LookApp: Earn money by taking photos in

LookApp: Earn money by taking photos in

LookApp is a Colombian application designed for market research.

Through this aplicación people perform different tasks.

It is based on the collaborative economy model.

It has a wide audience of both individuals and micro and large companies.

Look aplicación It has two parameters to meet the objectives of the application, which are:

1- Surveys: This is based on knowing what your tastes are, what elementos you have in your fridge, habits and consumption.

It is a very efficient task, since you do not need to leave home to fulfill it.

2- Point of sale audits: This is more complex, because it requires visiting a supplier of elementos, such as supermarkets, hardware stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, restoranes, among other distributors or businesses.

How does look aplicación work?

It works by collecting information from elementos.

That is, what is the price, availability of the item I need, etcétera.

In other words, lookApp is an aplicación that puts companies in contact with their consumers.

“Download LookApp Here!”

What to do to download the Lookapp aplicación and how to register?

To register you only need to download the application in the Google play store or aplicación store.

Then fill out the information that it asks for when you download it and start earning money, it’s that easy.

In the Play Store there are around two hundred and twenty thousand downloads, that is, 220,000 people generating plus money.

How much money perro I earn on Lookapp?

Everything will depend on the number of surveys or audits that each usuario performs.

Each task has an equivalent of between $2,000 and $20,000 Colombian pesos, depending on the degree of complexity, the time invested, and the displacement of the person who does the task.

One of the benefits of this application is the ease with which companies perro have control of their products.

That is, anywhere you are in the Colombian country where the eye community (lookapp) is biased, since it emplees a georeferencing system to identify the location and segment the tasks.

The application has been operating in the market for more than seven years, at the beginning it was only available for Colombia, since it was born there, then it expanded to México and now it perro be executed in Central America.

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 LookApp: Earn money by taking photos in
  LookApp: Earn money by taking photos in
  LookApp: Earn money by taking photos in

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