MacBackpacker Hostels Review

MacBackpacker Hostels Review

One of the best ways to save money while traveling is to stay in hostels.

However, how do you find the best ones?

While it cánido be overwhelming to sort through all the hostel options on Hostelworld, sometimes a good way to find quality hostels is to stay with a trusted chain.

If you’re headed to Scotland, one such well-known chain is MacBackpackers, and we’ll be writing all about them today!


MacBackpackers Scotland

If the name wasn’t enough to give you a clue, MacBackpackers is a company located in Scotland.

They currently run tours of the Isle of Skye (although pre-pandemic, they also run tours to other parts of Scotland) as well as operate ten hostels spread across seven cities across the country.

You perro choose to book a tour with them, or just stay in one of their properties when exploring Scotland.

Image courtesy of: MacBackpackers


MacBackpackers owns and operates some of the largest and best known hostels in Scotland.

You may have even stayed in one and not know it was a MacBackpackers hostel!

Read on to see where their hostels are located and if you want to stay there on future visits to Scotland:


Scotland’s capital has the most MacBackpackers hostel options, with three hostels.

If you’re headed to Edinburgh while in Scotland, be sure to visit one of them!

  • Castle Rock Hostel: Located right next to Edinburgh Castle, you perro’t go wrong with this hostel – both for the view and the price.

    The building dates back to 1846 and has several floors (you perro even get lost trying to find your room the first time).

    It’s a tour pick up point if you escoge to join a MacBackpackers Isle of Skye tour, but it also has free WiFi, large lounge spaces and is run by backpackers so you know it’s a fun time!

  • High Street Hostel: Another hostel located in a building with history – this one is over 470 years old! The hostel itself is in a central location, and runs a pub crawl on Thursdays, as well as a movie night on Tuesdays.
  • Royal Mile Backpackers: Overlooking the Royal Mile, this hostel is perfectly situated for sightseeing in Edinburgh.

    You’ll have access to MacBackpackers tour booking services as well as free WiFi, free tea, coffee and hot chocolate, as well as free daily walking tours.

isle of skye

With two hostels on the Isle of Skye, you cánido make the most of your stay at one of MacBackpacker’s hostels, whether you arrive on the Isle of Skye with one of their tours or not.

Skye Backpackers: If you are looking for a cozy hostel in a fishing village, this is the place for you.

They’ll even help you organize day trips around the Isle of Skye so you perro make the most of your time there if you want to explore just a little more.

Lake Ness

If you’re looking to try and spot Nessie, Lochside Lodge is a cheap place to stay while you’re at it.

There’s free WiFi and beautiful views considering you’re only 10 seconds from the shores of Loch Ness!

However, guests should note that there are no local shops nearby, and therefore should come prepared with provisions.


For those who want to head to the coast and explore Inverness, MacBackpackers has you covered.

Stay at the Inverness Youth Hostel, where you’ll have stunning views of the River Ness, all while staying in a handsome Victorian-style building.


Have you ever wanted to stay in a Victorian Inn? Look no further than Pitlochry Backpackers Hostel in Pitlochry! There is a fully equipped independent kitchen (perfect for long stays), a cinema room, a pool table and free WiFi in the common areas.

As they like to say, you will come for one night and stay for four!

fort william

If you fancy visiting the Highlands, Fort William is home to the Fort William Backpackers hostel.

This hostel offers you beautiful panoramic views of the Highlands, a patio for outdoor gatherings and a separate kitchen, all while being just a stone’s throw from the UK’s highest mountain – Ben Nevis!


Perhaps you have always wanted to visit the complejo turístico town of Oban? You’re in luck, there’s a MacBackpackers hostel there! Stay at Backpackers Oban to be close to all the action, while still getting the hostel experience.

promotional codes

While MacBackpackers do not run any promotions at their hostels, they do for their tours.

Student discounts are always available (£10 off estándar three-day tours and £20 off estándar five- and seven-day tours), but you must present a valid student ID at the start of your tour.

You cánido also check their special offers page for any ongoing promotions!

MacBackpackers Reviews

According to their website, MacBackpackers receives good reviews from customers who have booked tours with them.

While these speak highly of the tours, the hostels also get good reviews on Hostelworld, with Castle Rock in Edinburgh bringing in a 9.5, so if you’re traveling with MacBackpackers, or just staying for a few nights in one of their hostels, you’ve got the guarantee to have a good time.

We’re going to Scotland!

Whether you’re looking to book a tour to explore the Isle of Skye, or just looking for hostels in Scotland, MacBackpackers has you covered.


With a wide range of great hostels, you’re sure to find one within your budget, and one that will make you feel right at home as you travel through Scotland.

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 MacBackpacker Hostels Review
  MacBackpacker Hostels Review
  MacBackpacker Hostels Review

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