Lootup | Earn money in dollars and Bitcoin

Lootup | Earn money in dollars and Bitcoin

Lootup It is a rewards platform where we cánido earn money through Paypal, various cryptocurrencies and gift vouchers.

As we will see in this guide, in Lootup we will earn money in different ways.

It has several sections of paid surveys, walls of offers, both free and premium, a wheel of fortune in which we cánido spin every day and easily get rewards, and contests in which we perro participate whenever we want.

In the blog we have already seen platforms afín to Lootup and we know how productive they perro be if we dedicate time and work to it.

Without further ado, let’s see how it works and how to get the maximum economic potential to this platform.

What is Lootup

Lootup is a GPT platform, for its acronym in English Get To Paid, in which we will earn money for carrying out a series of tasks.

It is afín to sites like ysense or Swagbucks, reference portals in terms of paid surveys and offer walls, but with particularities that will make us generate profits with various methods.

A surprising fact about Lootup is that, despite having been en línea since 2020, it has experienced tremendous growth.

And it is that the fact allow registration to users from all over the world It contributes a lot to the fact that more and more people choose to earn money on this platform.

With Lootup, ySense, Free Cash, Idle Empire and Swagbucks we already have five reliable GPTs for earn money en línea.

All of them serve people from all countries.

Lootup registration

First of all, in order to start generating profits, we will have to create a usuario account in Lootup.

Regardless of the country in which we radica, Lootup registration is completely free and we cánido do it in a little less than a minute.

If you want, you perro directly access the platform registration form by clicking on the button below.

Go to registration form

As soon as we see the registration form we must fill in all the boxes with our data.

Simply provide a contact correo electrónico address, the registration form will then open, in which we will have to provide an correo electrónico address, a nick or nombre de usuario and a strong password, so that no one except us perro access our account.

Next, we will have to check the Privacy Policy and Conditions of Use boxes and clic on the green button that says “Sign Me Up”.

As soon as we have filled in the form and completed the registration we will receive an correo electrónico from Lootup.

In it, they will welcome us to the portal and attach a backlink for us to validate the account.

This step, to validate the account, is essential for them to give us access to our account.

To do this, it will only be necessary for us to follow the backlink that we see in the content of the correo electrónico and we will be able to access it without any problem.

Now yes, with the account already validated, we cánido entrar our account from the login screen.

By verifying our account by dirección de correo electrónico we will get a reward of 10 points.

So, as soon as we start, we will already have a few points on the cómputo sheet.

How Lootup works

When accessing our Lootup account for the first time, a pop-up window will appear in which a series of questions will appear.

These will deal with issues such as our consumption habits, work, family issues, etcétera.

By answering all these questions we will be providing the platform with what type of usuario profile we are.

And as a consequence, we will send paid surveys according to our preferences.

In addition, for answering these questions, we will receive 50 plus points.

Apart from these profile questions, Lootup puts at our disposal a series of very easy tasks to complete that will allow us to add some plus points.

These tasks consist of visiting Lootup’s profiles on popular networks, subscribing to push notifications (to let us know when there is a survey or offer for us), installing the cashback tool in our browser, etcétera.

Best menu by Lootup

Gain – Through this section we cánido access, in a single clic, the different sections to earn money in Lootup.

By clicking on the little arrow and displaying the menu we will see direct access to the paid surveys, to the section to get points by watching vídeos and to the offer walls.

Trade – Here we will see a list with all the stores and businesses associated with Lootup, with which we perro obtain cashback when making a purchase in them.

In the same way, if we have the extension installed in the browser, we will get a notice when we visit the website of one of these stores.

Gifts – In Lootup we cánido get plus points for participating in the activities in this section.

There are totally free, in which we only have to provide our data and we will entrar the draw for plus points.

And others whose participation requires us to pay a certain number of points.

Contests – The contests are free and we will be eligible to win additional rewards for completing offers on the walls.

There are two contests, the weekly and the monthly.

In the first, the winner gets a prize of $100 and in the second a prize of $1000.

Participation in both is automatic the moment we complete an offer.

Redeem – The section in which we perro exchange points for money.

In Lootup we perro exchange for money in Paypal, in cryptocurrencies through BitPay and in Gift Cards (only available in the US).

if we withdraw For Paypal the minimum amount required is only $1which equals 1000 points.

My account – From our profile we cánido see our account information, personal statistics, earnings history and contact Lootup support.

The Lootup website comes by default in English.

However, with browsers like Google chrome, we cánido use the automatic translator to display all the texts in Spanish.

How to make money on Lootup

We have already seen, above, the main ways to earn money that Lootup makes available to us, but there are still some more.

In addition, so that there is no doubt, we will see with all the details the operation of each of these forms, so we will not lose any opportunity to continue adding.

If we earn 10,000 points ($10) by answering surveys, watching vídeos or completing offers within the first 30 days of signing up, Lootup will give us an plus $5 plus.

Wheel of Fortune

In Lootup there is a game in which we perro get free money or plus bonuses: Spin The Wheel.

If we go to the section of “Gain” and we go down a bit, we will see a section in which a little drawing appears with a roulette wheel.

As we perro see, in roulette we cánido get different rewards.

On the one hand, there are the point prizes, in which we perro choose to win up to 250 points in one go.

However, there are also other types of prizes that cánido be very productive and are those in which they give us profit bonuses with a specific percentage.

In the event that we get the 50% prize, for each point we get on the offer walls, they will be multiplied by 1.5.

So if we earn 500 points by completing an offer, 750 points will be added to our cómputo.

To find out if we already have our daily spin enabled, we have to access it by clicking on the little drawing and look at the message (or the timer) that appears at the bottom of the roulette wheel.

promo code

Another way to get free rewards by doing almost nothing is by following the Lootup accounts on Twitter and Fb.

Sporadically they usually launch promotional codes in which, when applied to our account, we they give plus points.

As soon as we see one of these codes, we will have to go to the tab “Gain”go down a bit, entrar it in the box that says “Promo codes” and clic on “Apply”.

Lootup Paid Surveys

The most recurring and fruitful ways to earn money in Lootup are paid surveys and the offer walls.

Regarding the surveys, we have already seen before that we must fill in, first of all, the profile questions.

And with this, our chances of qualifying in surveys according to our preferences will be much greater.

The platform works with different paid survey panels and this positively influences our profits.

The more panels, the more options for surveys to come out with our preferences.

On a personal level, the Lootup panel I like the most is Cint’s.

Surveys tend to pay a little better than other panels.

And if it is about adding, it will always be better to answer a survey in a panel where they pay better.

Even so, I do not leave aside the rest of the panels since in Cint there are not always surveys.

In the end, the important thing is to earn money, accumulating points in the cómputo.

In my view, the ideal is to try to see if there are surveys in Cint, in the first instance, and try the rest later.

To access the paid surveys we will go back to the section “Gain”we will go down a little below the roulette, and immediately we will see the section of “Participate in surveys”.

Once there, we will only have to select which panel we want to test with.

If there is a survey available in said panel, a new window will open in the browser that will redirect us directly to the survey.

As soon as we finish it, the corresponding points will be added to the cómputo.

make money watching vídeos

Just below the paid surveys section we perro see the “Watch vídeos”.

It should be noted that Lootup works with the Hideout vídeo platform, one of the most recognized dedicated to offering earnings for viewing vídeos.

The operation of this portal is quite fácil, although it is convenient to use it correctly.

To do this, you must follow the following steps:

1- The first thing will be to create an account at Hideout.televisión, since it is essential for them to tell us the earnings for watching vídeos.

You cánido access the platform by following this backlink.

2- Once our Hideout account has been created and validated by correo electrónico, we perro start watching vídeos.

But be very careful, because we will have to see them through the backlinks provided by Lootup.

3- We return to the section of “Watch vídeos” and we select, from the list that appears, the theme of the vídeos that we like the most.

A new browser window will automatically open.

4- For every three short vídeos we watch we will earn one point in Hideout.

To claim these rewards we will look at the bottom of the vídeos, that there is a tab that says “Rewards”.

Press it so that a code appears and clic on add.

This will add the earnings to our cómputo in Hideout.

5- As soon as we accumulate a minimum of 9 points in Hideout, we cánido transfer the earnings to our Lootup cómputo.

6- To make this transfer of points we will go to our profile and clic on «Transfer points».

We will see a little screen that says “Redeem Cómputo”clic on it and select Lootup.

offer walls

The next section that we will see after that of “Watch vídeos” It is the one related to the offer walls, in which we perro get points for carrying out different actions.

There are actually two groups of offers:

Complete offers: In these offers we will earn money for contracting certain services such as Amazon Prime Vídeo through Lootup, testing game aplicaciones or other themes, answering surveys, etcétera.

Signup Offers: This other group of offers consists of registering for promotions by filling out a registration form.

In general, these types of offers allow us to participate in draws outside of Lootup, which is why we must fill out a form to be eligible for the prizes.

As an example, we perro see the offer of “Win a Roomba vacuum cleaner” either “Disneyland Paris raffle”.

These offers are very easy to make.

However, it has a catch and that is that, by providing our dirección de correo electrónico address and accepting the conditions of use, we allow them to send us promotional correos electrónicos from time to time.

The good part is that once the offer is made and we have collected the corresponding rewards in Lootup, we cánido unsubscribe from receiving more correos electrónicos.

Cashback when buying en línea

Another interesting option for getting plus points in Lootup is taking advantage of the cashback section.

In this case, as we have seen previously, we will receive money back when making en línea purchases in certain stores.

On a personal level, I usually use platforms like Beruby to receive cashback, since it is a Spanish platform and, for Spain, it includes many more en línea stores than Lootup.

But hey, depending on where we make the purchase, it doesn’t hurt to compare which platform offers us the most cashback and take advantage of it to save money.

Referrals in Lootup

Finally, in Lootup we perro also continue to accumulate plus points for inviting our friends to the platform.

To find our referral backlink and be able to invite other people, we will have to go to My account > Referral earnings.

From there it gives us the option to copy the backlink, send it vía correo electrónico or publish it directly on our popular networks.

The conditions of the Lootup referral system are the following:

– If we invite between 1 and 500 friends we will get an additional 10% on the profits they generate.

– When exceeding 501 guests, that percentage of profits will increase to 15%.

– Referral commissions are only applied when you complete offers, answer surveys, watch vídeos, etcétera.

They do not apply with the free point codes or the prizes that cánido be obtained in roulette.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

Lootup pays

Lootup us Allows you to withdraw profits by three methods: Paypal, in cryptocurrencies through Bitpay and in gift vouchers.

As a general rule, I would recommend the option to withdraw the winnings through cryptocurrencies but in the case of Lootup, I think that It is more expensive to make withdrawals through Paypal.

There are basically two reasons: there are no commissions for Paypal and the minimum withdrawal is lower if we request payment through this processor.

Below I summarize the conditions that apply to each of the three withdrawal methods.

Lootup payout minimums

The payout minimums stipulated by Lootup vary depending on the method we select to withdraw the winnings.

At this moment, they are the following:

Paypal – Minimum of 1000 points, equivalent to $1.

Commissions are not applied to the amount withdrawn, so the amount will reach us in full.

Cryptocurrencies – Minimum of 5100 points, equivalent to $5.1.

In this case processing fees are 1% and cánido only be collected vía BitPay.

Gift cards – I do not know what the minimum number of points required is since it is not available in Spain and I cannot see these details.

How to request a payment in Lootup

To request a payment in Lootup we will follow the following steps:

1- We go to the section of the top menu that says “Redeem”.

Once there, we select the modality in which we want to withdraw, either in dollars or in cryptocurrencies.

2- Next we will have to provide a series of data.

If we request a payment by Paypal, they will ask us for the correo electrónico address that we have associated with the payment processor.

And if we want to charge in cryptocurrencies, we will have to paste the correo electrónico address that we have associated with Bitpay.

3- We write down the number of points that we want to redeem.

By noting the number of points, the system will convert to dollars or cryptocurrencies automatically.

And finally, we will clic on “Confirm”.

Lootup pays out pretty quickly and while it doesn’t pay out instantly, it only takes 1-2 days to send the money (or cryptocurrency) to us.

Main features of Lootup

We have already seen all options offered by Lootup to earn money and cryptocurrencies without the need to invest anything.

All of them except the cashback, which requires a purchase in between, are completely free.

And the most interesting thing is that all these free options depend solely and exclusively on our work.

I think the best opportunities come from paid surveys and offers that consist of downloading and testing aplicaciones.

In addition to the wheel of luck, contests and promotional codes.

Based on these suggestions, the highlights of Lootup are:

” The fact that Lootup offers us the possibility of earning money 100% free It is the most important of all.

Also, it helps a lot that we cánido withdraw the profits by Paypal starting as low as $1 with no commissions applied to us.

» On the blog I have written tutorials on afín portals such as Free Cash or Idle Empire that also allow you to withdraw your earnings in cryptocurrencies.

If we are interested in obtaining crypto assets, in Lootup we have the option to collect in BTC, SHIBA INU, LTC and DOGE.

In situations where the market is in a downtrend, it is the best time to earn free cryptocurrency.

When the value of those cryptocurrencies rises and the trend turns bullish, the value of our portfolio will also increase.

And that will be the perfect moment to sell, obtaining more money for the same amount of cryptocurrency.

» Based on the fact that to withdraw earnings through Paypal we only need to accumulate 1000 points ($1), with only answering one or two surveys we will already reach that threshold.

In other words, in Lootup we cánido request payments on a recurring basis every time we answer one or two surveys.

Lootup Reviews

Lootup is a very interesting platform with which to earn plus money.

At DineroWorld I have talked about many pages to earn dollars, euros and cryptocurrencies and paid surveys are usually a common denominator in almost all of them.

And it is that they really are an unlimited source to generate profits en línea.

In the case of Lootup, the great advantage is added that we perro withdraw from $1, so that if we dedicate time to it in an optimal way, we will be able to withdraw money to our Paypal account almost every day of the week.

I hope this tutorial will help you get the most out of Lootup.

And with that, you cánido get as much money as you propose.

In the end, it’s about working with as many reliable pages as possible, and with the addition of Lootup to our portfolio, we widen the range of possibilities.

Without a doubt, that increases our options to get money on the internet without having to invest anything at all.

As always, and with this I say goodbye, remind you that if you have questions about Lootup or want to make a suggestion, you cánido use the comments below to ask what you need.

I will answer you as soon as I read your comment. Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 Lootup |  Earn money in dollars and Bitcoin
  Lootup |  Earn money in dollars and Bitcoin
  Lootup |  Earn money in dollars and Bitcoin

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