LoopsterPanel: New survey panel right

LoopsterPanel: New survey panel right

whatDo you know LoopsterPanel the German paid survey site? It is one of the research portals that rewards you for your opinion. It has become one of the most comprehensive survey sites as it integrates en línea questionnaires, forum and blog participation, product testing, and even telephone interviews. Undoubtedly, a website where your opinion will be asserted.

By joining such a select member of panelists, you will immediately be invited to surveys on a variety of topics. Below, find out what it is, how it works and the benefits of joining Loopster Panel.

What is LoopsterPanel?

For those who earn income through the web, LoopsterPanel is a paid survey site which since 2017 supports market research. He works with large recognized brands, such as Ebay, Levi’s, Amazon, Spotify, among others.

In this way, they provide the opportunity to influence the type of service and product they market.

As a member of the panel you perro access from PC, tablet, móvil inteligente and even has a mobile application.

It is an excellent way to help shape the future of companies since honest answers will optimize the products and services of tomorrow.

How does the Loopster Panel paid survey portal work?

The operation of the page LoopsterPanel paid surveys It is afín to other websites such as MarketAgent where you cánido see everything that works here. To do this, you must take into account the following aspects:


Registration is completely free. What you must do is access the official site according to the country of origin and fill out a registration form. You will immediately receive a backlink to the provided dirección de correo electrónico address to activate your account. After activation, you will be able to access the various surveys.

Register for free in Loopster Panel

Complete the profile

After registration, you cánido complete the profile by answering questions about the activities you do and others of a personal nature. This action is completely voluntary and is not required. However, it is a way to expand the information and get more questionnaires to answer. These data are used to select who is eligible for certain surveys.

Start answering the surveys

Depending on your availability, answer LoopsterPanel surveys. To do so, you have a few days, however, as the community is growing it is important to hurry, as it may run out depending on the type of quiz you were chosen for.

Types of surveys

Loopster Panel is a very complete and varied survey site. That is why, after affiliation, you cánido access the following activities:

  • Single solution questions: They are the most common and allow a question about gender, profession, recognized brands, among others.
  • Multiple selection: It is where it is allowed to give several answers to a question, for example, well-known brands.
  • Escalated query: It is one that serves to give value to a product, for example, from 1 to 10.
  • Top questions: An example would be choosing the brand based on popularity with first, second, third.
  • Vídeo placement to answer a question about this, in most cases, televisión commercials.

LoopsterPanel pays?

LoopsterPanel is reliable And it actually pays. Once you complete the studies with each survey, you will immediately receive the payment in Euros. This is determined by the profile of the participant, the type and duration of the survey. However, you will be informed of the characteristics of the task or activity before you start answering it.

He payment is made through PayPal account, which must be the same as the correo electrónico affiliated to the panel. Also, you cánido choose to get paid with Amazon coupons. You perro start making the exchange after collecting 10 Euros.

LoopsterPanel Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any paid survey site, the operation of Loopster Panel has its pros and cons. Among the most prominent ones cánido be listed:


  • Although it is a relatively new site on the web, it has enough number of users who share positive opinions about the activities that are carried out and the reliable payment.
  • It’s a very varied site with a very interactive structure. You cánido enjoy access to surveys of all kinds, being very dynamic and entertaining.
  • You cánido get the payment directly to your PayPal account or buy with Amazon coupons.
  • The site provides the necessary information to access all kinds of questionnaires, giving the participant a choice whether to take the survey or not.
  • You influence the development of products and services of widely recognized brands in the market.


  • currently has presence in few countries.
  • If you do not complete the profile, you may receive few surveys, which translates into low income.

Opinions about LoopsterPanel

Although he has just over two years in the market research industry, he already has positive retroalimentación. Registered users, for the most part, are satisfied with the operation of the page. Among the most relevant are:

  • It is one of the most trusted sites on the web. I’ve been running surveys for over 12 months and always have one available in my account. I have been able to enjoy many Amazon couponsDaniel Lopez.
  • “I use the LoopsterPanel aplicación to stay up to date with the tasks and surveys I send. I take advantage of travel time or free minutes between classes to answer everything and increase income” Enzo Navarro.
  • Although I didn’t receive many surveys at the beginning, I completed the profile and they increased significantly. Now I answer all the ones that fit my lifestyle and knowledge. It is fun” Hermosa Gonzalez.
  • “There is no doubt, the remuneration of LoopsterPanel is amazing. Best of all, it informs you of the time you should invest and the type of survey to answer. A very complete panel” Lucia Viviendas.

In conclusion, LoopsterPanel is a very complete, versatile and fun paid survey site. It has world-renowned partners and brands that everyone knows, which makes work more entertaining. Join the big family and enjoy the experience of changing the world with your opinion.

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 LoopsterPanel: New survey panel right
  LoopsterPanel: New survey panel right
  LoopsterPanel: New survey panel right

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