Lucky Cash | earn money quickly

Lucky Cash | earn money quickly

Lucky Cash is a new application that we added to salgodelacrisis.

We add it to the applications we already have to earn money en línea.

We still don’t know if lucky cash pays, since I just installed it on my mobile phone and it is too soon to receive a payment.

But it looks like it does.

Luchy Cash is a typical application in which we will earn money for doing different tasks, watching vídeos and checking daily.

As you will see, it is a fácil application, in which we cánido earn money that is going to come in very handy.

First steps in Lucky Cash

The first thing you have to do to check that lucky cash pays is to download it.

The application is available for both Google plus Play and the aplicación Store.

You cánido download it for free on the button above or in this backlink.

Always remember to put my lucky cash sponsorship codeis he QX66Y también (it asks you at registration).

This way you perro get your first 500 points.

And ready! you already have it.

You will only have to put your Paypal dirección de correo electrónico to be able to collect the prizes (if you want to collect by Paypal).

In addition to Paypal, since there are more ways to exchange our points, such as Amazon cards.

How to win at Lucky Cash

This application offers us various easy and fácil ways to earn money with our mobile, they are all quite easy to complete and we perro add points without any problem.

Let’s explain them one by one.

install aplicaciones

Earn points by installing aplicaciones on your móvil and testing them.

After you have added the points, you cánido remove them or leave them if you like them.

These applications are usually renewed.

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paid surveys

To check that lucky cash pays We perro do paid surveys to earn money.

In this application we perro do them through two applications, such as tap and TheormReach.

In this way we will add the necessary points to collect more quickly.

Since in one we cánido add up to 1120 points and in Tap we perro earn up to 400 points in one go.

cash lottery

In this section, we perro multiply the points we want to bet, the minimum bet is 800 points, we must spin the roulette by clicking.

In this way, and trusting in luck, we will be able to multiply our points to win much faster and thus be able to reach the minimum payment.

We have to keep in mind that in the same way that we cánido win them, we cánido lose them.

Therefore, we have to take this fact into account and if we have a bad loss or we believe that it is not worth it, do not bet.

Everything will depend on us.

weekly lottery

Every week there will be a lottery.

We perro buy up to three tiques, at a rate of 1,000 points per ticket.

The winner will get 20,000 points, the equivalent of $20.

It is not bad, but the same thing happens as with the previous section, in the same way that we cánido earn a lot of money, we cánido also lose it.

It is in each one to bet it or not to bet it.

Of course, keep in mind that we cánido only have three monthly tiques.

Updated profile

In addition to having to put our correo electrónico to receive the prizes, we perro receive 150 points.

These points will only be added to us the first time we put our e-e correo electrónico and our age.

Putting the correo, as I tell you, is for them to send us our prizes.

I think the age is to keep track of what type of population the application is installed to launch future applications.

It’s not much, but it’s something.

Watching vídeos

We perro earn a point for each vídeo viewed.

The vídeos are about thirty seconds, they are usually advertising vídeos in which they will tell us about an application.

We cánido see all the vídeos we want during the day, at 00:00 they reset again.

If you have free time, it is a good option to earn points, and with it, money.

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Daily salary

Or what amounts to a daily checking.

They will give us points only for going through the application every day.

There is no easier way to earn points and with it money.

Only passing us, we will earn 20 points that will help us to increase our amount.

Referral system in Lucky Cash

This is perhaps the best method of earning points and with it money with Lucky Cash and thus knowing if lucky cash pays.

Lucky Cash It is valid for all countries.

Therefore, we perro invite all the friends and acquaintances we want.

When a friend downloads the application, they must entrar our referral code to earn 500 points.

We will add 100 points for each referral and 30% of their earnings.

Not bad at all, right?

Simply by clicking on the button above you cánido download the application.

Then don’t forget to put my code QX66Y tambiénsince if you do not put it, they will not add the first 500.

How do we get paid in Lucky Cash?

As you will have seen, Lucky Cash is a very fácil application.

Therefore, the payment methods are also very fácil.

So fácil that there are only two ways.

We perro collect through Paypal or in the form of Amazon gift vouchers.

We cánido choose from a charge of $5 on Paypal with 5,000 points up to $55 on Amazon for 50,000 points.

Payments in Paypal will be paid directly to our Paypal account (which we have previously equipo) and our Amazon points will be sent to the e-e correo electrónico we choose.

Easy and fácil

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Final conclusions Lucky Cash pays

At the moment it is a little early to know if lucky cash paysjust tell you that previously there have been applications with the same name as yes they have paid religiously.

These types of oriental applications all they want is for us to download other applications, and that theirs (in this case Lucky Cash) has many downloads.

That is why it is the payment that they make us for downloading applications, having it downloaded for days, etcétera… Without a doubt, it is a good application to earn money on the Internet.

Obviously, I haven’t gotten any payment yet, as soon as I get it I’ll articulo it on my popular networks like twitter, fb and instagram.

You perro follow me in all of them with the usuario @salgodelacrisis.

Regards and until next time!!

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 Lucky Cash |  earn money quickly
  Lucky Cash |  earn money quickly
  Lucky Cash |  earn money quickly

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