macadam | Turn your steps into money

macadam | Turn your steps into money

In our search to bring you ways to earn money in a fácil way, today we bring you macadama free application for mobile devices that will allow us to earn money for our daily physical activity.

What this practical aplicación is going to do is use the pedometer of our mobile phone to convert all the steps we take into real money, money that you cánido withdraw or exchange for any of the products of the brands that collaborate with it.

Next we are going to see in more detail all the features of this application, so if you stay I will tell you how it works step by step so that you too perro take advantage of it and earn plus money.

Who is behind Macadam and who cánido use it

We often wonder who is behind an application or a website.

This is logical because when it comes to money we want to know if we are really dealing with a reliable site.

Macadam is owned by Products BCN Interactive SLa Spanish company with tax headquarters in Barcelona and legally registered.

To use the application, all you have to do is live in Spain, the United States or France and feel like moving around a bit, since if you are too sedentary it will cost you more, although you also have additional options to earn from the sofa.

Download and install the aplicación

Downloading the application has no history, just go to Google plus Play or the Apple Store and start the free download of it.

Of course, if you do not want to start with a zero cómputo, I recommend you follow the steps that I am going to tell you.

Macadam collects your daily physical activity and gives you money in return.

You also have other ways to add credit, such as watching vídeos, completing surveys and other offers.Entrar this code for your first 1,000 coins: 4CJNMB

– The first step, of course, will be to download and install the application on our mobile phone.

– Complete the registration with an correo electrónico or if you prefer by directly linking your Google plus account.

– Give the necessary permissions so that the application cánido access your physical activity and thus count the steps.

– Activate the synchronization of GoogleFit, in this way your steps will be converted into real money, or if you prefer, use Macadam’s own pedometer.

Earn your first 1,000 coins entering the following invitation code:

– To activate the code we will open the option from the gear wheel that we see in the upper right part when opening the application.

Then clic where it says “Use a recommendation code” and use the code that I have left you in the image above; 4CJNMB .

If you want to win those 1,000 free coins you will have to entrar the code within 48 hours from the moment of creating your account in macadam.

How Macadam Works

If you have completed the registration and given the relevant permissions, the aplicación will start counting each step you take automatically, you won’t have to do anything, just move.

That if, although the steps are added automatically, you will have to validate them.

That is, entrar the application at least once a day and drag the coin from «Confirm steps» with your finger to the right.

In this way, the steps you have taken at that moment will be validated.

You cánido perform this action as many times a day as you want or need.

There are several step thresholds that we will have to complete to unlock rewards in Macadam.

Every time we exceed that threshold and validate our steps, we will be rewarded with a certain number of coins.

2,500 25
5,000 fifty
7,500 75
10,000 100
12,500 125
15,000 150
17,500 175
20,000 200

Although the main way to earn money in Macadam is by walking, the application has other added features that will make us get even more coins for free.

For example completing surveys; Since the application has famous pages in this campo such as CPX Research among others, which will allow us to add more cómputo by giving our opinion.

Another option is by playing games for free.

It is an option for fun lovers.

Watching advertisements is another way to add coins.

Like most applications of this style, Macadam is also monetized through these ads, by which they earn money with each view and distribute part of those earnings with the users who see these vídeo ads.

We cánido also earn money by completing the challenges that Macadam offers us.

These are small challenges such as walking a certain number of steps or collecting the winnings at a certain time.

This makes the application more fun and provides us with a good life.

referral system

Macadam has a fairly fácil referral system, but when used correctly and responsibly it cánido earn us good plus money for the fácil fact of recommending.

There is no limit to the number of people that we will be able to invite and for each one of them that successfully enters our code we are going to take 500 coins.

It should also be noted that your referral is not left empty-handed, since he is going to pocket 1,000 coins just for using your codeSo we all win.

Minimum payment and how to collect

First of all, you have to understand that these types of applications are used to earn an plus with something that we do regularly for free, in no way are we going to get rich with it.

The minimum that we have to reach to request a payment in Macadam are 30,000 coins.

Once that threshold is reached, we perro withdraw the money.

To withdraw our winnings we go to the “Enjoy your coins” section and then clic on “Receive €15, €30, €60 or more”.

There we convert the amount of coins we have into real money and send it to our bank account.

Opinions about Macadam aplicación

As you have already seen for yourselves, there are many applications that promise us money for walking, but the truth is that the vast majority are useless or end up becoming a scam.

In this sense, Macadam is among the handful of reliable aplicaciones that are worth it.

It’s fun and has added options that make it really worth paying attention to.

In the time that I have been testing it, I have been able to realize that by being active you perro reach the minimum payment relatively quickly, something that undoubtedly increases the interest in using it efficiently.

Therefore, Macadam seems to me to be a more than valid option to increase our income by doing something as natural and of our day-to-day life as walking, in addition, it perro be combined with other aplicaciones of the same theme and thus multiply the benefits.

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 macadam |  Turn your steps into money
  macadam |  Turn your steps into money
  macadam |  Turn your steps into money

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