Localbitcoins reviews: read THIS before

Localbitcoins reviews: read THIS before

Recently, the bitcoin It has started to operate in the depósito market.

The popularity of this digital currency is growing every day, and many people want seize the opportunity now to invest in it by buying and selling.

If you are one of those people, and you have done a quick search on Google plus, you will have realized that one of the most mentioned platforms on the Internet is Localbitcoins.

Is it really a secure page? Or perro you waste your money on it?

If you really want to know if the opinions that are in Internet forums and weblogs about Localbitcoins are true or not, keep reading…

whatWhat is localbitcoins?

localbitcoins is a website dedicated to buying and selling digital currency Bitcoin.

This platform does not sell or buy cryptocurrencies: it’s just an intermediarya site that connects users who want to buy and sell their coins there.

It’s like Ebay or Mercadolibrewhere anyone perro register and put a product for sale, or search for an item they want to buy, only Localbitcoins is the only thing that is sold and bought they are bitcoin.

As register in local bitcoins

To buy and sell bitcoins in Localbitcoins, the first thing you should do is register on your page.

registration is free, and it will not take you more than 1 minute to create your account.

Clic on the blue button below to register.

Once you are on the Localbitcoins page, clic on the green “Register” button, entrar your dirección de correo electrónico and passwordand then clic on “Register”.

Go to your e-e correo electrónico clic on the confirmation backlink, and ready! You have already created your account in Localbitcoins.

Here I share a step by step vídeo tutorial What have I done to make it look better?

As I withdraw my money from Localbitcoins?

This is the first thing that caught my attention about Localbitcoins: the number of payment methods and withdrawal of money they have.

Unlike other pages to buy and sell Bitcoins, such as coinmama where you cánido only use your card or Western Union, at Localbitcoins they have all these means to pay and withdraw your money:

  • PayPal
  • Transfer national and international banking
  • Deposit straight out of money
  • Pay in cash (in person)
  • Card of credit
  • moneybookers and Skrill
  • Payoneer
  • moneygram
  • Western Union
  • Neteller
  • AstroPay
  • payment through articulo e-e correo electrónico

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a credit card, or if you cánido’t use PayPal in your country: with Localbitcoins you have many other alternative ways with which you perro buy Bitcoins, and withdraw your money when you have sold them.

Not all methods are available in all countries; For example, in Peru there is no option to pay or receive money with PayPal, and in México you cannot use Payoneer.

To find out what forms of payment exist in your country, all you have to do is go to localbitcoins pagein any of the “Buy” or “Quick sale” tabs, select your country, and clic on the menu right drop down to see what methods there are as seen in the image below.

Having so many forms of payment is good because that way you perro choose the best method that you perro use, and that you perro access more easily.

But BEWARE: some forms of payment They are not reliable.

I do not recommend that you use reversible methods (in which they perro claim the money) such as PayPal.

one of my students he sold a part of his Bitcoins.

The buyer paid him with PayPal, and when he received the Bitcoins from him, he put a PayPal claim on my student, and he took the money that he had paid.

There are also people who want to pay for your Bitcoins through PayPal or card.

This may be a fraud because perhaps they stole that PayPal account or someone else’s credit card to pay you.

Localbitcoins cannot prevent this type of scam because they only act as intermediaries in the operations.

That’s why, You must be very carefuland choose other payment methods when buying or selling Bitcoins here.

Which the Commission for using Localbitcoins?

Another of the reasons why Localbitcoins is one of my favorite sites to trade with Bitcoins is because It has the lowest commission in the entire market.

There are platforms where when buying or selling digital currencies they charge you up to 9% commission of the total of your operation.

For example, if you buy $150 in Bitcoins, and the page charges you a commission of 9%, in the end you will have to pay a total of $163.5 ($150 of your Bitcoins + $13.5 of the 9% commission).

Instead, in Localbitcoins you only have to pay a 1% commission if you sell Bitcoins.

If you buy Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency, you will not have to pay any commission.

An example: if you buy $150 in Bitcoins, you only have to pay $150 because no commissions for you.

If you sell $150 in Bitcoins, you will only have to pay Localbitcoins $1.5 of the 1% commission.

That is to say: you will save a LOT of money in commissions that other pages will charge you at a much higher price.

Is sure use local bitcoins?

localbitcoins it’s a serious platform, and offers protection against scams both buyers and sellers who transact there.

I have made hundreds of purchases and sales on this page, and I’ve never had any problems.

And in a market like this where bad guys perro espectáculo up at any time, this is a sure way to make your experience goodand you cánido buy and sell Bitcoins reliably.

If you are worried as I am about whether your money will be safe on this page, these are security measures that I have verified that Localbitcoins has when using its platform:

  • reputation system: in Localbitcoins, each usuario perro rate people to which you sell or buy, and leave a comment to let others know if your experience has been positive or negative.

    In addition, all the activities they have done in the past are publicly displayed.

  • Verification of operations: when you buy in Localbitcoins, the money you send is retained by the system until you confirm that you have received your Bitcoins correctly to avoid fraud.
  • Double check: every time you want to entrar your account, in addition to entering your password, Localbitcoins will send you a free message to your phone with a code that you must entrar to ensure that it is you.

    So no one cánido steal your account or make operations with it.

  • High level of security: Localbitcoins has a system that allows it to know if you have entered your account from your computer or your phone, or if you have done it from a different device.

    If someone tries to get into your account from another site, they will notify you with an dirección de correo electrónico to verify that you are, and avoid being robbed.

Reputation system in Localbitcoins

As avoid scams in local bitcoins

Although Localbitcoins is a reliable page and has strong security measures, you must understand that transactions you will do them with other registered peoplenot with the page itself.

Therefore, your purchases and sales only they will be as safe as the person is that there is on the other side with whom you are going to make an agreement.

However, there are some steps you cánido take to make your buying and selling experience as smooth as possible. Totally safe and 100% reliable.

Every time you go to buy Bitcoins, or a buyer contacts you to sell them some coins, ALWAYS check his profile first before accepting.

It is very important that they have a score of at least 95%and that most of the comments from other users who have bought be positive.

The number of trades they have made also counts: it is better to make deals with users who have a minimum of 50 tradesto that they have only made 3 or 4 trades since they signed up.

To see this, you just have to clic on the name of the seller or buyer, and your entire profile will appear with your score, comments, and past operations that you have made.

Another thing that you should look at to avoid fraud is that the usuario has both correo electrónico as your verified phone number so that your operations with that person are more secure.

As you perro see in the image above, that usuario Meets all requirements to make a secure transaction with it.

You, as a new buyer or seller on Localbitcoins, will also have to build your own reputation so that they trust you.

Therefore, what I recommend to you at the beginning is that do small operations to get positive points and exchanges, and that others trust you to sell or buy you.

My experience using Localbitcoins

I am registered in Localbitcoins since January 2015and Localbitcoins is the page that I still use today to make money with bitcoin.

In these years I have tried other platforms to buy and sell digital currencies, but although the other pages are fenezca, none is that good how are you doing.

localbitcoins has great security measures to avoid fraud and that your account is not stolen.

Although as I already told you in the previous section, you must follow a few rules so as not to fall into a deception, since after all this page is only an intermediary, and you must be careful with users that are registered in it.

I have never been scammed here because I always take a good look at the reputation of the buyers or sellers with whom I do my transactions.

But one of my students did not follow my advice: he sold a number of his Bitcoins through PayPal (I told him not to), and in the end he was deceived.

However, everyone else I’ve recommended Localbitcoins to, and they’ve listened to the advice I’ve given them, they have never had any problems with the page.

For me, localbitcoins is the best site if what you want is to trade cryptocurrencies, and its advantages are much greater than its disadvantages.

  • Available in All the countries of the world
  • Has many payment methods and withdrawal of money for each country
  • It has measurements of strong security to avoid fraud
  • The buyers do not have to pay commissions
  • For sellers, they charge the lowest commission of the entire market (only 1%)
  • There are no limits to buy or sell
  • You cánido pay and withdraw your money cash (in person)

  • You must beware because some users are not trustworthy

Have you already used Localbitcoins? What is your opinion? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think!

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 Localbitcoins reviews: read THIS before
  Localbitcoins reviews: read THIS before
  Localbitcoins reviews: read THIS before

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