Looking for an effective correo electrónico marketing tool? Well, today, opening the Utilities section, I present to you mailrelay. Mailrelay is the correo electrónico marketing platform that I use. It gives you the opportunity to send up to 75,000 monthly mailings with up to 15,000 subscribers. All this in its free version.

If what you need is something more, they also have payment plans, adjusted to your needs and also to your budgets. Here you have a table with the price plans, with the correos electrónicos you cánido have and the prices, it’s worth it!!

To get 15,000 subscribers and 75,000 free monthly correos electrónicos, you only need to first create a free Mailrelay account, and then Follow them on Fb, Twitter and Google plus+.

The registration process on the platform is very fácil, we only need the usuario’s name and correo electrónico. We are not required to entrar no payment method or other sensitive data (which we never like to put).

Registration is fácil:

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Clic on “Create free account now” and this screen will appear:

As you cánido see, registration is quite fácil. Now I will present its features:

Mailrelay features:

  • Free account, you perro Mailrelay without obligation and free
  • Economical, it has some very cheap prices
  • Accounts for NGOs, which will be totally free
  • No advertising
  • Technical support, yes, also for free accounts
  • Fácil HTML editor, very afín to WordPress
  • free templates
  • subscription forms
  • scheduled shipping
  • RSS sending
  • Google plus Analytics, you may include google plus analytics tags
  • API programming
  • Certification entities
  • advanced statistics
  • Virtual dedicated SMTP service
  • own IP’s
  • Advanced subscriber filters
  • A/B filters

Compared to its direct competitors, Mailrelay wins by a landslide, we see it better in this graph:

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As you cánido see, it is one of the most complete platforms, right? I, as I told you at the beginning, is the one I use, and its service technical (which is often what is really important), it is fast and 100% secure, they respond to you in less than 24 hours. Fast and safe.

mailrelay It is the platform used by companies such as Mediaset España, Vinzeo, Aldeas Infantil, es RedColombia, the Government of Tierra del Fuego and others, both from Spain and Latin America, endorse it.

Little more to add friends, just advise Mailrelay, I’ve been using it practically since the beginning of the blog and it’s going great for me, I’ve never run out of correos electrónicos. Create your Mailrelay account! Correo electrónico marketing completely free of charge! You perro easily register by clicking on this banner:

A greeting and many successes in correo electrónico marketing!

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