make money playing lol

make money playing lol

Mid 2019 Kyle “Bugha” Giersdof I win 3 million dollars playing fortnite. That day the matter became very clear, this is something that goes much further than a fácil game.

There are many economic interests around vídeo games, in fact, it is estimated that the vídeo game industry generates more income than Hollywood and the entire movie industry. It stands to reason, therefore, that there are ways in which jugadores earn money through it.

The truth is that for our times there are professional and principiante people who are making money playing different types of vídeo games. And one of the most habitual has been “League Of Legends”.

If you want to earn money through this game there are some tricks that you should know, but sometimes the road perro be long and hard, however, there are some tricks and innovations that have emerged recently that perro help you capitalize on those hours. of play that you dedicate day by day.

Without further ado, come with us and learn how to earn money playing!

Pages to earn money playing LOL in your plus time

The most recent and real option to earn money playing LOL is through buff an application that has recently come out and has already awarded many users, and is now recommended by many jugadores. It is a page that pays you to play, you only have to install the program that they have on the web and, having the program active in backgroundplay League Of Legends.

➜ The incentive of Buff is through coins that accumulate as you progress in the game, properly speaking Buff coin is a cryptocurrency.

➜ The minimum requirements for this program is to have a 64-bit computer and at least 4GB of RAM.

➜ Buff Coins perro be used to shop in League Of Legends as well as exchanged for gift cards, buy RP cards and sell them.

Cánido you earn money playing League Of Legends professionally?

Becoming a professional is quite a challenge, it means being literally a crack in the game among the thousands of users who play it, it means being noticed among a lot of really good competitors.

But it is possible, with effort and technique you perro achieve it.

How does a League Of Legends professional make money? Take a look at the following:

Everything is understood with the new concept of ANDSport which is basically sport en línea. Just as many soccer teams earn money from playing professionally (advertising, sponsorship, business, marketing, etcétera.), so do esports teams earn from playing professionally. It’s growing at breakneck speed! Therefore, each time it is relatively easier to get something “pasta” out of it…

There are different positions within the equipment of LOL y también-sports, in which case you cánido become a sports directivo, entrenador, analyst or professional player. Salaries may vary depending on the team, country and sponsorship. But these range from 200 to 2000 euros per month in the case of Spain, in other countries it cánido be much less.

In order to win pretty well you should get into at least the top 400 jugadores in the world, making a good living and earning a good salary through this game.

As you perro see, it is possible to earn money playing, you just have to become a professional or apply the program that we have recommended. There are no excuses, you just have to put your hands on the keyboard and mouse, and do what you do best: Play!

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 make money playing lol
  make money playing lol
  make money playing lol

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