do it every day
  • glass (green container) we will earn €0.02 and we perro also do it every day
  • paper and cardboard (blue container) we will earn €0.02 and we perro also repeat it every day
  • organic waste we will earn €0.05 and we perro repeat it every week
  • battery recycling (battery container) we will earn €0.05 and we cánido repeat it every week
  • clothing recycling (red container) we will earn €0.1 and we perro repeat it monthly

The aplicación’s performance is fácil.

We will add amounts and when we reach the minimum payment of two euros, we cánido collect it vía bank transfer.

Simply every time we go to recycle you have to take a photograph of the item you are going to recycle and the corresponding container.

As far as I know this is the only aplicación that will pay us money for recycling in Spain.

make money recycling oil

Used cooking oil is quite polluting and is also easier to recycle.

Although for oil for industrial use there are companies specialized in collecting it, for the oil we use on a day-to-day basis there are none.

Luckily, you perro register on the page and earn money with recycled oil.

The premise is quite fácil: you just register on the website, they will send you a card by e-e correo electrónico that you cánido use in the vending machines.

In these machines you perro recycle any material from cooking oil in plastic bottles to your old clothes in plastic bags.

Once in the machine, you will be given a cash reward.

The bad part of this is that it is not widespread in the country yet.

Earn money recycling caps

Plastic caps are one of the most valuable parts of bottles.

They contain much finer and heavier components compared to the rest of the bottle materials.

They contain lower quality polymers.

Recycling bottle caps is a very complicated option.

The prices of a ton of plugs cánido range between 120 and 180 euros per tonThis is something you have to keep in mind.

Collecting caps and then taking them to a recycling center or factory where they will pay you for them is the best option when it comes to recycling these elements.

Also, if you are crafty, you perro make crafts with them and then sell them en línea.

Benefits of recycling

Recycling products cánido be very beneficial, both for us and for the planet.

In addition to earning money by recycling, we must have more visión and look more for the planet (at least the same) than for ourselves.

Undoubtedly, there are many benefits of recycling, in this article, in addition to explaining how to make money recycling garbage I will explain to you what benefits it has.

Keep reading, I’m going to explain the five main ones.

Promotes responsible consumption

The society in which we live is characterized by the purchase of products that have an increasingly shorter life.

This encourages unresponsible consumption that is associated with waste and waste.

This entails a resource depletion, with consequent damage to the environment.

Recycling contributes to avoiding environmental accidents and not generating waste.

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Save natural resources

Every time you reuse a product, you will save the same amount of material that it would take to make a new one.

In this sense, it is estimated that the emissions of producing a new product from recycled materials are 20% lower if they do not come from new materials.

In this way, recycling is an activity that combats the scarcity of natural resources, which is why it constitutes a strong impulse for the care of the environment.

Save energy

Manufacturing a new product means starting the production process, which entails significant energy consumption.

If that product emplees recycled materials, certain steps in the manufacturing process cánido be skipped and a lot of energy would be saved in the manufacturing process.

Reduces dependence on oil

If we are determined to make money recycling we will significantly disminuye the economic dependence on oil.

As we know, oil is the main ingredient in the plastic manufacturing industry, so if we use recycled plastic, we will help conserve the planet’s resources and we will not depend so much on oil.

You perro earn money by recycling

The recycling industry generates profits and perro generate employment.

From our point of view, of earn money on internetwe have seen that there are applications for make money recycling

final opinions

As we have been able to see throughout the articulo, recycling is beneficial both for us, since we perro earn money by recycling, and for the plant, since it prevents us from using many resources that are necessary for the planet. as much as we want make money recycling paperas we want make money recycling batteriesany type of recycling is good, both for some and for others.

In addition, technology helps us to recycle and make a profit from it.

With the Recycle and add application we cánido earn money doing the same thing we do every day.

If you dare to download the application, here is the download backlink.

Regards and until next time!

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 make money recycling
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