Machines that pay you to recycle | Where

Machines that pay you to recycle | Where

For a few years, the campaigns to encourage recycling They have increased all over the world and it seems that we are increasingly aware of the importance of doing so in order to be as sustainable as possible and preserve the environment.

However, we continue to see a large amount of materials that could be recycled by filling the trash cans or throwing them on public roads. We still have a pending subject with the recycling.

Luckily, since 2016 they have begun to appear in our country machines that pay you to recycle. These devices allow consumers return bottles or cans of drinks and receive money in return.

How much do they pay to recycle renewable materials?

In Spain the payment per container is 1 cent, a much lower amount than that offered, for example, in Germany, which is 25 cents. This has not contributed much to promote recycling despite the fact that these machines are found practically throughout the country.

we perro find them in Zaragoza, La Rioja, Bizkaia, Asturias, Pontevedra, Toledo, Catalonia, Murcia, Jaén, Seville and Cádiz. They arrived in 2016 and little by little they continue to proliferate

How does a materials recycling machine work?

These containers are calledreverse vending” in which the usuario introduces a product such as bottles, machines and cans to the machine. This reads the barcode on the container to then return the estimated money or issue a discount ticket to use in specific stores.

Types of most used recycling machine

In the recycling industry There are different types of machinery to carry out a first treatment of these containers, they are mainly classified into four types: compactors, retrocompactors and vertical and horizontal recycling presses. Now let’s see more details about each of them.


This is one of the most widely used recycling machines in the world. The compactors are basically in charge of crush and compact containers plastic, cardboard and aluminum in large blocks that will later be taken for treatment and reuse.

back compactors

The backhoe compactors They are a more sophisticated version of the previous models, since automate the whole process, since they have a high level of autonomy from human operators and have a greater compacting power. In this way, not only are recycling processes accelerated, but their cost is amortized over time.


Within the presses we have two types; the vertical and the horizontal. The first ones are small in size and their job is to compact and disminuye the size of the materials to be recycled. They are relatively inexpensive, energy efficient, and emit virtually no noise.

The horizontal presses For their part, they are much larger and therefore their performance in terms of work capacity is much greater.

What countries in Europe use garbage as a way to earn money?

believe it or not, garbage perro be used to make money. What for most cánido be seen as worthless waste, for a few has become a way to make money and help others. disminuye environmental pollution.

This is the case of Sweden and Norwaycountries in which recycling works so well that their capacity to process waste is greater than the amount generated and therefore escoge to iimport garbage from other countries and with them feed the plants that generate heat and electricity.

In this way they have achieved that a large amount of the energy that supplies the population comes from recycling. This efficiency and the commitment of the community have meant that they have run out of garbage and have had to import it.

Both countries use the same system. The process is very fácil, the garbage is separated by type in colored bags. Plastic, glass and aluminum are taken to genera new containers and products from these materials.

The rest of the garbage is used in two different ways. which is in green bagswith food remains, it is used to obtain fertilizers and biogas How do the city autobuses work? and heThe whites go to incineration in an oven at 850°C in a power plant.

This heat causes the water in a container to boil, and the resulting steam has two functions: it drives a turbine that generates electricity for much of the city and also feeds the district heating network. The remaining garbage ash is buried in landfills.

All this has been achieved with great collective work by the entire community, environmental awareness and education, added to laws that encourage this type of practice, thus managing to eliminate more than 90% of the country’s garbage and helping others to eliminate yours.

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 Machines that pay you to recycle |  Where
  Machines that pay you to recycle |  Where
  Machines that pay you to recycle |  Where

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