LoopsterPanel | earn money doing

LoopsterPanel | earn money doing

Learn how to make money with the survey platform: LoopsterPanel.

At CGD, we teach you step by step everything about the paid survey platform.

From how to register to how much you cánido earn with each survey.

LoopsterPanel is a platform of German origin that had its beginnings in 2017.

And this site allows us to obtain rewards for completing surveys.

The average profit per survey is €1and the theme of each one is very varied.

In addition, the minimum payment amount is easy to reach, and it has the most used payment processors today: Paypal and Amazon checks.

The platform is easy to use, and is mainly available to users in Spain.

If you want to learn more about this platform, stay with us in this review.

What is LoopsterPanel?

LoopsterPanel is a platform that allows us to earn money through the paid surveys.

The website belongs to the marketing company CINT AB, and has been available since 2017.

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The platform works with other well-known companies such as Amazon, Ebay, Spotify and the like.

It is only available for residents of Spain, and for some other countries.

and you must be older than 16 years to earn money with this platform.

How to open an account in LoopsterPanel?

Sign up is LoopsterPanel not have no cost.

Entrar the official page, and you must entrar your dirección de correo electrónico, password, date of birth and the postal code of your region.

Once you have entered your details, a confirmation message will be sent to the dirección de correo electrónico address you entered.

It is important that entrar real datasince otherwise your account may be deactivated.

Then, as in almost all survey platforms, you will have to complete your profile.

Profile information perro help you get more surveys in the future.

How does LoopsterPanel work?

The operation of the platform is very easy.

Upon entering the main panel, you will find a main menu with three options.

  • Profile. In the profile option, you will see all the options to modify profile information.

    You will be able to answer questions regarding your location, home, studies, personal tastes, favorite foods, members of your family, etcétera.

    This section, as we mentioned before, should have updated information about your profile.

    Thence It will depend on the flow of surveys you cánido receive.

    Also, it must be real information.

    If you provide a survey answer that does not match the information in your profile, your account may be terminated.

  • surveys.

    In this section, the currently available surveys will appear.

    Each survey will indicate the time it will take to complete it and the payment you will receive.

  • rewards.

    Here you cánido see a summary of your earnings, and the options to withdraw your money.

    So far, it only has Paypal, Amazon checks, and Gcodes.

    The minimum withdrawal amount is €10.

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How much cánido you earn on LoopsterPanel?

Once you entrar the survey section, each available survey will espectáculo you the reward you will receive and the time it will take you to complete it.

However, the profit does not depend on the time you invest in the surveys.

Sometimes, there will simply be surveys that take less time and pay more (and vice versa).

Another particularity of LoopsterPanel is that your earnings do not need to be verified after answering the surveys.

Rewards are automatically added to your account once you’ve completed a survey.

The minimum withdrawal amount is only €10 for Paypal and Amazon.

And it is really easy to achieve with the profit that each survey offers.

LoopsterPanel and its Aplicación

LoopsterPanel also has a mobile aplicación.

This allows you to take surveys from wherever you are.

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the aplicación is available for iOS and Android.

Loopster Advantages and Disadvantages

Like everything else in the world, this platform has several pros and cons.


  • Positive opinions about the payment and the reliability of the platform.

  • A very easy to use platform.

  • A fairly low payout limit and easy to reach.

  • Good remuneration for each survey.

  • It has the most used payment processors today: Paypal and Amazon gift cards.


  • Currently, it is available for very few countries.

Opinion about LoopsterPanel

One of the things that we take into account to give a platform reliability is the time it has in the market, and its commitment to make payments to users.

However, LoopsterPanel, despite its short time (compared to other platforms), He has many opinions in his favor..

Just look for proof of payment on the web, and you will see that it is reliable.

In addition, the way to earn money on this platform is very fácil.

And the remuneration per survey is highif we compare it with other platforms.

We hope this article has helped you a lot.

Start earning money with LoopsterPanel.

If you have any questions, leave it in the comment box, and we will help you answer it.

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 LoopsterPanel |  earn money doing
  LoopsterPanel |  earn money doing
  LoopsterPanel |  earn money doing

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