Loans in Argentina: requirements for

Loans in Argentina: requirements for

The loans in Argentina They are not as difficult to order as the Argentines themselves believe.

Only a series of requirements have to be met.

The situation in Argentina is difficult, after two years of recession and strong economic weaknesses, the impact of Covid-19 has been very significant in Argentina.

During the second quarter of 2020, the country suffered a large quarterly drop in GDP of 16.2%, the largest in its history.

The domestic economy of the Artengines continues to espectáculo strong differences between some incomes and others.

Annual inflation, although it has slowed down at the beginning of 2021, is above 40%, despite the existence of price controls.

This has led not a few Argentines to have to ask loans fast to be able to move forward with their economy.

Being a correct decision or not, only time will tell.

If you keep reading, and you read me from Argentina or another Latin American country, you will know and understand everything related to personal loans.

Do you dare to continue?

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What is a personal loan?

Asking for a loan is a very common solution to face unexpected expenses, some type of financial emergency or some other specific expense that cánido affect arise and that may exceed our ability to pay at the time.

The loans in Argentina They are an easy alternative to obtain and without many procedures or requirements.

With them we cánido pay debts, buy assets or even travel.

To do this, the bank will give you a fixed amount of money at once, with the condition that you will return the money within a stipulated period with the same amount, in addition to the interest that has been agreed.

On some occasions you will be able to settle your debt in a single payment or through periodic payments, the so-called installments.

To evaluate if we will be able to pay the requested amount, some banks use the credit scoring system and based on the evaluation they make to us, it will be determined if the loan or loans perro be carried out and at what interest rate.

Depending on the credit history, the interest rates of personal loans cánido vary a lot, therefore, I recommend that you apply for a loan only if you are sure that you perro repay it within the agreed term.

Characteristics of personal loans

All or at least a high percentage of personal loans They have some common characteristics, which we cánido unify in the ones that I detail below:

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  • most loans are requested for the purchase of consumer goods and services, such as cars, computers, home repairs, vacations or studies.
  • Personal loans, unlike mortgages, do not require additional guarantees, that is, we will not respond with our assets.
  • Generally, they will not require a guarantee from us.
  • On some occasions they will not require us to have a bank account.
  • The amount of the personal loan is not as high as that of a mortgage loan, since the risk of non-payment is usually higher.
  • on some occasions it perro be done 100% en línea.

Requirements to request a personal loan in Argentina

The requirements to request a personal loan in Argentina They are not different from other Latin American and European countries.

Each bank will require some basic requirements, in most they are all very afín.

Here I detail the necessary ones for Argentina:

  • be between 18 and 74 years of age
  • be Argentine or resident with DNI
  • be free of debt It is important before applying for a loan that it is verified that your name is not in a risk center and if so, you would have to do the necessary procedures to leave.
  • have a job for at least a year.

    If you are an independent professional, one year of seniority and if you are a merchant or self-employed, two years in current activity.

  • your employment contract
  • have income equal to or greater than those defined by the entity (this changes depending on which entity you are going to request it from).

    And also according to the region of Argentina where you live.

What are the interest on the loan?

The interest on the loan is the additional money that a bank or the entity that grants you the loan charges for carrying out the operation.

Generally, it usually represents a percentage of the credit or loan that you have requested.

These interests are usually added to the final installment and that final installment is divided between the months of validity of the loan.

Interest is a very important point to analyze when applying for a personal loan.

Comparing the rate of the different alternatives will help you escoge better for one loan or another.

The main factors that will determine the interest rate are two:

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  • the final amount of your loan
  • the repayment term of the loan

How to request a personal loan?

Today, as a consequence of the international pandemic that we have worldwide, most of the operations that are carried out in the world are en línea, and Argentina is no exception.

That is why most requests are made en línea.

In most banks it is done in the same way, both in Europe and in Latin America.

It is a very fácil procedure that only takes a few minutes:

  • you entrar the bank loan simulator.
  • The bank will ask you to fill out a personal loan application form, with our personal data and the amount of credit that you are going to request.
  • the bank studies your credit profile.
  • The simulator calculates the value of your resulting installments based on the amount of money requested and the chosen repayment term, to which is added the interest rate.
  • You must make sure to gather all the documents that prove your identity, your employment situation and economic situation (be up to date with all payments).
  • If your loan is approved (it usually takes a couple of days to see the viability), you will receive the money in the chosen account.

Final opinions of the loans in Argentina

As you have been able to vea throughout the articulo, asking for a personal loan in Argentina it is a fácil procedure.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you may have the economic capacity to return it, the rest is taken care of by the bank and we will only have to upload documentation to the website of the chosen bank.

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 Loans in Argentina: requirements for
  Loans in Argentina: requirements for
  Loans in Argentina: requirements for

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