Log in to 2Gnet and entrar MX payroll:

Log in to 2Gnet and entrar MX payroll:

Iconn is a leading company in México specialized in logistics, warehouses, warehouses and more. Currently, it has more than 25,000 workers in different brands and locations throughout the country. To facilitate communication and access to information for its employees, Iconn has developed an intranet called 2Gnet.

2Gnet is the exclusive portal for Iconn collaborators, where they cánido entrar and manage information related to the company, such as payroll, schedules and other internal services.

Here’s how to log into Iconn’s 2Gnet portal and access your payroll:

How to login to the 2G NET Portal?

  1. Access the official 2Gnet siteEntrar the official site of 2Gnet in México through this backlink: 2gnet login
  2. Entrar your usuarioIn the corresponding box, entrar your nombre de usuario provided by Iconn.
  3. Entrar your passwordEntrar the password assigned to access the system.
  4. Log inClic the green arrow to entrar the 2Gnet portal.

Request 2G NET password recovery

Forgot your 2G NET password? Follow these steps to recover it:

  1. Provide your nombre de usuario on the password recovery page and press the “Create new password” button.
  2. They will send an correo electrónico to the account you defined in 2Gnet to verify your identity. If you do not have your dirección de correo electrónico registered, you must request a new password to the following dirección de correo electrónico: 2Asistencia@csiconn.com.mx.
  3. Entrar the backlink that appears in the correo electrónico received and create a new password.

With this guide, you cánido easily access Iconn’s 2Gnet portal and manage your employment information. Don’t forget to share these consejos with your co-workers so that everyone perro enjoy the advantages that this system offers.

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 Log in to 2Gnet and entrar MX payroll:
  Log in to 2Gnet and entrar MX payroll:
  Log in to 2Gnet and entrar MX payroll:

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