Lucky Winner APP | Scratches to WIN MONEY

Lucky Winner APP | Scratches to WIN MONEY

Lucky Winner is an entertaining mobile application that allows us to win real money playing with the typical scratch cards.

It belongs to the company Luck Fun Co., Limited and is completely free.

As we will see throughout this guide in Spanish, in Lucky Winner we are accumulating points (Tokens) and money as we scratch tiques.

All tiques are awarded.

Some with bigger prizes and some with smaller prizes.

However, the most interesting thing about this aplicación is that we perro redeem the Tokens and prize money for Real money.

And withdraw it through Paypal or take advantage of it to buy on Amazon.

Literally, Lucky Winner pays to play.

Cool or not?

Last update ” Lucky Winner is scam.

Three weeks ago I requested two prizes of $2 and $3 and I have not received them.

I have tried to contact the admin of the aplicación and there is no way for him to respond.

So seeing the panorama, I stop recommending this application.

Lucky Winner APP: Download and Register

The Lucky Winner aplicación is available to everyone in the Playstore application repository.

As usual with this type of system to earn money, the first thing we will do is download and install Lucky Winner on our mobile device.

If you want, you cánido directly access the download screen of the aplicación by following this backlink.

Or else, go to Playstore and search for Lucky Winner Aplicación.

As soon as the download is finished, we open the aplicación and register by providing an dirección de correo electrónico account and a password.

For future entries, it will not be necessary to entrar these data each time, since they remain memorized.

Next, to finish the record, Lucky Winner tells us will send an mensaje de texto with a verification code six figures.

The process will be as fácil as writing down the six numbers of the message in the boxes of the application.

With this action, the account will have been verified and we cánido start playing.

How the Lucky Winner aplicación works

As soon as we access our newly created Lucky Winner account, four elements stand out.

In the first place we see that in the upper part appear two cómputo sheets.

This is because in one the Tokens that we are getting will be accumulated and in the other the money prizes will be accumulated.

The most prominent element is the one that appears right in the center of the screen.

there we all see scratch cards and lotteries that will allow us get free tokens and dollars.

And finally, at the bottom, appears the main menu represented with three horizontal bars.

When unfolded, eight sections appear.

Profile “ From here we cánido modify our data.

Among other things, the correo electrónico address and the telephone number.

Free Tokens » Apart from scratch cards, we perro also earn plus Tokens by using the offer wall.

This section is important because it is where our referral code appears and the box to write down the code of the person who invited us.

Raffle » In this section we cánido check the results of the three free Lucky Winner lotteries.

Daily Lotto » Daily lottery results.

It is also free and offers us the possibility of winning from 50,000 Tokens to $100,000.

Redeem Rewards » Awards section.

From here we cánido exchange the Tokens and the money for real money prizes in Paypal and Amazon.

Leaderboard » Classification of users with the most Tokens.

The first one gets $10 free!

transactions » History with all the withdrawals that we have requested and received.

Settings » TOS and Privacy Policy of the aplicación.

In addition, there is also the contact section and profiles on Lucky Winner’s popular networks.

Win Tokens and money in Lucky Winner

At Lucky Winner we cánido earn Tokens in five different ways.

The funniest is without a doubt the one with the scratch cards.

But if it’s about adding up with the aim of getting prizes faster, it’s worth it.

know all the shapes we have at hand.

Scratch and win

Lucky Winner Scratch Cards they are totally free and depending on which one we play, it will give us the option of prizes in Tokens or money prizes.

If we look at the image below, we see that in the first ticket we perro win 400,000 Tokens, while in the second the reward is $50.

In the third case, however, these are tiques that are locked and we cánido unlock them by watching a vídeo.

To play each ticket, simply access and scratch both the main section (in the first Treasure Map image) and the Plus section.

On the one hand, if in the main section we draw three identical figures, we win the jackpot of that ticket (as in the second capture).

And on the other, we will always get a consolation reward thanks to the Bonuses.


There are four types of lotteries at Lucky Winner: hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.

As it happens with scratch cards, in lotteries too we perro participate for free, but the big difference is that here, if we are awarded, we win money.

Not tokens.

To obtain participations we will only have to access each of the lotteries and clic on “Go”.

This will activate the wheel and, depending on the number that comes up, we they will touch more or less participations for the next raffle.

If we want, we cánido buy more lottery shares by paying with Tokens.

Activity Bonuses

every day that we entrar the application we receive an Activity Plus and when the seven-day cycle is complete, it restarts.

We start day 1 getting a plus of 2,000 Tokens and we close the week with a roulette spin “Lucky Spin”.

The minimum prize that we cánido get is 5,000 Tokens and the maximum is $50.

wall of offers

The offer walls They are a classic to earn money on pages like ysense either neobux.

And in Lucky Winner they come to fulfill the same function.

Although there is only one wall, we perro get additional Tokens by watching vídeos, downloading aplicaciones, completing offers or answering surveys.

inviting our friends

The fifth way that we have available to getting plus Tokens is by inviting our friends to the aplicación.

For each person who downloads Lucky Winner, plays at least 40 tiques and enters our code, we will get a prize of 100,000 Tokens.

And at the same time, our friend will receive 20,000 Tokens for writing down the code.

The option to write this code It is only enabled after scratching 40 tiques.

I recommend that you take note of the code and entrar it tomorrow, with the 40 tiques already scratched.

If you want, you perro use my code and get 20,000 plus Tokens.

Is this 0KRORT0 (Zero-KRORT-Zero) and cánido be entered following the path Menu » Free Tokens » Invite Friends.

Lucky Winner pays by Paypal and Amazon

Now comes the million dollar question: Does Lucky Winner pay? Well of course yes! As we accumulate Tokens and money in the aplicación’s cómputos, there will come a time when we will get the minimum amount needed to request a Paypal or Amazon payment.

It is important to note that the conditions are different if we request a prize with Tokens or if we do it with money.

If we display the Menu and go to “Redeem Rewards”we see that there are prizes redeemable for Tokens and prizes redeemable for Gifts.

With Tokens, the most affordable prize is that of $1 on Amazon in exchange for 5 million Tokens.

However, to get a “Gift” of $10 we need, at least, accumulate $10 in the money cómputo.

Update to May 24, 2019 – The aplicación continues to pay, but there has been an important change.

Until now, in Lucky Winner we could redeem 3,000,000 Tokens in exchange for $2.

However, after the last update, the redemption remains in 5,000,000 Tokens in exchange for $1.

In my case, I have requested a small payment as soon as I have reached 3,000,000 Tokens.

My priority was to see if Lucky Winner really called.

And yes, he pays without problems, but as we will see below, it is much better to request larger payments or charge for Amazon.

Paypal applies commissions on each payment sent to us by the Lucky Winner aplicación.

Therefore, the higher the prize we request, the less those commissions will affect us.

Request a prize in Lucky Winner

To redeem Tokens or money and receive a Lucky Winner prize, we must follow three steps:

Clic on the prize we want to receive.

Provide our dirección de correo electrónico address in Paypal.

Confirm the exchange by writing down the verification code that will arrive by mensaje de texto to the mobile.

At the end of the request, a notification appears indicating that the payment will be processed within a maximum period of 7 days.

I don’t know if it will always be like this, but on this occasion, they have been much faster than expected.

I received the payment four days after requesting it.

Confirmed: Lucky Winner pays!

Opinions about the Lucky Winner APP

seen the operation and characteristic sections of the application of Lucky Winner, there is some factors that I would like to point out.

They are the following:

✅ It is impossible to say how long it cánido take a person to win $1, $2 or $50 in Lucky Winner.

The prizes that come out in scratchers are random.

And the same applies to the 4 lotteries.

Anyway, in case someone wants to take it as a reference, it took me around a month and a half to get the 5,000,000 Tokens.

Without referrals and downloading a couple of applications.

✅ In the wall of offers there are not always surveys available or applications to download.

The same goes for blocked tiques or roulette.

For unlock those scratch cards and get spins for roulette we have to watch vídeos advertising, but there is not always.

This will depend on each country, the advertiser, etcétera.

✅ As I have commented before, I think that it is best to redeem small prizes through Amazon and larger prizes through Paypal.

In this way, Amazon will receive the full amount.

And in Paypal, commissions will affect us to a lesser extent.


We must bear in mind that when we talk about Lucky Winner we are talking about a free game.

And as such, its main function is to entertain.

With aplicaciones like this or Bigtime Aplicaciónin addition to having fun playing, the circumstance occurs that they pay us for it.

As I have said many times, no one is going to get rich using these systems.

But since these are free methods, why don’t we take advantage of them to earn plus money.

And even more so if they are fun.

Thanks to Lucky Winner we already have another alternate way to the paid survey portals to get cómputo on Amazon.

I have written several articles in DineroWorld about applications with which to earn money or cryptocurrencies for free with your mobile…and more to come.

Without going any further, in lbry tv we get paid to watch vídeos.

Going through the Playstore I have seen many and very varied.

But after trying and trying, I have chosen to stay with those that are really different.

Or why not say it, stay with those that amuse me.

I admit that I don’t like mobile.

And I use it little.

But if I have fun applications, which also allow me to earn money, things change a bit.

Do not you think?

In short, if you like games that give you the oportunidad to win money, I highly recommend the Lucky Winner aplicación.

I hope that the guide serves as support to better understand the operation of the application.

And if you have any questions, you have the comments below available to ask everything you need.

Until the next articulo!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Lucky Winner APP |  Scratches to WIN MONEY 
  Lucky Winner APP |  Scratches to WIN MONEY 
  Lucky Winner APP |  Scratches to WIN MONEY

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